Questing Cannith

Finally, my palemaster henshin mystic got her 7th level of wizard (or I took) and with it she got death aura and negative energy burst. She now heals a lot better than she used to. When I created this build, eldritch knight did not exist, so today I decided to redo Keronna’s enhancements so I could put points in that tree as well. Her ap’s so far I spread across Palemaster, Henshin Mysic, Eldritch Knight and Thief-Acrobat. Palemaster for heals, henshin and acrobat for quarterstaff damage and melee speed, and eldritch for more dps. So far I like it. The only big negative is the light damage she takes from casters.

I did a short video of Keronna practicing on the dummy:

And then we ran Sands walkups. Keronna died twice in the mines from light casters, other than that she did well, imo. She noticeably gained dps from EK. The runs took us 8-12 min/ quest, I have cut the footage to a total of 16 min. Enjoy.

I have cut the footage into 3-4 min/ quest, to keep the file manageable and the footage not too boring. 🙂 I was pretty tired, so wasn’t talking much, and making some stupid comments. And can you be undead while in druid animal form? Zombie wolf/ bear?

Ty for reading/ watching and have a wonderful day.


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