Thazara & Osiride in ee Tor

I wanted to make another Thaz solo’s ee’s video, but I was tired after my first day back at work after my vacation. I tried Lines of Supply a few times, only to decide that it was too much work and then gave ee Tor a try. After dying once, I gave up and asked Osi to come help me. We ran main part + black and white dragon as a duo in ~80 minutes, after which I lfm’d for help for the blue dragon.

After watching my footage, I felt that the dragon fights were rather boring, so I left them out of the video. I was tired and unfocused and was playing poorly, as you may notice (if not, then u may notice me complaining about it, lol). I haven’t run ee Tor since U19 was out, and never as a caster so I 1. didn’t know that black giant has a shield against lvl 4 and lower spells, so I can’t do the shiradi thing (spam low level spells), and 2. white giant can’t insta kill you if you’re wearing death block (I was kiting more than spamming spells, because last time I ran this he killed me).

Osi is a completionist with 3x cleric, 3x wizard, 3x sorc and 3x fvs past lives (if I read his forums right). He has solo’d ee Tor before, but since it does take a bit longer than running it on hard, he doesn’t do ee runs that often anymore. Thazara is still a first life, with no past lives of any kind. Osi is a dc caster, Thaz is shiradi.

Enjoy the video.

P.S. Osi has a fascination for Egyptian gods. “Osiride” is the Italian version of “Osiris”, the god of the afterlife and underworld.

3 comments on “Thazara & Osiride in ee Tor

  1. LOLOLOLOL, love your death at the end xD

    I hope that a fvs that was trying to trolling me some days ago, complaining about me doing EH and not EE Tor just because i wanted do a relaxed farm, watch this video and just stop to be boring with players he doesn’t know.

    Omg you perv girl, you said “i’ll hide party chat!”. At least i didn’t write pig-things! Now for this you will make a new video with the best Thaz’s Deaths! :]

    Oh and about the quest, it was easier than usual, lol. EE’s loot don’t worth anymore with duped globes that are on AH and just some better slots on items. New loot from last expansion pack may replace some from GH, so spend more time to farm EE isn’t best choice for who, like me, is just farming Tor as a hobby.

    Now time to write in chat of my forum the comments that i can’t write here. \o/

    P.S. here Osi:

    • 😀 yeah, I love a big finish like that, lol. I couldn’t hide party chat, because then I couldn’t see what you were saying. And I’d still love the +3 ee wisdom helm, the new pack has better random items than gh, but not that many good named ones. I may just start running the pack on eN for quick farm for random loot (Storms Horns is lvl 27 on eN).

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