Update 20 approaching

Just a short blog. 🙂

Massively posted an article called DDO Update 20: The past lives of robots and vampires Nov 6th 2013 6:30PM, which was hours before DDOUnlimited and the ddo forums acknowledged that the release date for U20 had been published: Tuesday November 12, 2013. This is the upcoming Tuesday, i.e. very soon. Unlike the previous updates, this time I’m not feeling any need to do additional farming, but I will continue playing as normally.

My plans after U20 is out:

Thazara: run the new quests on elite/ epic elite for favor, continue doing what she’s doing, collect Commendations of Valor and ER once she has enough. Potentially I may use another toon to farm commendations. I’m considering getting all the possible ER’s, which would be (3x3x4)  = 36  epic past lives = 35 x 6,6 mil xp to farm. 😀 That’s a hell of a lot, and I will most likely not do it, but it’s a goal.

Cerge: continue doing what he’s doing, farm some ED’s and gear, and then TR into a bladeforged bard. Bard is next in line for classes I want to TR him into, and I def want to do bladeforged for the cheap self heals. Either I stick with one level of paladin or use a +1 heart to LR out of it. I don’t have a build plan yet.

Maidae: level to 20, flag for raids, raid and then TR when Cerge is up in epic levels again. Maidae will be a fighter next life, what kind I have not decided yet. Most likely she will be an elf of some kind.

Jarvanna: will continue running with my sister, level to 20, farm for epic frags and then TR. Potentially we will run Vale and make some greensteel.

Keronna: continue running with the Cannith static group. Level to 20, run some epics and maybe some raids, and then TR. No plan yet as to what the next build will be.

There you have it. What are your plans for U20?


8 comments on “Update 20 approaching

  1. You cant be a paladin with bard

    I cant see myself getting lots of EPL’s, yes id like some but it looks like a lot of grind with minimal boosts

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