Maidae Shadow & Dragonmark of Shadow

I may not have mentioned it too often, but Maidae is my only played toon that has a last name. As she started out as a dark monk, I felt “Shadow” was a very fitting last name. This time around she is an evasion barbarian, and you can see her build plan here. I just took 15 and at lvl 15 I had decided to take the Least Dragonmark of Shadow, to unlock the elf enhancements. This mark unlocks the enhancement line that gives you: Phiarlan Dragonmark Focus, Lesser Dragonmark of Shadow, Greater Dragonmark of Shadow and Binding Shadows (see Elf enhancement tree). Noob as I am, I didn’t realize that the mark would actually show on you character. 🙂 Here’s Maidae with her new dragonmark.


5 comments on “Maidae Shadow & Dragonmark of Shadow

  1. I’ve a love/hate relationship with dragonmarks. I added one to Syncletica once and kept accidentally teleporting myself out of raids. But that elven dragonmark–wow. That’s a good one defensiveless and offensively.

    • Phiarlan Dragonmark Focus actually gives you 6 charges of 15 min invisibility, Lesser Dragonmark of Shadow gives you 4 charges of shadow walk (or was it 3?) and Greater Dragonmark of Shadow 2 charges of displacement 1.5? min. That combined with my gs goggles and I have 2 displace clickies atm, which feels very nice. 🙂 I’ve never used dragonmarks before.

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