Wondering if I’m cut out for this

As many of you know, I love end game and I have a lot of plans for my toons. Thazara is really my only toons that’s specifically specced for end game, the others have been built for level 20, and I’ve had to adjust a bit to not completely suck at the epic levels (in my opinion). Usually when I build a toon, they do ok, or really good sometimes until they hit 20, but start to struggle at epic levels. Thazara is my baby. I made her as an elf cleric, and I’ve LR’d her 3 times now. The plan with her was to collect all favor possible and never TR.

Now, as I love end game, I love running with good ppl and learning from them. But, I don’t really like this that I’ve been told “Either you heal, or dps, or cc or you don’t contribute”. I love my Thaz, she’s multipurpose. With the last LR I made her more caster focused, and I can even kill stuff in some ee’s. But, I know her dps will never match that of a dps toon, not unless I TR or LR into something else. This I do not want to do. I really like being one of the very few shiradi clerics out there. I can still heal fine, and I will even healbot in some situations, but I don’t enjoy it. Why do I not enjoy it? Well, plainly put, because so many ppl are idiots. I’m sorry, I have been healing a lot of pugs, and it’s just very stressful for me, as I want to do good. Maybe it was different if I was doing only guild runs with ppl who actually knew what they were doing?

I do enjoy byoh runs. I don’t like waiting for a healer if I’m not on Thaz, and I build all my toons to be capable of self healing. When I’m on Thaz and it’s a byoh run, if I’m feeling kind, I may still throw some heals at ppl, and I use healing spring. But mostly I enjoy helping with dps. In high lvl quests like Storms Horns eE, my dps is pretty weak, and I need someone else to do more.

Cerge is my future completionist. Or that is the plan. But unlike most other completionists I know, I do not want to zerg to 20, TR, zerg to 20, TR. Or use XP stones to skip playing a life. I don’t mind keeping a good pace, but I want every build I make to be playable, and I want to try them out at end game. Before U19, Maidae was doing really well. Except for not being as good at self healing as Thaz, she was almost as good. Cerge, I’m not happy with. I need to level Shiradi to try him out as a Shiradi caster. And then I want to TR him into a bard, as it is the next on my list.

I feel the end game is full of ppl who rush, want to build the most OP toons possible, and ppl who cheat to get what they want. And I don’t like the attitude “either you heal or you don’t contribute”. I contribute. I might not do as much dps as the arcane shiradi or the blitzer, but I contribute. And I guess, if you don’t like my play style, you don’t have to run with me. I wonder though, if I’m really cut out for the end game? I know I’m not into running easy content, I want to challenge myself. And I love running raids with ppl who know what they’re doing. I don’t like getting angry at ppl who mess up runs because they don’t listen or don’t know what they’re doing, or are not able to do what they claim they can.

Alright, that’s all for now. Before I go I would like to share with you a pic from eVON, dead Velah, who doesn’t look dead.

Ty for reading and have a wonderful rest of the day.


7 comments on “Wondering if I’m cut out for this

  1. Thaz it was only my opinion and way that i was learnedh to play by both past and present guilds.

    I was, not once kicked from epic runs (old epics pre u14) when myddo worked for bad gear, bad build, no enough dps, too low dc etc, that was sad and frustating for me, so i tred, and tred and maken my toons better and better to beat content and to be able to play at same lvl as ppl that i saw best at time.

    I am min/max and i restrict myself to certain roles in party, i dps or heal or cc, or i do all but good on toons like juggernaut or shiradi, build that was tested before. That dont mean i tell you to do same, or that its better than any other playstyle, or that i dont want to play with you cuz you have diffrent opinion. Opinions differs and i think its good πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ My friend, you are not the first one to tell me this, that I should be a healer when I play my cleric. But u wanna know a funny? You and some ppl tell me this, that I need to heal, while in some other groups I’ve run with, it’s not acceptable to just heal. I’ve been running with byoh groups, where you’re not welcome if you can’t dps, and in fact, I’ve seen at least a couple of ppl copy my lfm “self healing dps only”.

      Like said, I can heal. But, I can’t stand healbots. I don’t even want them in my raids. I will healbot when it is required, like in some raids, but there’s very few situations when it is. Remember when you taught me about ee ADQ? πŸ˜› well, turns out, those tactics are not needed anymore, that kiting works just fine. I even went with Osi’s tactics last run I did. Take anyone, don’t say tactics, let’s see what happens. πŸ˜€ lol! It was kind of messy, but we completed.

  2. But i do think that healboting is waste of party slot, and i think that everyone should byoh, that dont mean that healer should not heal πŸ˜€ It mean to max one roll on toon while still can do other roles. But you main target lets say is keep party alive, if they idiots that sink sp than bai, but if they self heal you help them to be even more effective

    As for tatic one with standing in one point is good for a lot of melees, if party is full of shiradi or monkchers than kite, if solo ofc kite. It all depends on situation

    • πŸ™‚ I donno about you, but when joining an ee pug as healer, and if they need you to heal, ppl tend to die, as they’ll run all over the place and I just can’t spot heal fast enough when ppl are taking aggro. I was playing party heals when I was doing ee Wheloon for the first time, but I just really hate it when ppl die, and in ee it’s just a pain in the a trying to keep 5 ppl alive who will be spread out. In FoT it’s even worse.

      First time I joined that ee FoT group I said I was going to healbot, as that’s what I always do in ee raids. I was told “no, this is byoh, we got no room for heals”. Ok. So basically what I’ve been doing is focusing on killing trash and throwing cocoon at the SR tank, and if needed throwing heals at other ppl. Like said, I don’t refuse to heal, I just hate running with ppl who require me to be actively healing. I do that though. I run with a group, I notice someone is constantly taking damage, I start tailing them to heal them. I did this with a couple of friends of ours, one fighter, other barb.

  3. Diversity is the spice of gaming life. A diverse character has great benefit. But this metaphor gets blunted in Epic play. So much there is “DPS DPS”, which makes the min-maxers go “squee” and do more number-crunching, while the players that like roles and build powerful characters of a single class or skill seem minimized.

    I agree with you. DDO is not all about damage or healing, but these things are important. Enjoying yourself is most important, and so, finding people who know you, the player, and don’t expect the moon and the stars from your character to compensate for their poor game play is very important. Maybe you’re hanging around with the wrong people. πŸ™‚

    • My Thaz was never meant to be a healbot. I’ve been healing a lot, though. But then I started running ee’s, and ppl got more self sufficient and there was less and less use for healers. I wanted to make Thaz better, so I LR’d her to make her more caster focused. The funny is, it’s very old school. This attitude “either you heal or you don’t contribute”. The best players I’ve run with, they solo can solo the quest with full dungeon scaling on eE, meaning that they hit hard, run fast and the rest of us do what we can to help, but they get stuff done no matter what the rest of us do. I can kill stuff on ee. It just takes me a bit longer than than some.

      πŸ™‚ It’s not often I hear it. The end game uber elite, usually want byoh. I’ve even seen more and more byoh raids. I guess I’m just being a bit sensitive, because hell, I’ve healed, I heal. You can’t heal stupid, and I’m just very tired of trying to. And also, I really hate it when ppl tell me that I shouldn’t bring my cleric into a group if there isn’t ppl to heal. Thaz is still my best toon, and the only one I feel comfortable on in ee.

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