Sunday; a lot of questing

As I was writing my weekend post, starting with Saturday raid night, I noticed it was getting pretty long, and decided to split it into two. Another post for Sunday. I went to bed at 4 am, and was wide awake at 10 am. Probably because of the 4 cups of coffee I had on Saturday evening/ night. So, I moseyed myself up after a while, made more coffee and logged on Cerge. The plan was to run VON quests for xp. I posted for VON 1 (Tharashk Arena) 2xeH, 1xeN, and had just started running the first run when Cleazy posted for VON raid. His guildie joined my group only to tell me to come join Cleazy’s raid, lol. I told him Cerge was on timer and I wanted to xp. Before the quest was over I had a full party that stayed on for the 2nd run. I decided to skip the normal run since the quest wasn’t giving me much xp, and switched to VON 2 (the Prisoner). I had a full party for the first run, lost some, lfm’d got new ppl, etc. After the 2 eH runs, I wanted to do a norm run, and left were only me and a lvl 20 cleric. I started solo, and before the end of the quest had a full group again.

After a normal run of VON 2 I switched to VON 3 (Jungle of Kyber). VON 3 was giving me awesome xp, so I ended up doing it 2xeH, then 3xeN, and was getting over 40k xp with -80% xp penalty. Some ppl switched to alts, some left and were replaced, but I never had any problems getting joiners. And after all of that I still decided to do VON 4 (Haywire foundry). The cleric stayed with me until the first run of VON 4 and then had to go. I started the last run of VON 4 as 2 man, and was having a lot of problems soloing one side on my crappy caster, worked a lot better when I got a monk to come help. And again, before the run was over I had a full party. In total I did VON1 x 2 (eH, eH), VON2 x3 (eH, eH, eN), VON3 x5 (eH, eH, eN, eN, eN) and VON4 x2 (eH, eH). Cerge got shiradi to a bit into lvl 4, and he got lvl 27, which I took. He’s only missing ~1.1 mil for lvl 28. If I get the CoV and Karma before I start itching for TR, I’ll do ER + TR.

Then on to Thaz. The plan was to run ee gh saga. I lfm’d for “ee gh saga, need to check which ones I need”. Osi and some others joined and we started with Cry for help, then I decided to do Crucible, just because Osi said he usually skips it with shards. I’m usually good with the maze, but I got a bad map (the crests sort of switch place), and instead of running back to “I” after getting the right crest, I did “K” and “H”, and the maze didn’t turn out as I’d wanted, but still not as bad as some runs. We had some deaths, but the swimmer did an excellent job, and end fight was easy. If I remember correctly, the run took 42 min. I chose Cabal as next one, and Osi said he’d have to go after it. I piked a bit in the start as I was hungry, then sent some tells to Sidrin asking if he wants Osi’s spot. We finished Cabal, I suggested Foundation, as I’ve been really scared to run it. Osi left, Sid joined, and  Denisel was replaced by Tati. We kind of got split for a bit, and the ones who were out of range for my heals died. I ran after their stones and we got back up and finished clearing to the end fight, after which me and Sid recalled to shrine. The end fight was super easy, as the melees jumped down in the pit and kept aggro, allowing me to heal and offensive cast without worrying too much about the ellies.

I was still missing Tor and Madstone for saga, Sid was missing Maze. I suggested we’d do Maze, Luri suggested Tor first so he could pike a bit. I waited for everyone but Luri to get in before buffing and starting the quest. The start was really smooth, I don’t remember anyone dying, ppl started dying when we got separated and I wasn’t healing. I was tailing Luri, didn’t realize Silent was behind me and she died. But again, we sorted the situation, and the end fight was semi easy.

Luri left after Tor and was replaced by Brabak. Brabak has run with me some before. Silent was doing a good job with the traps, and Brabak was doing main dps and pulling levers. We lagged a bit, and I got rubber banded around a bit, and we had some deaths, but in general I thought it was a smooth run. I was looking at my screen shots of the quest reports from the runs, and Thaz seems to be pretty even in her dps. She’s low, but gets a few kills every run.

I had made plans to run ADQ with Osi, so thanked the group, picked up my saga reward (which feels very moot for 10 ee quests), and asked Osi what type of run he wanted. I lfm’d for 2nd group and started running normal with Silent. Osi had started much earlier, so he was done before everyone in my group was in. I don’t even think we were that slow, lol, but anyway. We did the raid ee, and I wrote in chat “we’re gonna do this Osi style, Osi tanks and the rest watch”. Osi has specifically dressed his fvs for tanking Lailat on ee, and he does it well. I think he was running in Sentinel. I was in shiradi and was healing and offensive casting. 3 times on a shiradi proc crit I stole aggro from Osi, but he soon enough got it back. Made me lol, though, as we had casters and melees in the group, and the divines were pulling boss aggro (even better, I got a shiradi proc crit on Lailat with healing spring, lol!). And I’m still a first life cleric.

And that was it. I was done for the weekend. Osi continued running ee gh saga. And I went on with my day.

🙂 Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week.

P.S. OnMouseOver for pic info

P.P.S Sorry about talking so much, lol!

P.P.P.S I think I didn’t die a single time on Sunday, even though I was close a few times.


One comment on “Sunday; a lot of questing

  1. Very impressive that you were able to steal aggro considering you had a good tank and arcanes in group. Grats on that!

    I had a good laugh when you said you were rubber banded around but liked it and was smooth LOL Oh well, you didn’t actually said that you liked it, but when you say it was smooth … hehe 🙂

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