My videos

I have added a new page to this blog called My videos. I got interested in recording some of my gaming after watching some other ppl’s videos. Since you no longer need a separate account for YouTube (you get a youtube channel with your google account), I decided to try recording and upload some. I plan to link all the videos on my YouTube channel on my new “My videos” page on this blog, so to see the latest videos, you can either follow my YouTube channel, follow me on twitter (new videos will be linked there too), or just check my “My videos page”.

And as a sneak peek, here is my latest, just uploaded today:

Thank you for reading and have a spectacular day.


2 comments on “My videos

  1. lol, i love you

    I think venomed on you wasn’t a boss’s spell, but it’s a side effect of shiradi. Don’t know well but should be a bug about self buff or aoe spells. It happened to me too, in quests like GH where there are no mobs that can paralize you like that; i had a monk in party that had shiradi and he was helping me with cocoon, so i got venomed, but not sure if was for it or not.

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