U20 is here (warning spoilers)

It’s been a busy and stressful week for me, on Monday I did a little bit of xp farm on Maidae and ran 2 raids with Matrix, and on Tuesday U20 was out. After getting home from work I updated and logged on Maidae to check her, before I had to leave for swim practice. Getting home again, I logged on Thaz, and barely got into the game before I got a party invite from Osi, and him telling me he was gonna do the new quests ee. I dropped what ever minor plans I had, to tag along. We started with Brothers of the Forge. A new lvl 28 quest in House Cannith, which makes it the highest level quest currently in game.

Aramania and Vilapy was also invited to run, and we 4 manned the quest. Everyone else in the group was multiple TR’s (Osi and Vilapy completionists), and me, on my 1st life shiradi cleric. Safe to say, in a lvl 30 quest, I was doing the least amount of damage of the party, but I’m pleased to say, 1. I didn’t die, 2. I managed to get 7 kills, and 3. I managed to get the killing blow on a red named scorpion. \o/

After finishing this run, it was getting closer to midnight and had I been smart I would have gone to bed, but I wanted to run the other quest as well, especially since Osi and Ara were going to run it. We rebuffed and headed to Eveningstar. I didn’t know what the quest was about and I never ran it on Lamannia, so I wasn’t sure what to do, and I think the same was true for Osi and Ara. After a while I think Ara started looking at wiki, though, as he started giving advice on how to progress the quest. When we met the first mobs, I was feeling so tired that I wasn’t making much of an effort anymore, so I started dying, and dying some more. Later on I got lost in the maze and died again. Come end fight I was out of mana, didn’t care to recall and get mana back, but was hoping to pike. I ended up dying over and over, and then Osi and Ara died, and we released (I held instance), and got our mana back. Come back with full mana bars and this time end fight was easy and we took him out in a few minutes.

Over all this quest had for Thazara easier mobs than house C. Burst + implosion does a lot of damage to undead, and she got a lot more kills here. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of the quest report in this quest (but you should be able to tell it’s ee based on the boss’s CR). I was very tired as it was around 2 in the morning.

That is all I have for you for now. I will report on bugs when I learn about them. The most critical bugs will hopefully be fixed during the hotfix tonight.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

P.S. After running these two quests, Thazara now has 4917 favor

P.P.S OnMouseOver for picture info


3 comments on “U20 is here (warning spoilers)

  1. Way to tough out it Micki!! It does get very difficult to concentrate when sleepiness sets in, thats when I find myself trying to push through a quest as opposed to playing through a quest.

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