Ok, I did it.

When I thought about recording my gaming, I wanted to make a video of Thaz soloing ee Impossible Demands. Why? Because I wanted to show people that you don’t need to be a multi-TR to solo stuff. And that even clerics, who a lot of people think of as only healers, can rule the scene. Well, I was excited and pleased with my video, so I shared it in the channels and with my friends. While I got a lot of good feedback, one friend of mine told me I should try something harder, because ID isn’t really impressive. The reason I picked ID was because it wasn’t really a challenge to me. It’s short and I knew I could solo it easily. The quest I really wanted to solo was Tracker’s Trap, the first quest in the Storms Horns chain. I had tried it a few times before, always getting stunned and dead. After 3 manning most of it the other day, and us doing really well with the right tactics, I was inspired to try and solo it again. Yes, I’m talking epic elite, because epic elite is where it hurts.. a lot.

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My videos

I have added a new page to this blog called My videos. I got interested in recording some of my gaming after watching some other ppl’s videos. Since you no longer need a separate account for YouTube (you get a youtube channel with your google account), I decided to try recording and upload some. I plan to link all the videos on my YouTube channel on my new “My videos” page on this blog, so to see the latest videos, you can either follow my YouTube channel, follow me on twitter (new videos will be linked there too), or just check my “My videos page”.

And as a sneak peek, here is my latest, just uploaded today:

Thank you for reading and have a spectacular day.

Time for TR, again

I don’t TR very often. Since U19, a lot of ppl have been focusing more on TR’ing than end game and raiding. I’m not one of them. I TR slow, and spend more time at end game than I do leveling, because I just don’t enjoy leveling. Anywho, after spending 3 days trying to figure out what to do with Cerge next life, and finally deciding on a build, I ETR+TR’d today.

Cerge entered the new reincarnation area for the first time ever.

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Cerge 3.0

Cerge is the toon I would like to do completionist with some time in the future. But unlike most other ppl who’d done it, I do not wish to zerg through the lives, but I want to every life try a new build, a new class and a new playstyle, as well as run raids and some ee’s.  On Cerge’s current life he is a cc trapper. He’s got evasion, high reflex and high disable device. He runs into spell wards face first on ee and disables them. On eH, he can just stand in the traps and disable, like in eVON5. Also, on eH he’s got good cc in the form of web and disco, but on eE, his spell dc just isn’t high enough. On eE, he’s not good for much more than traps, and running around raising ppl (ruin does crit for over 8k, but that doesn’t help much).

So, he’s been 28 for a number of weeks, I got enough karma to ETR the primal sphere, and the free heart from being VIP. I’m going to ETR, then TR into life 3: bard (past life: sorc, wizard). I’ve spent a few days discussing on the forums (see Need build suggestions – bard multiclass) , and I’ve finally come up with a build plan that I’m happy with (thanks to everyone offering advice).

So, without further ado, here’s my build plan for Cerge life 3:

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Nekkid TS with Cordovan

As thanks to Comic Relief for donating to Cordovan’s Movember campaign, Cordovan did a Nekkid TS run with his (our) guild Destiny on Cannith. The rules were: no gear, armor, weapons, or spell components, except from what could be found in the quest. You were only allowed to cast spells that could be cast without components.

The party members in this run:
Gomogo (Cordovan) fighter 15
Timp (Comic) druid 15
Nessana 1 rogue/ 2 ranger/ 8 bard
Rilosa paladin 11
Keronna (me) rogue 2/ monk 3/ wizard 6 (vampire)

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We’re getting better at it; ee FoT

I should probably soon stop writing blogs about ee FoT, it’s becoming a drag? Lol. I’ve done a few of these already (blog posts about ee FoT), but as I want to document the good runs somehow, here I am writing about ee FoT again. As I’ve been trying to max favor on Thazara (currently 4938, only missing to 6 star challenges), I wanted to run everything on elite/ epic elite. My first few times in ee FoT was after U17, when cap was still 25, and the runs didn’t go so well (see Trying FoT U17.1 epic elite). When this group I’ve now been running with was suggested to me, I was happy to tag along, even only to healbot in a group that didn’t need a healbot. Oh, if you didn’t know, the runs are byoh. I throw cocoon when needed, but everyone’s supposed to look after their own health. 🙂 Yup, my fav type of play.

This Tuesday (Dec 18) we were back at it, we actually started almost on scheduled time this time (normally we wait almost an hour for ppl to show up), and we were a few ppl short of a full party, so a few spots were open to pug. The run it self was pretty good. Crush dc’d just as we were about to start, and it took him too long to get back, so we went without him. 1-2 ppl died when we were prepping the pairs, and then when it was time for SR and TO, someone pulled SR on the party and we got boomed. 2 more ppl died. I strangely took very little damage even though I got boomed 3 times. Something like 200hp /boom, which I healed up. I was fully buffed up, though, and wearing ring of djinn and pale lavender ioun stone. The run took 30 minutes to complete. Here are the screen shots.

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Doing stuff, weekend post

Time again to talk some about the weekend. And post screenies! 🙂 I love my screenies. As I’ve mentioned so many times before, Saturday is my raid night, when I usually run as many raids as I can before I’m too tired, while Sunday is more of an xp day. When I logged this Saturday, I asked the guildies if they wanted to raid, I suggested VoN and I posted for eH/ eH. I took anyone applying with the “first come, first served” rule. This was almost like a Gli Egypt guild raid with 4/6 members being in this run, lol. I was doing voice and ring, but asked Osi to do bases, as I don’t really like doing it (I worry too much that I’ll do it wrong).

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This blog and ddo

I started writing this blog on myddo, because I didn’t have any friends who played ddo, and I wanted to talk about the game with someone. On myddo I met several nice ppl, some who play on the same server as me, and I also created my toon on Cannith to run with some ppl there. This blog has sort of been my diary for the past 1.5 years. Currently, except for writing it as entertainment for my dedicated readers (yes, I have a few of those, u know who you are), I also use it as a source of information when talking about the game, I can use the search function to locate old posts and screenshots.

I guess the blog has had both a positive and a negative impact. It has allowed me to connect with people, once in a while I get ppl saying hi in game because they read my blog, and sometimes I even get asked advice. But the neg is that people who don’t know me, may build up the wrong impression of me based on it. And if they already have a prejudged opinion of me, it’s not really going to change unless they talk to me one on one.

I have actually experienced prejudge several times before. When I was working abroad, I went home for a 2 week break. When I got back, I was maybe coming off a bit too bossy, and ppl were irritated with me (snapping at me). I got the impression that this one girl had been talking about me behind my back, and this was causing anger towards me. I solved it by getting to know these other people one on one and they realized that their prejudged impression of me was wrong. Other example was when I was studying IT, some of the boys in the class didn’t offer me any tasks in the group assignment, because they assumed I wouldn’t know anything. At the 2nd year of school I started making my voice heard more, started discussing code and rules of coding etc, and I felt like they found a new kind of respect for me, which felt very nice.

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Raiding elite style

Omg, I come off as an elitist person with a title like that, lol. But think about it, it can mean anything really. 🙂 Anywho, as you may have guessed it, I mean epic elite. Most of my toons are so and so. Currently I’m liking my barbarian, while my wizard is not doing as much dps as I’d like. He’s really meant to be a trapper with a bit of cc, and trapping is what he does really well. I plan to TR him soon. My only toon that I feel really comfortable bringing into high end content is Thaz. Not only have I spent much more time on her than any of my other toons, she’s also been staying capped for a long time, and I’ve been able to keep her gear the same. I’ve been adjusting her enhancements over and over to get the most out of them, and also reset shiradi ap’s a few times.

Shiradi works nice on Thaz. She’s doing more dps than she’s ever done before and I can spam cheap spells. And on top of it she has her “normal” dp, bb and comet, and on top of that forced escape. I have of course restricted her a bit by refusing to multiclass, but I just didn’t want to 1. turn her into something she’s not, and 2. have to change her gear because it didn’t work with the multiclass (like monk). Anywho, if I ever would get to the point of this blog, huh?. Well, as you probably know by now, I enjoy end game. I don’t like xp farming too much, but I do enjoy running epic elites and running raids. One of the reasons I wanted to be in a raiding guild, was because I wanted to do epic elite raids. I wanted to learn ee raid tactics from people who know them.

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Personal thoughts; coffee and ddo

I’ve been trying to get off my coffee addiction. For the last 10 years or so I’ve on and off been trying to quit, only to start again after a while. In my early 20’s, I was having 1 cup a day in the morning and that was it. Later after I finished university and started working I started drinking more coffee, enjoying the caffeine rush. But sleeping too little (partly because ddo) and still doing everything else (working, exercise, taking care of the degus, household chores), coffee has been my imaginary energy boost. I call it imaginary, since when you drink 6-10 cups per day, you’re not actually getting the kick from it anymore, it’s more of a habit. So I decided to try and quit, again. I haven’t completely stopped, I’m allowing myself 1-2 cups/ day if I really crave it, but I try to only have green/ white tea instead.

What I’ve noticed is that I feel more sleepy, and I find it harder waking up in the morning. I think the caffeine was stressing my body too much, so I wasn’t really sleeping that well. This is still the transition period, so we’ll see how it goes and what happens. 🙂 Well, Xmas is drawing near, and while I don’t care about xmas itself, xmas means a deadline at work. I have a project that needs to get finished before I go on my winter vacation (not going anywhere, just not going to work for 2 weeks). If I can’t get my work done, I’ll have to work on xmas, and that I do not want to do.

Anywho, back to ddo. As you all know, I love this game. I play it something like 30-40/ h week. I mostly enjoy the social aspect, and I love running raids. Now, I don’t know what others want from the game, things like soloing epic elites and raids? Building the most powerful toons? For me, I want to socialize and learn. I may be lazy when it comes to learning quests, I maybe dislike TR’ing. But what I enjoy and appreciate are skills. Knowing how the mechanics work, knowing how to play your toon and knowing how to solve problems. When I set my mind to it, I’m very goal oriented. When I want something bad enough, I’ll do everything in my power to get it. I believe in work, not taking the easy way out. Of course, everyone has their limits, and when I get tired I do give up.

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