Saturday is raid night (usually)

Every year my work place arranges a “little xmas” party (technically little xmas is Advent Sunday), usually in November, and every year I attend and drink a bit too much. This year it was this Friday, and as usually I went, and had a bit to drink, after which I was hung over for most of Saturday. (Omg, I just admitted to that… seeing as how I don’t drink, lol!). I had planned to spend Saturday playing ddo, but instead spent most of it watch tv series. I logged onto ddo at 7pm.

As Saturday is usually raid night for me, I decided to start the night running raids on Cerge. I picked VON eH/eH to start with, and it was a pretty smooth run, except for the fact that when typing bases I wrote ice twice instead of air and ice. Meh, I corrected myself, and everything was fine, but I was a bit embarrassed, lol. Then I saw an lfm for eN FoT and figured I’d give it a go, even though I didn’t recognize the leader. eN is still pretty easy, even if you don’t have anyone leading. The leader wasn’t really taking charge, which I always prefer, so I was suggesting roles for ppl, and said I’d tank SR, even though I wasn’t sure my dps would be enough. Leader wasn’t really saying much at all, except that he could kite the undead. Run was about as crazy as you can expect from a random pug where leader wasn’t leading. Ppl killed stuff randomly, later took Sr aggro and kited him all around the room, killed Sr then TO and we had to reprep. I started yelling at ppl, and writing in party chat pretty angrily. Things like “do not kill unless given kill order”, “do not run all around the room with SR after you”, and with SR and TO, “prep them both to 1-2%, then stop”. At least ppl did what they were told, when someone was telling them what to do, and we finished without me having to get too angry. eN is still quite easy, like said. Leader offered me his comm as thanks for helping with the run, but I had already excited when I noticed the tell. He told me that he didn’t know there were so many first timers in the run, I told him that it’s sort of his job as raid leader to tell ppl what to do. Anywho, everything worked out so it was fine.

After this I noticed someone lfm’ing for eH CitW, and joined. Osi also joined (he joined FoT as well). It’s nice. We had one first timer in the group and me and Zeeby was explaining a bit what was gonna happen, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy talking ppl through raids, as I appreciated that on my first time runs as well. I’d rather have someone explain things that I forget, than sit there wondering about stuff. I wasted mana like crazy and was potting, and managed to get knocked off by Lolth’s hand, but over all it was a pretty smooth run for eH and Ana went through of first try. We got completely skunked on loot.

I lfm’d for eH/eH ADQ and Osi joined on an alt. I was trying to get him to do 2nd group, and he didn’t want to, so someone else did. My group finished and I was sure other group had finished first, but they were having some problems, and were taking forever. I had sent a tell to a ToD group I saw on the lfm that I’d like to come, and I was getting real stressed as they were filling and my 2nd group was no where to be seen. I sent leader a tell asking if I’d make it and he said he needed a healer. I told him I’d try to get Osi to come after ADQ. Finally after a long wait our 2nd group finally made it, and we ran the raid quickly, I looted and switched party, Osi relogged on Osiride (he was running adq on alt). As we were waiting for ToD to start Matrix put up their Sat raid, and I wrote in channel that I couldn’t go. ToD was good and smooth, we lagged a bit, but nothing major, and I think it was a flawless run with Osi healing and shadow tanking.

After I leaft the ToD group I noticed that Storms had an Abbot up, so I happily joined, as I had missed Item’s Abbot runs (well, the first or second one at least and I didn’t want to wait for run 3-4). We did short man hard, I was on roids and Storms did 2 round tiles. Was a semi-smooth run with some deaths cause of lag. I pulled the bow, and with it decided that Cerge is going to be an archer next life. ๐Ÿ˜€ Just like that. I asked Storms if they were doing anything else, and was told MA. I switched to Thaz for this. The two raids/quests I’ve been missing on elite was MA and LoB. I also switched to sentinel ED and slotted cocoon, as I remember the lightning hitting hard in that room. I didn’t get lost, I was healing and a bit offensive casting. I think we had 2 deaths from the lightning, and apparently on heroic elite there is a death timer. Other than that is was a pretty smooth run, I got my favor and pulled an alchemical crossbow.

Friend was asking in channel if anyone wanted to help him run Reclaiming the Rift eE, I joined on Cerge and got an easy completion, and then we did Don’t drink the water as well. Cerge got some CoV’s (Commendation of Valor). Storms was running eH PoP so I headed over and made it in time for end fight. Again an easy completion, some CoV and xp. And after this I decided to post for shroud. I took a short afk while waiting, then spammed the channels. Osi joined, and after waiting a while I decided to short man. Was a pretty easy run, I was on crystal in p2 and there was some issues with timing killing the reds there, but nothing major. In p3, I just ran around looking for puzzles to solve, as I could unlock them myself. I snook into Osi’s room and did his puzzle while he was loading or maybe checking solver. P4 took 2 rounds and p5 a bit longer than expected, but over all I was pleased with the run.

After this I was feeling pretty tired, so checked Cerge’s gear a bit, and then logged off for the night.

Weekend post continues…. with Sunday (see next post).


Ty for reading and cya in game. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. OnMouseOver for pic info


4 comments on “Saturday is raid night (usually)

  1. Looking very nice Micki. Abbot is the only raid I never ran. Not very popular on our server either. That bow is really nice though, grats on grabbing it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also the picture from Shroud is a new one. How did you got there anyway? I haven’t ran Shroud in ages now LOL!

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ you can jump up on the side if you got jump spell. Archer was standing up there. In my 100+ runs of Shroud, I’ve never noticed u can get up there. The blades can’t even get u if u’re there, so for archers and casters it’s a safe spot.

      And ty.

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