Thazara’s new robes

I who’s said that cosmetics in ddo is a waste of time… was starting to feel jealous of all the pretty clothing I was seeing on others, while I was still running around in my blue dragonscale robes. I had a look through the ddo store, and found that I liked the leaf armor the best. I was showing the preview of some of them to Osi, and he said that dark armor doesn’t fit Thaz, that I should look at violet. After looking at many of them my pick came down to leaf violet light armor or robes. I though the light armor was showing too much skin, with the pants being very low cut and skin tight, and since Thaz is a lady, I went with the robes.

Here’s my favorite girl in her new robes:

And if you click on this image below, you can see my first attempt at making a gif animation. 🙂 It took me a while to figure out how the basics work, and a perfectionist as I am, I ended up removing and adding layers to make it a somewhat smooth spin.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


P.S. The reason I don’t display the gif on the page, is because I don’t like anything blinking or moving automatically on the page, unless the user explicitly chooses it. This is why you have to click on the picture to see my animation (opens in a new window/ tab)

7 comments on “Thazara’s new robes

    • lolol. 🙂 well, Thaz is the only one who’s been wearing the same outfit for like forever (she wore lvl 14 bluescale, then spidersilk, then blue scale again).. she needed a new wardrobe.

  1. Nice robes! I have have been thinking about a new look. This post might have pushed me ?ver the edge. Hey wht program did you use to mke the Gif?

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