Nekkid TS with Cordovan

As thanks to Comic Relief for donating to Cordovan’s Movember campaign, Cordovan did a Nekkid TS run with his (our) guild Destiny on Cannith. The rules were: no gear, armor, weapons, or spell components, except from what could be found in the quest. You were only allowed to cast spells that could be cast without components.

The party members in this run:
Gomogo (Cordovan) fighter 15
Timp (Comic) druid 15
Nessana 1 rogue/ 2 ranger/ 8 bard
Rilosa paladin 11
Keronna (me) rogue 2/ monk 3/ wizard 6 (vampire)

We tired twice on elite, and once on hard, then decided that fire & ice were too hard for us with only 5 naked toons, so we started over and did normal. 🙂
The run took 59 minutes, and I’ve done some amateur cutting to shorten the video to 30 minutes. Some of the scene changes are a bit too fast, but I got tired after working on this for a few hours, so, I’ll let this do for now. This is my first try at recording gaming, and my first uploaded video.

My toon Keronna was the only one in the group with fortification and evasion, but I also took 140-150 points of light damage in one hit two times during the run. Keronna is an undead quarterstaff melee, with no trapping abilities, while Ness is an AA with trapping abilities and buffs.


Available in 720p:

Available in 1080p (HD):

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