Cerge update: slow levelling and hair dye

I TR’d Cerge December 26, 2013 (see Time for TR, again). 7 weeks later he is only level 13, and does not even have 14 banked yet. Levelling this life has been slow. When I TR’d Maidae last (Maidae is also on her 3rd life), I was running a bunch with Osi and Luri, who both run through quests very fast and you get a lot done in a short amount of time. My other guildies TR’d before me and.. well I haven’t really been checking what level they are. At least last I checked they didn’t have a toon at the same level. The lfm has been pretty dead, and I haven’t felt like lfm’ing so I’ve been soloing more this life than ever before. I’ve taken it as an opportunity to learn my way around and learn quests, that I normally ran with a party and didn’t have to pay much attention to the objectives. But soloing is boring. I’d much rather spend the time talking to someone, and for that reason it takes me much longer than necessary to complete a quest.  But, it’s not just soloing. Running with a competent party isn’t that much fun either. If someone in the party does a lot more dps than my toon, I’ll get bored and either pike or run off somewhere on my own just to get something to hit.

Keronna on Cannith has been levelling at a steady pace with the static group. Levelling isn’t fast since we only play one night a week, but she’s been moving forward steadily anyway. Cerge, is moving forward, just a lot slower than I’d prefer. It will get better when I soon hit gianthold, though.

After two lives (and a lot of months) as a warforged, Cerge is now a human male. I could not for the life of me figure out how to make him nice looking (he’s got nice looking abs, that’s about it). I wanted him tanned, but he just looks dirty, and I don’t like his hair (or body build, or the way he looks when he runs). So, since his looks are already messed up, I decided to use some of my saved hair dyes on him.

The first picture shows Cerge with sage hair dye, the second with scarlet (and current). I don’t like it. I may need to buy something from the store.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.


One comment on “Cerge update: slow levelling and hair dye

  1. Oh you have to love the TR grind…I never level as fast as I like but I continue to putt along and eventually get there!! Gianthold will definitely speed things up!!

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