Thazara update, gear and ee questing

It’s been a good while since I listed Thazara’s gear setup. It hasn’t changed a huge deal, I guess? Here’s the list:

Head: ee Helm of the Blue Dragon with +3 insightful charisma, augments: deahtblock, +20 vitality
Neck: +9 wisdom, +8 resistance
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket (+ 50 sp)
Cloak: Min II GS cloak (+45 hp, heavy fort, 2x stoneskin)
Belt: Belt of the Sun Soul
Right ring (switchable): Epic Normal Ring of the Djinn/ feather falling/ underwater action
Gloves: Purple Dragon Knight Gauntlets
Boots: Halcyon Boots, augments: +8 charisma, +250sp
Left ring (always on): ee Ring of Shadows, augment: +2 evocation
Bracers: ee Manacles of Ceaseless Toil, augment: Globe of True Imperial Blood
Armor: Flawless Blue Dragonscale Robe, augment: false life +35
Goggles: Concordant Opposition GS goggles (+150 sp, blindness immunity)
Off hand: ee evo Nether Orb, augment: +132 Devotion
Main hand: Balizarde, augment: +132 Radiance or +132 Impulse (I have two, with different augment)

I also have 3 x 2 clickies of displacement on gs shuriken.

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Felica, a degu

It’s been a good while since I’ve told you anything about me, and my life. When I’m not playing ddo, I work, work out at the gym, swim, write this blog, edit my videos, or take care of my degus. A degu is an exotic rodent, related to the chinchilla and guinea pig, that originates from the Andes in Chile. Degus are very social creatures that love attention, and will follow you around like a dog for a treat. But they need a lot of space and exercise and they are very sensitive with their food. Feed them the wrong food and they can develop diabetes and die. The same goes for over weight. They need a balanced diet consisting of mainly hay and a bit of hard feed and fresh veg to stay healthy. They have poor insulin production, so they cannot have anything with sugar in it, which means, no fruit (at the most a small piece of apple/ month) and not too much of naturally sweet vegetables.

I let them out of their cage once a day for about 30-60 min in my bedroom where they have pipes and toys to play with, and some branches to chew on. Being rodents they need to chew to keep their teeth in check. Degus are also herbivores, like the chinchilla and guinea pig, but unlike rats and squirrels. Why do I mention squirrels? Because a degu likes to jump and climb just like a squirrel and they climb with their head facing forward unlike I guess cats?

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Thazara’s new robes

I who’s said that cosmetics in ddo is a waste of time… was starting to feel jealous of all the pretty clothing I was seeing on others, while I was still running around in my blue dragonscale robes. I had a look through the ddo store, and found that I liked the leaf armor the best. I was showing the preview of some of them to Osi, and he said that dark armor doesn’t fit Thaz, that I should look at violet. After looking at many of them my pick came down to leaf violet light armor or robes. I though the light armor was showing too much skin, with the pants being very low cut and skin tight, and since Thaz is a lady, I went with the robes.

Here’s my favorite girl in her new robes:

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EE raiding

People enjoy different things in game. I love running raids, and have for a long time, but what I enjoy the most are ee raids. After this weekend I have now run all the raids that have an epic difficulty, on epic elite, some more than once. I have run ee VON6 and ee ADQ a number of times, ee CitW and ee Chrono only a couple of times, and now ee MA once (ee LoB once as well). I was supriced at how easy ee MA was compared to FoT and CitW, even though neither of them feel like a struggle anymore. Of course, for a good run you need ppl with dps who know what they’re doing, and this is why I currently do not host these.

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Photobomb Zawabi’s Revenge


Candor did an excellent photobomb in ADQ on Friday. 🙂

😀 I lol’d then, I still lol looking at the picture. Anyone else got any good photobombs to share?

Ty for stopping by.

Cheers, Micki

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Cerge update, life 3

Let’s see. I TR’d Cerge December 26, 2013. Actually, I ETR’d + TR’d. Anywho, in 3 weeks, he’s only gotten as far as lvl 8. Why? Because, 1. I have other things to do than play, 2. I play 4 other toons every week and 3. I also put some time on my videos and this blog. And I don’t have the zerg TR down, and Osi TR’d before me, and has run off… somewhere. Well, Cerge is now lvl 8: 1 rogue/ 3 ranger/ 4 bard. While leveling, I have been soloing a lot, for 2 reasons: I hate waiting, and I’m not always sure of all the quests since I don’t run them much, so I’m embarrassed to lfm. I did get to run with some friends for a bit, which was fun.

Cerge does traps well, and he’s currently running around dual wielding axes. I have some daggers for him later on, but currently I’ve mostly been using what I find. He has the nicked bow from the syndicate chain, and he can conjure arrows, so on occasion when I need to take out mobs from a distance, he can use his bow.  But most of the time he melees (or pikes if the party is too uber).

I forgot to snap any pictures, but here’s the video of Cerge in Caged Trolls. I know, nothing impressive about it, just a short video.

Ty for reading and have a wonderful day.

Peace out.

P.S. For those who missed it, here’s Cerge’s build plan: Cerge 3.0

Questing Cannith

Finally, my palemaster henshin mystic got her 7th level of wizard (or I took) and with it she got death aura and negative energy burst. She now heals a lot better than she used to. When I created this build, eldritch knight did not exist, so today I decided to redo Keronna’s enhancements so I could put points in that tree as well. Her ap’s so far I spread across Palemaster, Henshin Mysic, Eldritch Knight and Thief-Acrobat. Palemaster for heals, henshin and acrobat for quarterstaff damage and melee speed, and eldritch for more dps. So far I like it. The only big negative is the light damage she takes from casters.

I did a short video of Keronna practicing on the dummy:

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Thazara & Osiride in ee Tor

I wanted to make another Thaz solo’s ee’s video, but I was tired after my first day back at work after my vacation. I tried Lines of Supply a few times, only to decide that it was too much work and then gave ee Tor a try. After dying once, I gave up and asked Osi to come help me. We ran main part + black and white dragon as a duo in ~80 minutes, after which I lfm’d for help for the blue dragon.

After watching my footage, I felt that the dragon fights were rather boring, so I left them out of the video. I was tired and unfocused and was playing poorly, as you may notice (if not, then u may notice me complaining about it, lol). I haven’t run ee Tor since U19 was out, and never as a caster so I 1. didn’t know that black giant has a shield against lvl 4 and lower spells, so I can’t do the shiradi thing (spam low level spells), and 2. white giant can’t insta kill you if you’re wearing death block (I was kiting more than spamming spells, because last time I ran this he killed me).

Osi is a completionist with 3x cleric, 3x wizard, 3x sorc and 3x fvs past lives (if I read his forums right). He has solo’d ee Tor before, but since it does take a bit longer than running it on hard, he doesn’t do ee runs that often anymore. Thazara is still a first life, with no past lives of any kind. Osi is a dc caster, Thaz is shiradi.

Enjoy the video.

P.S. Osi has a fascination for Egyptian gods. “Osiride” is the Italian version of “Osiris”, the god of the afterlife and underworld.

Working on the ED’s

I wanted to do a short blog about Maidae. Maidae is a barbarian this life, and my plan is to level her to 28 then ETR+TR just like I did with Cerge. But on the way I’d like to cap all her ED’s, and maybe work on some gear. I need some more pdk favor before I can upgrade her CitW gear. Today I spent most of the day running stuff for xp (and CoV’s), and slowly she’s capping her last ED’s. I believe I’m missing just over 200k xp to cap the last ED’s, and then I’m missing a bunch to level to 28. She’s currently level 26, almost 27.

I am getting tired of playing low dps toons. I know I gave up some dps on Maidae for evasion. I can’t wait til I’m done with the ED’s so I can run just in her best one, which I would think will be LD. Since Maidae has UMD, today when questing, I used scrolls of gh, true seeing, stoneskin and tenser’s transformation (I’ve found a love for this spell), I used my displace clickies, frenzy, death frenzy and cocoon before hitting rage. My displacement (dragonmark of shadow) lasts longer than my rage. I do need to have another look at my enhancements and ED points, to try and max her dps. I am, though, tired of the squishiness of being a barbarian. She might hit a lot harder as a barbarian than what she did as a monk, but she takes so much more damage, that I’m in trouble when I’m surrounded, unless I have someone constantly healing me. I don’t particularly like it.

Okidoke. That’s all for now. Have a great day and see you around.

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Evasio barb ftw

I may have mentioned it on a number of occasions, that I hate barbarians. Like someone said, “a barbarian is like a glass house” or “a barbarian needs a healer glued to his ass”. To me, most barbarians equal mana sponges, which is why I don’t like them as a healer. So, I wanted my barbarian to be different. Self healing, self buffing, and evasion. I leveled Maidae to 25 the other day, and dressed her in pretty much the same items she was wearing as a monk, only her weapon is different. I haven’t been using rage much, as I was casting displacement and cocoon, but I’ve started to rely more on sf pots and less on cocoon. Today I joined Robai’s lfm for eH/ eH VON (raid), and as it turns out, we didn’t have a healer and we decided to go without one. The interesting bit to me was VON6. I used my scrolls to cast gh and stoneskin on myself, used a displace clicky (which of course didn’t last long), someone cast haste, primal scream and healing spring, and off we went. I hit frenzy, death frenzy and rage… and stayed in meleing Velah through fire. My reflex was at 43, fire couldn’t touch me, and I used sf pots for the damage I was taking from her other attacks and frenzy. I was pretty happy with that run. 🙂

Ty for reading/ looking and have a fabulous day.


P.S. Oh, yeah, I was of course running in a leveling ED too, lol. I’m working on capping all my ED’s.