Ok, I did it.

When I thought about recording my gaming, I wanted to make a video of Thaz soloing ee Impossible Demands. Why? Because I wanted to show people that you don’t need to be a multi-TR to solo stuff. And that even clerics, who a lot of people think of as only healers, can rule the scene. Well, I was excited and pleased with my video, so I shared it in the channels and with my friends. While I got a lot of good feedback, one friend of mine told me I should try something harder, because ID isn’t really impressive. The reason I picked ID was because it wasn’t really a challenge to me. It’s short and I knew I could solo it easily. The quest I really wanted to solo was Tracker’s Trap, the first quest in the Storms Horns chain. I had tried it a few times before, always getting stunned and dead. After 3 manning most of it the other day, and us doing really well with the right tactics, I was inspired to try and solo it again. Yes, I’m talking epic elite, because epic elite is where it hurts.. a lot.

With this run I proved to myself why I don’t enjoy soloing ee’s. It just takes too damn long. In Shiradi Thaz does a lot of dps (for a cleric), but because of build and gear, takes take a lot of damage, and the only way for me to survive, is to just keep on moving. I find fighting a lot easier when I don’t have aggro, and I can just shoot the mobs in the back. Well, to prove a point to myself and to others, I decided to bite my teeth and push myself through Tracker’s Trap ee solo. I can admit I did feel like giving up several times, but I didn’t because I wanted to be able to say “I did it”. The run took 180 minutes, 21 deaths, 10 re-entries, I used the 13 charges on my mana trinket, and 28 major mana pots. I have no plans on doing this again.

I have cut out a lot of running around and dying in the video, as well as my re-entering and running back to the end fight. The finished product is 39 min long. Enjoy.


23 comments on “Ok, I did it.

    • πŸ™‚ Thank you. This is Bandicam, the same softw Klorox uses. I bought the licensed version before run to remove the 10 min recording limitation (didn’t want the video to get cut off at the wrong time). I like it because it’s simple, I can select my recording hot key, and it compresses the files a bit automatically, so you won’t have the gigas per minute like you get with fraps (although my 39 min video is 12GB).

  1. You know, i can’t see this video because i have not the pack yet!! (if i see it then i ruin my surprise when i’ll get). You spent hours there but you made it!! \o/

    Now it’s time to solo a raid too :]

  2. i feel your pain. XD after listening to people say “bards can’t do this, bards can’t do that, bards can’t DPS bosses, etc” AND “you need to have X, Y, and Z to do EE quests, blah blah blah” i got fed up with it and went and soloed EE LoD on Pointless.

    the answer i got? “oh, that’s an easy epic. and your crit for 5K sucks. oh yeah, and did we mention… any dingbat with an axe in Fury can DPS in EEs.”

    sheesh. >.>

    nice accomplishment. you have far more patience than i. i wouldn’t have kept re-entering so many times like that.

      • πŸ™‚ it is human nature to complain and find flaws. In the end I think they are just very unhappy individuals. I have learned though, that you cannot heal stupid, and haters are gonna hate.

        They complain about me being selective for ee Tor, then they complain that I spent 3h in ee Tor with a group that just wasn’t ready for it, and I refused to give up. There just isn’t any pleasing some people, so I’m just not gonna bother trying.

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