Running the druids

As you know, I split my game time between 5 toons. One night I run with the static group on Cannith, one night with my sister, weekends I mostly focus on raids and epics, and the rest I spend levelling my TRs. Last week I didn’t run with sis, this friday we instead ran a bit more. Osi wants us guildies (we’re currently only 5 active accounts, 4 with an epic toon) to run saga for renown to push the guild to 100, so I suggested me and sis join them in Web of Chaos chain and gianthold. Of course, the runs were mostly Osi zerging and the rest of us tagging along at our own speed. I tried to make sure sis didn’t get left behind to fight mobs on her own (sis druid is lvl 21, mine is 22), but still keeping a good pace.

After Web of Chaos, I saw an lfm up for elite shroud, and asked sis if she wants to continue questing with Osi & co, or run shroud. She told me to decide, and I decided shroud, and that we could join Osi & co after. The group was far from uber. Most of the toons were 22, sis 21, some 24, 25 and one 28. People didn’t have breakers, and things took a bit longer than I prefer in p4 and 5, but we made it through and got our loot. I died in p4 round two or three from getting sliced up by blades after some fireballs to the face. My sis is premium and does not have ED’s, while I do, so cocoon saved me a lot of sp. I would tell my wolf to melee, while I used offensive spells and mass regenerate. Oh, and before we started, while we were waiting for everyone to get in, I suddenly thought of recording the run. I have cut out a bunch of waiting, but kept all of the fighting. Enjoy.

After this shroud run me and sis joined Osi & co in gianthold and we ran a bunch of quests eH, before ppl started being too tired to continue. On our way to one of the quests, we met a dragon.

I asked Osi is he was going to kill the dragon, and he said “That’s not a dragon. It’s a kobold. I don’t kill kobolds.” 😀 lol!

I can not say what kind of build Schoan is/ has, but my druid I made similar to Thaz’s original build: caster with some melee. I started with 14 str, 18 wis, some con and some int. She mostly runs around in winter wolf form, casting spells and meleeing some, but her spell damage is much higher than her melee. I mostly kill with spells. I should probably pick up a spell power item, huh? 🙂 Even though this toon was fun to level, currently she is my weakest toon… beside the fact that her call lightning crits for 1.5k and her earthquake can cc mobs in eH gianthold. Next time I do a druid I plan to focus the toon more, either as full caster or full melee. The melee caster thing that I liked to do, usually just meant I was a gimpy caster who put too much points in str, while not taking any melee feats.

Okidoke, that’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


7 comments on “Running the druids

  1. No really, that isn’t a dragon. You know, kobolds may eat alot and that’s the result!

    Schoan is so nice.. so.. pretty.. mmm.. i love her.. i would like to marry her. Can you give me the authorization?

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