Raids, epics, what else?

I don’t know how many times before I’ve said it, but I sleep way too little. I spend a lot of time at work, and playing ddo, some with the degus and exercise and cheat on sleep… and try to keep myself going with coffee, and more coffee. When I do have time to sleep, I just can’t too much, because of stressing over wasted time. I got an overworking mind. Oh well.

I was running with Andy (I’ve missed you, been too long) and Luri on Friday. Ran the last quests in Sorrowdusk with Andy (on Maidae), and then 3 quests from Necro 3 as a trio. Luri’s toon was 13, Maidae 12, Andy’s guy 11. I took 13 and switched to Cerge to join Matrix’s/ Storms’ FoT. Luri joined too. I ran FoT, Shroud and eVON with Storms after which I was feeling way too tired to run anything else and logged off for the night.

Saturday I was very tired. I had to go get my car from service, and had planned to go to the gym and grocery shopping after. I walked ~2.5km to get to the car service and while waiting for the manager to fill out the car’s service book, and explain what they’d done, I was starting to feel worn, and decided to just skip the gym. Had a bunch of chores to do at home before I finally logged onto ddo at 10 pm. Osi had his raid mode on, so as soon as I was present and ready to go, we did adq. Well, basically Osi did one group for the pre, and let Luri (Luriana) do the other. I just tagged along. Osi as always didn’t want us to tell the group that the raid would be ee. He just wants to scare ppl. lol! It was a smooth and easy run. Osi gave me star to host CiTW, Luri got to host FoT and Osi did eVON. I ran Thaz in FoT and eVON, since I did them on Cerge on Friday. I was very happy with the CitW run especially, since it was the first CitW pug run in a good while that has gone that well for me. 40 min, and very smooth. A few deaths in the leg fight, but no lag. Osi did another ADQ with me a bit later, and that one was more of a mess. We had several ppl pulling aggro, caster, barb, and even me on Thaz, so it was hard do keep ppl alive and healed. Osi was meant to tank, but with ppl pulling aggro from every direction, he didn’t get much of a chance to do so. For a moment I got worried we were gonna wipe, but everything turned out well in the end.

After those runs I noticed Item was forming his 3rd Abbot run for the night so I switched back to Cerge and joined. I got to pike in center, and it was a smooth semi-quick run. I rolled on the Noxious Embers, and got them because no one wanted them, and also won the roll on a seal, so wasn’t that bad (I’ve been lucky on rolls in Abbot). I switched to Thaz to join run 4, and offered to help in roids. All the puzzles completed without problem, we prepare to fight the Abbot for a second time… and everything goes wrong. Ppl get encased, inferno over and over, ppl die. I’m running around trying to get ppl up, and they just die, then I die. I get a raise, try to get ppl back up, get Abbot aggro and die. When I’ve died 3-4 times I’m really tired of it. Robai’s running around as the only one alive, throws me a raise, I get someone up before I drop, and then everyone but Robai’s dead again. We continue like this for a bit more, before Robai get’s encased and dies, and it’s a wipe. I’ve used all my charges on my trinket, and maybe 6 pots, and I’m tired, I really don’t feel like trying again, so I rant a bit to Cleazy, and then join a normal CitW. I regret it almost as soon as I step into the raid. The instance is laggy. Very laggy. I don’t know how we managed to get to the end and complete, but I’m tired and very uninterested. A couple of items dropped, but I couldn’t have cared less. Talked with Cleazy a bit before logging off.

Sunday I log and Cleazy’s levelled his toon from lvl 4 to 20 in the time I was sleeping. He’d like to run something with me, while he’s changing I join another guy whos’ gonna do estar ee’s. Cleazy doesn’t want to join, but does eVON instead. We have a good group and semi-zerg the first chain on ee, and for the 2nd I invite Osi to come join us, since one guy left. I’m running Cerge for xp and commendations of Valor. In Death Undone we have some problems, but manage to finish. After the second chain everyone’s done with the quests, and I want to do eVON 1-4. Osi offers to run with me, I was gonna do hard, but he insists on elite. We duo VON1-2 on ee without too much problems. I’m not even running in a capped ED, and I’m managing to do some damage and even cc a bit. Of course, Cerge was lvl 27, and the quests were 23, so I should be able to do it. But ee is ee. Osi decides to take a break after, and I lfm for VON 3 eH + 3x eN. These runs are very easy, and I have a full group the whole time. I decide to do VON 1-2 again on hard, since I didn’t get any CoVs the first time around. I was definitely not ransacked. On the hard runs I got my CoVs and decided to quit for the night. Cerge got enough xp for lvl 28, which I took. He also nearly capped Shiradi (I’ll cap it next raid, so didn’t bother capping it) and got GMoF almost to lvl 3.

That’s all from me for now. Ty for reading and have a great day and week.

OnMouseOver for picture info.

Tl;dr again, a lot of raids and quests done during the weekend.

P.S. Osi wrote a forum post about Saturday. If you’d like to read it, you can find it here:

P.P.S Item was filming the Abbot runs on Saturday, and the re-run after I left, he posted on youtube.  See Item dualbox the tiles puzzle here:


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