Busy busy Cerge

Osi told me I should have skipped some of the raids due to it being bonus xp weekend. I told him, I like the raids, so I wanted to do my weekly raid night. He said “you could level 1-20 in 5 days”. I told him I don’t want to kill myself. I don’t like running heroic content, like said, and even though I’m fine with farming, I get bored. I enjoy raiding. 🙂 So this Saturday I ran Cerge only. I think that’s a first in a long while where I didn’t switch toon at all in the whole time I was playing. To not bore you, this time I’m just posting some pictures.

It was going very slow. Ppl were not joining my FoT lfm. So Adenai said “tell them we got free puppy porn”. 😛 So I wrote on the lfm “Adenai offers free puppy prn”. Ikratosi sent me a tell “well then I have to join”. Slow filling, we got a group, and run was a bit slow, but still semi-smooth. Run was eH.

I asked Osi (Sekh), so, what next? ADQ or VON? He lfm’d for VON.

Item was just starting his Abbot runs (elite) for the night. I wanted to run, Osi didn’t, so I joined myself. (actually, we did an eH CitW before this. I forgot to take any pics. Run took 53 min and only Balizarde dropped, which I put it up for roll)

For ADQ Osi solo’d pre separately from me, I solo’d and had on the lfm “are you gonna make me solo this, again?” I was done with the rooms when Ikratosi joined me, and then a paladin joined too and we waited for him before finishing. Group 4-manned the raid on eH.

Again I asked Osi, so do you want to do something else? I suggested Shroud or ToD. Osi said we could do a zerg ToD. I wrote on the lfm “Zergy ToD elite. Come fast”. Well, ppl didn’t come fast (lol), we waited a bit, but when we had a few more ppl, we started and ran the raid elite. The run was flawless and took 38 min according to the quest report (of which we waited 11 min inside before even starting, so really ~25 min).

After ToD Osi decided to go to bed, I was still feeling wired, so when I saw Krile lfm’ing for first estar chain eH, I sent him a tell asking if he couldn’t do ee instead, and joined on Cerge. We 2 manned Impossible Demands, then were joined by some others for the other quests. I managed to kill myself in ID, and I think in both Graves and Lost Thred, while I did better in the last one. I was running in a leveling ED and still managed to cc some. I was happily surprised when I managed to both web and dance mobs in Lost Thread. Of course, they didn’t stay cc’d very long, but still. I was jumping around casting acid fog, acid rain, firewall, missiles and dots. Once in a while hitting Ruin. Cerge’s Ruin crits for 3.4k without metas or shiradi. It was recommended to me to add metas for higher crits, so I did that (sp cost is raised, though, from 75 sp to 104).

That’s all folks. Krile and the others went on to do the 2nd chain, for me it was 5 am, and time for me to quit for the night. Cerge got some CoV’s and some ED xp.

Ty for reading and have a wonderful day/ week.

P.S. OnMouseOver for picture info


4 comments on “Busy busy Cerge

    • My life be like Ooh Ahh
      My life be like Ooh Ahh
      It’s times like these that make me say,
      Lord if you see me please come my way.
      Leavin bread crumbs for when I stray
      Rely on sacrifice and the price you paid
      Feel me like a fingertip
      (flow fingertip flow fingertip)
      Sometimes I fall I slip
      Got a heartfelt desire be more like you
      Trying not to quench your fire by the things that i do

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