Thazara update, gear and ee questing

It’s been a good while since I listed Thazara’s gear setup. It hasn’t changed a huge deal, I guess? Here’s the list:

Head: ee Helm of the Blue Dragon with +3 insightful charisma, augments: deahtblock, +20 vitality
Neck: +9 wisdom, +8 resistance
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket (+ 50 sp)
Cloak: Min II GS cloak (+45 hp, heavy fort, 2x stoneskin)
Belt: Belt of the Sun Soul
Right ring (switchable): Epic Normal Ring of the Djinn/ feather falling/ underwater action
Gloves: Purple Dragon Knight Gauntlets
Boots: Halcyon Boots, augments: +8 charisma, +250sp
Left ring (always on): ee Ring of Shadows, augment: +2 evocation
Bracers: ee Manacles of Ceaseless Toil, augment: Globe of True Imperial Blood
Armor: Flawless Blue Dragonscale Robe, augment: false life +35
Goggles: Concordant Opposition GS goggles (+150 sp, blindness immunity)
Off hand: ee evo Nether Orb, augment: +132 Devotion
Main hand: Balizarde, augment: +132 Radiance or +132 Impulse (I have two, with different augment)

I also have 3 x 2 clickies of displacement on gs shuriken.

There are a few items I could consider upgrading. 1. I would like a +11 wisdom item, and since I was told that the only item I could get is goggles, I would have to remake my sp gs in another slot. I am thinking necklace. 2. Her belt is outdated, but I still use the +2 wisdom and +15 concentration on it. 3. The pdk gauntlets. I only use them for the heal amp really, but it feels too good to give up (edit: also +2 insightful con). Oh, and of course, I’ve been looking for the +3 ee wisdom blue helm since like forever.

Anywho, I spent weeks trying to get the Nether Orb, and now I’ve decided I want the Shadowsight. This item can drop in end chest or in the beholder optional chest in Through a Mirror Darkly, the final quest in the Wheloon chain. So, I lfm’d for the quest today. I don’t like waiting, so when I had one other person in the group, we started. After only a short while in the quest, my help went afk and then was having computer issues. I waited a while, then spent some time killing on my own, before I got some more help. The rest progressed much faster. I did one more run a little bit later with Adenai’s help, but no Shadowsight. I’ll have to try again some other day. I was supriced, though, that Thaz was killing, and even imploding stuff in there. Have a look at the quest report:

Oh, and since I love seeing purple numbers, here’s a couple of more pictures from the ee runs:

Okidoke. That’s all I have for you folks today. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of the day.

P.S. If you haven’t already, do check out my YouTube channel: Thazara OfOrien

7 comments on “Thazara update, gear and ee questing

  1. Hey, Thaz.
    While you are farming for EE shadowsight you could use Wis +10 goggles of “useful ability”. Btw, all min lvl27-28 wondrous/masterful craftsmanship gear is easily farmable from Wheloon chain end reward. Only downside to it is BtCoE, I do not like it at all.

      • There are +11 enchantments out there too, but they extre-e-e-e-e-e-mely rare(on live). If you want to see them in their shining glory, check out Lamma AH 😛

      • I was gonna go check Lama and the new adventure area, but it took too long to install, and then I slept too long, and just rather played on live, than spent time making a playable toon there (last time I played there was during the reincarnation event, so my toons there are .. if not broken, in need of work)

  2. I have acquired ee shadowsight and an ee +3 insightful wisdom helm that Thaz is now wearing. I also upgraded the false life on her robes to +40 and slotted +16 ppr on the shadowsight. I made a con op necklace to replace her con op goggles. I also slotted +15 spellcraft on Kardin’s eye, that I will use for bonus to saves (after buffing).

    I can now replace her belt if I find a nice one (preferably with augment slot)

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