Weekend post; questing, raids, Lamannia

Time for another weekend post. I didn’t really feel like writing anything, but as to not disappoint my readers, I decided to do it anyway. I had a stressful week, with Mabar and version deliveries at work. It all meant I was really busy and slept very little, and come Friday I was exhausted. But still, I wanted to ddo. I probably shouldn’t have, but I wanted to. After the down time on Friday I logged to quest for a little while, ended up getting mad at Osi over a misunderstanding and then feeling bad about it. Earlier in the day, or maybe the day before I had read on the forums that there would be a Reincarnation event on Lamannia at 8 pm EST, so I switched server just before 2 am my time. I had intentionally left testing the reincarnation for this event. I was mostly interested in the epic reincarnation, but during the 2 h event (earlier in the day I had copied Thazara to Lamannia) I reincarnated Thazara 4 times; epic reincarnation, heroic true reincarnation into an iconic, iconic true reincarnation into iconic and then epic reincarnation of iconic. It was interesting, but felt like a lot of work, and it was a bit like doing a lesser reincarnation over and over and over again. As some of you may know, I decided long ago that I was never going to do a true reincarnation on Thazara, since I do not want to lose all the favor I’ve gained on her. Epic reincarnation will allow me to get past lives on Thazara, without losing any favor or ED xp. I am very excited about this.  But I am not going to go into details about the new reincarnation system here.

Saturday I was going to do some household chores before logging onto ddo, but decided that I didn’t feel like it and logged instead. Saturday is my raid night, so the plan was to raid. I started off posting for FoT “Main ED, know it, don’t play noob pls”. What happened? I got a group who just couldn’t do it and we wiped twice. Meh. After 2nd wipe I joined Matrix’s CiTW, but it got cut short due to lag. We lagged quite a lot but fought on, until we got to the 2nd optional (I think, unless I’m remembering wrong). In there we just lagged and lagged, ppl died, and we could do nothing. We ended giving up, and we didn’t retry.

I was supposed to just do a quick FoT, then run raids with Osi. By this time I had wasted hours, didn’t have a single raid completion and hadn’t run with Osi once. Osi was farming ADQ pre, and I said I could run the raid with him. He wanted his group to finish first so I lfm’d and wrote “Osi’s 2nd group. Join him first”. Osi got a full group, while I only got one. Osi also told me to not tell anyone which difficulty, but let ppl notice when he steps in on ee. 😛 A couple of ppl joined as pre-flagged and we short manned ee. Was a smooth run with no deaths.

I was following the Titan channel and Item was going to host a few Abbots. I had said I would go after ADQ and they saved me a spot. First try tiles was a fail because of connection issues, so we retried. 2nd try we managed to wipe, after which someone had to go, and I persuaded Item to give Osi the spot. This run we completed. I talked a bit with Osi afterwards and we decided to do VON. I lfm’d and basically let anyone join who hit it, except I missed one person when a few hit it at the same time. I felt a bit bad about it. VON’s pretty basic, so we didn’t really have any issues there, except for me allowing myself to die when trying to open a door. And after VON we did another ADQ, this time eH/ eH 5 man, me on Thaz, Osi on alt.

Sunday I had planned to farm Tracker’s Trap ee for the orb for Thaz, but decided to do FoT first. This time my lfm said “eH. Main ED. byoh. know it”. I was so tired of trying to heal ppl in the last run, so I decided I wanted to post for byoh. We filled somewhat quickly, and Osi and some others joined. The thing is, in a pug all I can do is look at ppl’s class, hp and sp, and ask them what roles they can do. 1k+ hp fighter, paladin or monk usually means tank, ranger, fvs, wizard or sorc can usually kite. SR tank can be pretty much anyone with a bit of reflex save, and ioun stone, TO is a bit more difficult. Kiter needs to be someone who can self heal and preferable someone who can get out of the way quickly (fvs wings, abundant step on monk, etc). In this group I had no one who could with confidence promise that they could do a specific task. Osi on alt was gonna SR tank, while I had a hard time deciding who to put on kiting. We had some deaths, some lag and I was having some connection issues. Osi lagged and died, someone else ran up to SR and died, I threw a bb and kept kiting SR til I could raise ppl. Since the tree was fixed, I do not tank SR anymore, but I have no problem kiting him…. well if I don’t lag, which I did and died.  The whole run took a bit too long, and we had too many deaths, but in the end we were successful.

I posted for Tracker’s trap ee, and got some ppl to come help. I think I did 3 or 4 runs, every run a bit different, but every run also a little bit faster. One orb dropped, but not the one I wanted so I suggested it for someone else instead. After the last run I no longer got anyone to join me, I left the lfm up for a bit, but when no one joined I switched to Maidae and ran some quests on her, including joining a pug for The bounty hunter. We noticed a silly “bug” in that one, check out the picture below. There’s an invisible box on top of the fireplace, that you can climb on. 😀

And then, I saw Millusia posting for Wheloon eH and sent him a tell that I could join on Cerge. Cerge still has a lot of ED’s not done, so I figured I could join for some easy xp. I think we ran through the chain in ~2h. And then I was done for this time. Spent some time talking to Osi before logging off.

That’s all folks. Ty for reading and have a wonderful week. 🙂


5 comments on “Weekend post; questing, raids, Lamannia

  1. Thank you Micki for thinking of us and phew it looks like a lot of play time as usual 🙂

    Sorry to hear it was a bit cloudy and frustrating due to lag, but I hope overall it was an enjoyable experience!

    Is there a NDA in place for the Lamannia event? If not I would like to hear more about your experience regarding reincarnation if you have the mood/time/etc to share.

    P.S. How in the world did Ana got there? I never saw it doing stuff like that, but then again I am not the babysitter XD

    Take care and thank you for the treats. You are awesome! 😉

    • 🙂 thank you for your interest. Yeah, I had a lot of bad runs this weekend. I usually offer to take Ana in Matrix’s CitW, and I was lol’ing at Ana on the wall.

      As far as I know, the U20 is on public preview on Lamannia, the release notes can be found here: https://t.co/5U43KEHFJR There is a new UI for reincarnation, where you add the heart you want to use and then chose the type of reincarnation you want to do. If you pick ER, you then pick which sphere, and then which past life you want. The LR/ER thing has also been changed with a new area, and a new person you talk to to level up. ER works pretty much like a LR, you don’t lose any progression, then thing you lose is the selected sphere’s Karma, which is XP separate from the EDs. I am sure they will adjust the numbers before release, though.

      • Sounds as reincarnation is easy, maybe a bit too of a chore if you have to redo all bars, select spells etc. I hate this thing about LRing. Maybe you can send them some feedback to remember all stuff except feats, skills etc if possible? A bit tired so maybe the implications are deeper than that but more user friendly please! :/

        Yeah the karma thing confused me a bit probably until I see it on live. Do you get karma too for XP you already got? I assume answer could me somewhere in the forums but lazy to look atm 😀

        Cheers for the explanations so far! 😉

      • Yeah, I didn’t like that much either, but at the same time it gives you a chance to change your toon if you so like.

        On Lama, since Thaz had all her ED’s XP capped, she had 4 sphere’s with 6 mil Karma each, which showed on top of the sphere in map view. When I ER’d the chosen sphere’s Karma was reset, while the other sphere’s still had theirs. To gain the Karma back, I had to be in one of the ED’s in the sphere to gain Karma for that sphere.

        More information here: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/428876-Reincarnation-Information

  2. This Karma is not bad after all. Much better than losing one of the EDs XP. This way I can continue to blitz in LD though the quests for more martial ePLs or generally taking a stronger ED that fits you best and fill the Karma bar. I do find that there is a bit too much XP required compared to what you get 😦

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