The DDO Players Council – thoughts, comments

I was waiting for the list of council members to be published on the official forums before writing this post. I believe it was January 10 2014 (see The DDO Players Council – Introduction and Application), that Turbine announced that they will be putting together a Players Council. The PC, would be a small group of players, that would be involved in development discussions, before these plans are revealed to the rest of the player base, or implemented and released on Lamannia. Read the PC FAQ here.

The same day this information was released, I was discussing it with a friend of mine and he said “you should apply”. My initial thought and response was “I don’t think I have the time”. I logged on to ddo as normally, and after logging off for the night I had changed my mind, being a member of the PC sounded like an exciting and fun thing to do. I sent in my application asap. Checking in on the forums, the application amount reaching 300 and 400 (Cordovan mentions that the total amount of applications were close to 450), I expected not to be chosen. I was prepared for it. But when I got my email that I had been selected, I was not prepared. I hesitated. While some others may have been overwhelmed by joy, I emailed Cordovan back asking about time and requirements, and only accepted my place the next day. See the full member list here.

So, why did I want to be a member on the PC? Well, I am an active ddo player. This is the only mmo I play and I want to see it continued. Irl I work as a dev, and I know a little bit about how development works, and I feel I would like to offer my input on development plans. I know I cannot represent everyone, but since I am social in game and online, and listen to ppl, I can try and represent at least some of them. I am not active on the public forums, mostly because there’s just too much arguing back and forth going on, and discussing things with a smaller group of people feels ideal for me.

Do I think I’m better than others for being a member of the PC? I do not know on what criteria the members were chosen. I do not even know who was on the panel that selected the PC members. I am here, because someone decided to give me the spot, and because I want to be. I do not feel this in any way makes me better or worse than anyone else, and I will give up my spot if the ppl from Turbine at any point feel I am not the right fit for the team.

So what about the NDA and transparency of the PC? I have to follow an NDA at work too, I am not allowed to share business or development secrets. I will not share any information revealed to the PC that has not been published on the public forums. The idea is that there will be more transparency about the PC and the development plans for ddo, but the rules for what we are allowed to talk about and when is not clear to me yet, so for the time being I will not share anything about what has been discussed on the PC forums. What I can tell, though, is that we’re only getting started, getting to know each other, and are figuring out the ropes so to speak.

Do I agree with the PC member selection? Like said, I am unclear on the criteria for being chosen, all I know is that a we are meant to represent a wide player base. Do I think everyone on the list should be on the list? I do not feel it’s for me to say. I do not know everyone on the list personally, in fact most of them I do not. Some of them I have spoken to on the forums, on twitter or other media, but I know very little about their way of doing things. I am going into this with an open mind and a care for the game and the players. I know you can’t please everyone, and that there will always be ppl who complain, and I also know I do not get along with everyone. I will try my best at staying civil and focusing on the task at hand, and not let personal feelings cloud my assessment of ideas.

Alright, this got a bit long. I plan to continue doing what I do, play the game, write my blog, make ddo videos. I will spend some time on the PC forums, and I will participate in discussions when I can. We will see what happens.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.


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