Another one for the trolls, Acid Wit

Acid wit is another lvl 15 f2p quest in the Twelve. As my and my sis’s druids were both 17, and we had not done this quest yet, I suggested we do it today. Unlike Delirium, this quest I have actually solo’d once, on Cerge last life, so I .. even though I didn’t remember much of it, knew something about what to expect.

We entered elite, and started clearing. I’m a heavy sp user on my druid, and I was out of sp when we ran into an optional red named earth elemental. I told my sis to retreat, as I, my hire and wolf were dead, and she got us back up. After I got up, I started casting SLA call lightning on the mobs, and running behind a corner, or just kiting them around. We continued like this til we got to the door with the crystals on top. I opened the door to the left, killed the first shaman, then got attacked and dead, and a moment later it was a wipe. Meh, release and re-enter.

As I released first and re-entered, I’m way too impatient to wait for sis and just run back and start kiting stuff through firewall. Man there was a lot of trogs there. My sis comes to help when I’m almost dying and my hire has died. We continue to the shrine and the room with the lever, I zerg and pull the lever, then run back to the shrine, we have to kill off the mobs we need so we can shrine.

We go over to the right side, find the shrine there, I try to zerg to lever, but die, run back to shrine, try again and I die. We’ve been in the quest for a while and I’m getting tired. I end up having to go a bit slower and kill off all the mobs so I can pull, then back to shrine. We run back to the locked door, and I realize that there were 4 levers total, we’ve only done 2. I try to zerg to the other lever on the right side, run into too many mobs, sis follows and we wipe. Again. Release and re-enter. Again I have to go a bit slower and kill off everything. Pull the lever, over to other side. Just the acid room left. Sis dies from the acid jets, asks if I need help, I say nah, then change my mind and we kill off mobs to pull the lever.

And then the end room. We shrine, kill off some mobs, I look for the boss and start dot’ing him. While I’m doing that, mobs start running up the ramp, and I decide to help take out some of them. Then let my sis handle any additional trash on the ramp while I get back to dot’ing the boss. He follows us up the ramp and starts casting acid fog on us. I back up closer and closer to the shrine to avoid the fog, and my hireling dies. But then it’s over and the boss is dead.  I forgot about the treasure room, and we recall without looting (I thought the ambush would be in the treasure room, but I learned on our rerun on normal, that they activate after looting). Quest report tells me 75 min, 154 monsters killed, and 11 deaths.

That’s all from me for now. Ty for reading and have a wonderful day. 🙂

P.S. OnMouseOver for pic info


7 comments on “Another one for the trolls, Acid Wit

  1. What? Komrad didn’t reply here already? So disappointing.

    Didn’t get if you are a caster or melee drd, not that matters much as first lifer: caster will ends sp soon and melee not much dps/resistance. Maybe a combo of them may work, i haven’t tried this class much, just used for get a past life, so idk.

    • 🙂 yeah, I was kind of disappointed.

      Jarvanna is sort of like Thaz’s first build, caster with some melee. So she’s a combo. Melees and uses mostly winter wolf spells, plus some others. But she’s a much stronger caster than melee.

    • Awww this was just for me and I totally didn’t see it!
      I was busy with leveling, bonus XP weekend after all 😛
      Nice writeup Thaz 🙂

  2. This is one of the hardest quests to do at-level. The elementals are just plain tough, and the hordes of trogs seem endless. As you learned, it’s surprisingly long since there’s much to fight. Banishing is very helpful there, or weapons/spells that cut through the earth elemental’s DR while doing work against the trogs. It’s VERY hard on melees since (save unarmed Monks), your weapons take a tremendous beating there.

    I’ve used a mixture of stealth (yeah, stealth!) there as well as tactical hits. Getting rid of the elementals is required and throwing, not the trogs other than the boss. Ranged characters have a little advantage, but not much.

    If you think the end-fight was nasty, waiting about for the ambush is quite intense. I do love this quest for its surprising difficulty. At least one can’t complain of enough shrines, in general. Congrats on surviving it!

    • Ty. For our druid spells the quest wasn’t really that hard, to melee it was much harder. The end fight wasn’t that bad. But yes, crazy amount of trogs, that just keep on coming.

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