Thazara – enhancements etc take 2

So my last blog (see Thazara – enhancements, ed etc) created a loooong discussion, lol. I guess I’m a bit weak minded, since even though I thought I was standing firm with my decision, I listened to Alex (Osi) and redid shiradi and my enhancements taking his suggestions into account, only to redo them again after Wey got into the discussion. I didn’t test her out after my first redo, but I just tested the 2nd redo out today, and so far I liked it. For shiradi, I took 4 levels if wisdom, not the max 6, and kept venom, while swapped out heal spring. I also twisted energy burst: fire instead of Unearthly Reactions from magister. And for my enhancements, I took the 12 points I had put in elf tree and put them in divine discipline instead, as well as swapped out wand & scroll mastery for empower heal sp reduction. Here’s what her enhancements look like now:

In the picture I’m holding balizarde with slotted +138 devotion. My reflex is rather low, but after buffing I swap to Kardin’s Eye and my reflex is around 40.

I haven’t played Thaz much at all lately since I’ve been leveling Maidae and working on Cerge’s EDs. Today I ran a couple of raids (adq & citw) on Thaz. I did her 60th CitW, and realized that I have no need at all to run the raid on her anymore. She’s not only got everything she could ever want from there, she’s got 2 twilights and 2 balizarde, and 2 raiders boxes in the bank. Energy burst worked nicely in CitW, though.

And here’s Thaz’s 60th reward list (from which I got the CoV’s):

That’s all from me for now. Ty fopr reading and have a wonderful day.

P.S. OnMouseOver for picture info


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