This is kind of hard (Delirium)

One of the quests in game that I think I’ve only run one time ever, is Delirium. My sister’s and my druid are currently level 17, so I decided that we should run the lvl 15 f2p quest in the Twelve. Elite of course. My druid is a winter wolf caster, she melees in winter wolf form, uses winter wolf spells, and occasional lightning and cold spells. Sometimes finger and firewall. I believe I got her +6 stat items, Wizadry VI and she’s wearing the Cove leathers lvl 12. She’s got crappy saves and her dps is so and so.

So, we decided to run this quest as a duo, elite at lvl. 2 hirelings, 2 wolves and 2 summons. This group usually does pretty well, well except that I run out of sp very quickly because of constantly using wolf spells. We enter the quest, and I realize, I have no idea what this quest is all about and what we’re supposed to do, except that there will be beholders. We go over to the table where the drinks are served and have us some drinks, then I talk to the beholders, they activate and I’m instantly disintegrated (I am wearing mabar cloak lvl 16). The shrine is near by so we run there, raise and I walk over and pull the beholders one at a time. This works nicely for the others, but not the boss. The boss stays where he is. I walk within range to use most of my spells and he disintegrates me again. Meh. My sis remembers that Sunbeam has longer range than beholder spells, so we both start casting it at the boss, with me occasionally running closer to cast something else, and down he goes.

We go and check the rooms, kill off renders and mini beholders, then head for the libarary. And boom, I’m dead, my hireling and wolf are dead, sis is dead, only one left is her hireling. I tell her to quickly tell the hireling to run… but too late, and it’s a wipe. We release one at a time, come back buffed and finish the room. On the way back we get attacked by mobs and more mobs and manage to die, but we make it to the shrine and kill the mobs off one at a time. Then over to the kitchen, where there’s a big fight and on to the basement and the puzzles. I solve the first puzzle without issues, but during the second the puzzle pieces keep flying around confusing me so I end up using wiki to finish it. We shrine and on to the end fight.

End fight is a big nasty beholder, puzzle pieces flying around and more renders. I start running around the room casting dots at the boss, while my sis works on the trash. Then suddenly everyone’s dead. Boss is at 2/3. Alright release one at a time, come back. Next try we mess up on entering the room, only my sis enters and dies, so she has to release again, as she’s locked in. 3rd try we enter all at once get back to what we were doing, and one by one we die again. Boss is now down to 1/4. Release again, enter all at once, back to out tactics and down goes the boss. Yay! Victory! But, damn that was hard. Took us over 100 minutes to finish, for a lousy 10k xp. I did recommend we rerun it on hard, though, next time that is.

Ty for reading and have a wonderful rest of the week. πŸ™‚


25 comments on “This is kind of hard (Delirium)

  1. That is one nasty quest. I am always on my toes around beholders, but in that one is like impossible not to get toasted at one point or another. Especially the last fight is hard due to the room size, so grats on making it through πŸ™‚

  2. Any pug I’ve ever been in during my tr’s completed in under 20 min or less. If I had to reenter, I’d rather leave the failpug and solo it >:D

    • πŸ™‚ I think you’re missing the point? This wasn’t a pug or a TR. This was short man, under geared on our gimpy first life druids. We did fine except for the damn disintegration. Also, like I mentioned, I’ve only run this quest once before ever. I never run it on my TR’s. I usually do Web of Chaos and then Vale.

      Also, sometimes when you run a quest you don’t know, it’s not about time, but about experiencing the quest. When I run with sis, we seldom pug, but duo most quests, even though they might be too hard for us.

  3. Oh and micki for this and invaders if you dont have spell absorb ioun buy few scarabs of spell absorb on ah hey 20/50 charges for about 50k run off fast but good vs beholders. πŸ™‚

  4. @Komrad Deathblock only protects against FoD and while a necessary defense against beholders it won’t do nothing against Disintegrates one of the main issues of the girls in the quest. You missed some points, you might want to re-read again πŸ˜‰

    @Wey Yup, a high fortitude save and spell abs are the only solutions, though not sure how rich are they for such an investment in a single quest. Normally I would just skip it especially on 1st lifers, unless I want to challenge myself πŸ™‚

  5. LOL, I give you kudos for the persistance Micki. Delirium and Acute Delirium are both too quests at level and can be very annoying. I always tend to have some trouble in those quests.

  6. I’ve run that one only a few times, ever, as well. This and “Invaders” are great places to build up your beholder slaying but takes the best saves you have to survive it. My Monks usually get neg-leveled several times before disintegration is likely, which means Stunning Fist and Quivering Palm are the two attacks I wield. Congrats on your persistence!

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Maidae, who was a monk for 2 lives, loved beholders. She’d get neg levelled, and since she was a helf with cleric dilly, I’d use scroll after scroll to remove the levels after each fight. On the current life she is a rogue/barb and usually kills beholders faster than they can neg level her (von 3). We’ll see how she does in Invaders.

    • Best monk build is now the Bladeforged 16mnk/2ftr/2wiz, aka Immortal God
      All the best things mixed together in one nasty cocktail. Also, never worry about the neg levels…ever again πŸ™‚

      • 1) Racial Reconstruct SLA
        2) Racial +3 tactics dc’s and -2 to mob saves with “shaken” = +5 total dcs
        3) Fighter Haste and +3 tactics dc’s
        4) Wizard free feat for mental toughness (also extra SP with +8 int augment), eldritch knight buffs, pale master +30 hp
        5) Achievable 79 SF and 74 QP tactics DCs
        6) Shadow veil, permablur, + displace clickies on demand
        7) One free ED twist b/c no more need for Cocoon

        2nd best choice would be 16monk/2ftr/2druid Dwarf build. It was the original build that was used as a template for Bladeforged. Also great tactics, great self healing and stubby arms πŸ˜€

        PS: I don’t know how vague my previous comment was, but I just assumed you already knew most of the Flavour of the Month builds πŸ˜›

      • πŸ™‚ k. And nah. Flavor of the month builds are outdated before I get a chance to test them. I prefer solid builds that will work even months later. So, builds that are based on bugs, I dont even bother with. Also, I also have no interest in copying a build. I may use other’s ideas, but I want my build to be one of a kind.

      • To clarify my comment. I didn’t mean ur build above is based on a bug. I was only referring to the fact that many flavor of the month bulds are (tree clonk, druid-monk etc). I don’t enjoy TRing, it takes me a few months to get to 20. So I’m not gonna make a build that will be outdated with the next patch or update. Also, I don’t currently have a monk, Maidae will be fighter next life and before that I’m gonna TR Cerge. While levelling Cerge, I’m gonna raid on Maidae barb.

      • At your TR pace they might even shutdown the servers before you try any of my proposed builds xD.
        Its okay though, you are special for me and are always welcome to pike when I’m around, like I do in Osi’s quests πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚ Very likely.

        Thanks, but as Osi and others have learned, I only pike if I’m dead. Else I want to run around killing stuff and breaking boxes. I made Osi lead Derward in the Rescue (Threnal), told him “you do it, I want to smash stuff”. πŸ˜› I’m def taking the barbarian thing to heart, Andy even called me blood thirsty. lol!

        Osi tried to make me pike in the pit, I told him “no. I’m gonna go find a trap and kill myself”. πŸ™‚ I was running around killing random stuff, and no, I didn’t die in any trap, lol. And I even managed to find Osi before the end fight.

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