Doing stuff, weekend post

Time again to talk some about the weekend. And post screenies! 🙂 I love my screenies. As I’ve mentioned so many times before, Saturday is my raid night, when I usually run as many raids as I can before I’m too tired, while Sunday is more of an xp day. When I logged this Saturday, I asked the guildies if they wanted to raid, I suggested VoN and I posted for eH/ eH. I took anyone applying with the “first come, first served” rule. This was almost like a Gli Egypt guild raid with 4/6 members being in this run, lol. I was doing voice and ring, but asked Osi to do bases, as I don’t really like doing it (I worry too much that I’ll do it wrong).

Osi was all game for raid night, like he’s been for a few weeks now. We did eH/ eE ADQ, I brought Cerge, he Osiride, another VON (also eH/ eH) into which I brought Maidae, Osi Osiride, FoT (Thaz & Sekh), another ADQ (eN/ eH 6 man, Thaz and Sekh) and ToD assault like Osi called it (Osi & Cerge). The plan was to do zerg short man, but while I was waiting for a few more ppl I was talking in the Titan channel about how I want Kormor’s belt, and suddenly we had a full party, and after we started there was still someone asking for a spot, lol. 🙂 I think Osi really likes his ToD assault, lol. I don’t bother trying to do tactics, instead I tell the party “Osi will zerg, the rest of you do what ever you want”. The only rule, is that we kill Suulo before Horoth, else you can do sort of what you want, lol.

Oh, and since Maidae just hit 20 3 days ago (Dec 13), I was a bit intimidated to bring her into any raids, but I was really proud of her in VoN. I mean, her dps isn’t great yet, but she self heals and uses her displacement actively, and with her 30 dex she was even evading stuff in eH VoN5 (evasio barb). In VoN6 I still ran away from fire just to be sure. I spent some time just talking in guild chat after our ToD run, and when I saw an lfm up for Shroud I sent a tell that I’d join once they have some more ppl, then switched to Maidae and joined in the last spot. Someone didn’t think party could do elite, so we did hard. Again I was really proud of my barb, and I even dared try using rage when fighting Harry. With primal scream and rage her hp was up over 700 and she has a min2 falchion that she uses. Normally I use rage very little since I want to be able to heal myself. My umd is kind of on the low side, I wish to be able to cast greater heroism if nothing else, to boost my gimpish saves.

Anywho. On Sunday I was xp’ing on Cerge. I had an lfm up and ppl came and went. I did VoN 1,2 and 4 once on eH, while VoN 3 2x eH and 3x eN. Cerge needs xp for ED’s and Karma. He’s still missing around 2 mil before I can ETR. After VoN, Adenai was lfm’ïng for byoh ee Madstone, I asked if I could come pike. He said no, but said he didn’t care if I came in a leveling ed, so I did. Shame on me, I know, but lol, I wanted xp for my ed (was running in primal 3). I wasn’t doing super dps, but still with dots, acid fog, symbol of death, ruin, etc, I was helping out a bit. I think I died twice; once from a seer stomping on me and once from the optional red skellies. After one run of Madstone, I sat over an hour talking to Cleazy, lol, before I told him to go sleep so I could get back to xp’ing. 😀 I did eH and 2x eN Wiz king with a group. We didn’t split for most of it, so wasn’t that fast runs, and after I joined Osi in eH ToR. I was pretty proud of my efforts on the dragons, I think I was prepping them mostly myself, and I didn’t die, so yay! 😀

Alright, enjoy the pictures (OnMouseOver for pic info as usually), I got things to do.

Tc, love ya, etc.



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