Cerge update, life 3

Let’s see. I TR’d Cerge December 26, 2013. Actually, I ETR’d + TR’d. Anywho, in 3 weeks, he’s only gotten as far as lvl 8. Why? Because, 1. I have other things to do than play, 2. I play 4 other toons every week and 3. I also put some time on my videos and this blog. And I don’t have the zerg TR down, and Osi TR’d before me, and has run off… somewhere. Well, Cerge is now lvl 8: 1 rogue/ 3 ranger/ 4 bard. While leveling, I have been soloing a lot, for 2 reasons: I hate waiting, and I’m not always sure of all the quests since I don’t run them much, so I’m embarrassed to lfm. I did get to run with some friends for a bit, which was fun.

Cerge does traps well, and he’s currently running around dual wielding axes. I have some daggers for him later on, but currently I’ve mostly been using what I find. He has the nicked bow from the syndicate chain, and he can conjure arrows, so on occasion when I need to take out mobs from a distance, he can use his bow.  But most of the time he melees (or pikes if the party is too uber).

I forgot to snap any pictures, but here’s the video of Cerge in Caged Trolls. I know, nothing impressive about it, just a short video.

Ty for reading and have a wonderful day.

Peace out.

P.S. For those who missed it, here’s Cerge’s build plan: Cerge 3.0


5 comments on “Cerge update, life 3

  1. btw did you noticed that you got a +1 cold iron RETURNING shuriken in that opt chest befor the 2nd troll did you?those things cost a fortune nowdays

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