60th FoT completed

Yes, I’m slow. This raid has been out since epic gianthold came out in U17. In U17.1 the boom was added, and the people who before it farmed it in 10 min started failing. I’ve had bad runs and good runs of this raid. I’ve changed tactics depending on the players. My toons have also been getting better, and I feel confident in a lot of ppl concerning this raid, so most of the time I have no worries. In fact, I don’t like the OP super fast runs, I prefer mixed groups with unexpected outcome. Failure isn’t an option, though, lol. We fight and we die. Very battley.

Anywho. The static group has decided on a static weekly time to run ee FoT and probably for the first time ever we had a full group (12 ppl) of no puggers. I was put on white giant like last time. We have one person per giant and dragon assigned as “keeper” while the rest help prep the one pair at a time, and kill trash. Order is blue-white-black. SR keeps the black dragon. Two weeks ago I kept white giant for myself til the blue pair was killed, then I got some help with dps. It was sort of exciting, he hit me for a lot when I didn’t get out of the way once or twice. No issues there. This week I was assigned white giant again, I hit him with a dot as I’m falling, throw a couple of nimbuses and searing light to follow, but he doesn’t even turn. He’s run off after one of the archers who’s not only hit him, but keeps on shooting him. Said archer brings the white giant back to where he was supposed to be kept and keeps on dps’ing him. I stay there for a bit, just trying to get aggro back, but unless I hit a nice proc of maxed spider venom, I’m not gonna be able to pull aggro from an archer, and probably not even then (my spider venom usually tics for 3k+, my max crit is a bit over 8k). After a while I start feeling completely useless, so I run off to see if I can help somewhere else, I get hit and stoned (breath of silence) and dead. Gee. great. I’m feeling like I’m having a really bad day, so I couldn’t have cared less.

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Congratulations to the guild known as Gli Egypt! They have attained Guild Level 100!

Finally it happened. Gli Egypt reached the max guild level of 100. You can read the story about the guild on Osi’s forums here. I have not been in the guild that long, I joined September 29, 2013 (see New guild, new home), when the guild was level 91. I have mostly been playing, picking renown as quest rewards, etc, without any real renown farming. Osi on the other hand has been running sagas for renown with a couple of the other guildies. I felt like we levelled very fast. The guild has only 6 active members, and 1 inactive. During the time I have been in the guild we have only recruited one member, and that was because I felt said member would be an excellent fit, and he had just left his previous guild.

I was going to show you the guild panel, but I think I will instead show you a picture of our proud leader. 🙂 He has worked hard to get the guild to where it is today.

Congratulations Osi and the other guildies.

Edit: Here is Osi’s forum post with the pictures I didn’t get.

Cerge update: ok, much better

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I have not liked Cerge’s looks, and I was trying to fix it with hair dyes. Today I bought “midnight blue” hair dye from the store, and after taking level 14 made him black dragonscale armour. Here is the result, which I am actually quite happy with.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading/ looking and have a wonderful day.

P.S. Cerge is 2 rogue/ 4 ranger/ 8 bard in the picture

Cerge update: slow levelling and hair dye

I TR’d Cerge December 26, 2013 (see Time for TR, again). 7 weeks later he is only level 13, and does not even have 14 banked yet. Levelling this life has been slow. When I TR’d Maidae last (Maidae is also on her 3rd life), I was running a bunch with Osi and Luri, who both run through quests very fast and you get a lot done in a short amount of time. My other guildies TR’d before me and.. well I haven’t really been checking what level they are. At least last I checked they didn’t have a toon at the same level. The lfm has been pretty dead, and I haven’t felt like lfm’ing so I’ve been soloing more this life than ever before. I’ve taken it as an opportunity to learn my way around and learn quests, that I normally ran with a party and didn’t have to pay much attention to the objectives. But soloing is boring. I’d much rather spend the time talking to someone, and for that reason it takes me much longer than necessary to complete a quest.  But, it’s not just soloing. Running with a competent party isn’t that much fun either. If someone in the party does a lot more dps than my toon, I’ll get bored and either pike or run off somewhere on my own just to get something to hit.

Keronna on Cannith has been levelling at a steady pace with the static group. Levelling isn’t fast since we only play one night a week, but she’s been moving forward steadily anyway. Cerge, is moving forward, just a lot slower than I’d prefer. It will get better when I soon hit gianthold, though.

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Raids and discipline

In my opinion, in a raid there should be some level of discipline. Actually, I’m sure many others would agree with me on this. The smoothest raid runs I’ve done, where when either everyone knew what they were doing and you didn’t have to tell them much, or everyone didn’t know what they were doing but where able to listen to and follow instructions. I like in the raids, especially if they’re time sensitive like when killing the pairs in FoT, for the tactics to be clear and someone in charge to lead. Clear instructions/ tactics, makes things much easier and smoother in my opinion. Even in a group where everyone knows each other, everyone knows the raid, if we don’t have tactics things can still get messy (ee CitW).

There are two persons I will not let into my raids anymore, just for the fact that there is just no discipline with them. Or maybe they just don’t trust me as a leader, I don’t know. My experience with them is that they refuse to listen to or follow tactics, and will fight my instructions. Or one of them will fight me, the other will just ignore me. If someone acts like that, I have no use for them. I do know I have had, and maybe still do have an issue with control. I like things controlled. Osi has been really good for me, though. I trust in him. He cannot be fully controlled, but I don’t need to because I trust him. I know he’ll get stuff done, that he’ll multitask and kill stuff while healing the party. Even though I can’t make him follow tactics, I know that things will work out because he’ll get stuff done.

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Running the druids

As you know, I split my game time between 5 toons. One night I run with the static group on Cannith, one night with my sister, weekends I mostly focus on raids and epics, and the rest I spend levelling my TRs. Last week I didn’t run with sis, this friday we instead ran a bit more. Osi wants us guildies (we’re currently only 5 active accounts, 4 with an epic toon) to run saga for renown to push the guild to 100, so I suggested me and sis join them in Web of Chaos chain and gianthold. Of course, the runs were mostly Osi zerging and the rest of us tagging along at our own speed. I tried to make sure sis didn’t get left behind to fight mobs on her own (sis druid is lvl 21, mine is 22), but still keeping a good pace.

After Web of Chaos, I saw an lfm up for elite shroud, and asked sis if she wants to continue questing with Osi & co, or run shroud. She told me to decide, and I decided shroud, and that we could join Osi & co after. The group was far from uber. Most of the toons were 22, sis 21, some 24, 25 and one 28. People didn’t have breakers, and things took a bit longer than I prefer in p4 and 5, but we made it through and got our loot. I died in p4 round two or three from getting sliced up by blades after some fireballs to the face. My sis is premium and does not have ED’s, while I do, so cocoon saved me a lot of sp. I would tell my wolf to melee, while I used offensive spells and mass regenerate. Oh, and before we started, while we were waiting for everyone to get in, I suddenly thought of recording the run. I have cut out a bunch of waiting, but kept all of the fighting. Enjoy.

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The DDO Players Council – thoughts, comments

I was waiting for the list of council members to be published on the official forums before writing this post. I believe it was January 10 2014 (see The DDO Players Council – Introduction and Application), that Turbine announced that they will be putting together a Players Council. The PC, would be a small group of players, that would be involved in development discussions, before these plans are revealed to the rest of the player base, or implemented and released on Lamannia. Read the PC FAQ here.

The same day this information was released, I was discussing it with a friend of mine and he said “you should apply”. My initial thought and response was “I don’t think I have the time”. I logged on to ddo as normally, and after logging off for the night I had changed my mind, being a member of the PC sounded like an exciting and fun thing to do. I sent in my application asap. Checking in on the forums, the application amount reaching 300 and 400 (Cordovan mentions that the total amount of applications were close to 450), I expected not to be chosen. I was prepared for it. But when I got my email that I had been selected, I was not prepared. I hesitated. While some others may have been overwhelmed by joy, I emailed Cordovan back asking about time and requirements, and only accepted my place the next day. See the full member list here.

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Saturday night pug marathon

For over a year now, Saturday has been my raid night, when I do a raid marathon, going through all the raids I’d like to run, usually on two toons. Sometimes I’ve been joined by a guildie or two, but every time the raids are pug runs. Since I joined Osiride’s guild, Gli Egypt, he has joined me in my raid marathon, and now we raid together every Saturday. I of course love epic elite raids, so the easier ones we do on eE, while the others eH. ADQ and FoT are my favorites, but we usually also run VON and CitW and lately we’ve been doing Chrono as well. Before I TR’d my wizard, we used to do ToD, but currently I haven’t had much interest in it. For most of the raids I’m the one with the star, maybe because I enjoy leading, or maybe because Osi just doesn’t feel like doing the lfm, lol.

This Satuday (February 1, 2014), we did ADQ (eN/ eE), FoT (eH), VON (eN/ eE), CitW (eH, this one was not my lead, but a friend’s) and Chrono (eE). This night offered two 1sts for me, that I was very excited about. I tanked the StormReaver for the 1st time on Maidae, and I led my first ee VON6. I’ve never considered tanking SR on Maidae before, but after the party had filled, I realised that the only one I knew could do it was Osi, and he was our only healer, so I decided to give it a try. If you watch the video, you see that I had no issues at all with the damage I was taking, my only issue was that I wasn’t doing enough dps to prep him on my own. In VON I lfm’d for “eN/ eH or eE if good group”. Looking at the group I had, it looked promising, but there was only a few I really trusted, so I was a bit hesitant, but decided to give it a go. In my opinion it turned out very well. We had a few deaths, including me (because I was stupid and let fire kill me twice), but our dps was good and we killed the eggs before they could develop into fire ellies. So, all in all a good first time for me.

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