Running the TRs

As I have said before, the game keeps changing. I keep changing as a player. I have goals and wants (like past lives) but I don’t enjoy leveling. When I first leveled Thaz I hated zergers, or disliked them strongly. I wanted ppl to not leave me behind. I don’t mind a good pace, as long as the party doesn’t leave me behind. Well, things have changed. I have become the TR zerger. If I lfm, I solo a quest, and let others tag along and help if they want, if it is a quest I know well. Spawn of Whisperdoom I for example didn’t know at all, so I let my party lead, and I just followed. Was a smooth run anyway.

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Another one for the trolls, Acid Wit

Acid wit is another lvl 15 f2p quest in the Twelve. As my and my sis’s druids were both 17, and we had not done this quest yet, I suggested we do it today. Unlike Delirium, this quest I have actually solo’d once, on Cerge last life, so I .. even though I didn’t remember much of it, knew something about what to expect.

We entered elite, and started clearing. I’m a heavy sp user on my druid, and I was out of sp when we ran into an optional red named earth elemental. I told my sis to retreat, as I, my hire and wolf were dead, and she got us back up. After I got up, I started casting SLA call lightning on the mobs, and running behind a corner, or just kiting them around. We continued like this til we got to the door with the crystals on top. I opened the door to the left, killed the first shaman, then got attacked and dead, and a moment later it was a wipe. Meh, release and re-enter.

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Cannith, Cannith, Cannith

As you all probably know, I don’t level fast. On Cannith we level even slower, since we only run together for a few h/ week. I TR’d September 3rd, and this Monday we took lvl 9. I can’t say about the others builds or their plans, but I am still pretty excited about my zombie. Yes, she’s a zombie. With level 9, she got her 3rd level of monk, and I noticed an increase in dps. She’s currently 2 rogue/ 3 monk/ 4 wizard. The next 2 levels will be wizard, before the next lvl of monk, and she will be getting vampire form at lvl 11.

I also noticed an increase in speed with the monk lvl, and she hits really fast now if I hop out of zombie form (and much faster than a normal zombie). 🙂 Oh, and if you didn’t know, she’s a quarterstaff melee (and I get nice over 100 p sneak attacks too). I’ve taken the quarterstaff enhancements in both monk and rogue enhancement tree, she’s a henshin mystic and a thief acrobat. 🙂 And a zombie! 😀 But even with 180% fortification, she still takes damage like crazy if the mobs are swinging at her, so I’ve had to jump around a bit.

Speaking of, like Ness said about my speed, “by the time you get vampire, you’ll be a normal zombie”. 😀 lol!

Some pics from our runs on Monday:

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Raids, epics, what else?

I don’t know how many times before I’ve said it, but I sleep way too little. I spend a lot of time at work, and playing ddo, some with the degus and exercise and cheat on sleep… and try to keep myself going with coffee, and more coffee. When I do have time to sleep, I just can’t too much, because of stressing over wasted time. I got an overworking mind. Oh well.

I was running with Andy (I’ve missed you, been too long) and Luri on Friday. Ran the last quests in Sorrowdusk with Andy (on Maidae), and then 3 quests from Necro 3 as a trio. Luri’s toon was 13, Maidae 12, Andy’s guy 11. I took 13 and switched to Cerge to join Matrix’s/ Storms’ FoT. Luri joined too. I ran FoT, Shroud and eVON with Storms after which I was feeling way too tired to run anything else and logged off for the night.

Saturday I was very tired. I had to go get my car from service, and had planned to go to the gym and grocery shopping after. I walked ~2.5km to get to the car service and while waiting for the manager to fill out the car’s service book, and explain what they’d done, I was starting to feel worn, and decided to just skip the gym. Had a bunch of chores to do at home before I finally logged onto ddo at 10 pm. Osi had his raid mode on, so as soon as I was present and ready to go, we did adq. Well, basically Osi did one group for the pre, and let Luri (Luriana) do the other. I just tagged along. Osi as always didn’t want us to tell the group that the raid would be ee. He just wants to scare ppl. lol! It was a smooth and easy run. Osi gave me star to host CiTW, Luri got to host FoT and Osi did eVON. I ran Thaz in FoT and eVON, since I did them on Cerge on Friday. I was very happy with the CitW run especially, since it was the first CitW pug run in a good while that has gone that well for me. 40 min, and very smooth. A few deaths in the leg fight, but no lag. Osi did another ADQ with me a bit later, and that one was more of a mess. We had several ppl pulling aggro, caster, barb, and even me on Thaz, so it was hard do keep ppl alive and healed. Osi was meant to tank, but with ppl pulling aggro from every direction, he didn’t get much of a chance to do so. For a moment I got worried we were gonna wipe, but everything turned out well in the end.

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This is kind of hard (Delirium)

One of the quests in game that I think I’ve only run one time ever, is Delirium. My sister’s and my druid are currently level 17, so I decided that we should run the lvl 15 f2p quest in the Twelve. Elite of course. My druid is a winter wolf caster, she melees in winter wolf form, uses winter wolf spells, and occasional lightning and cold spells. Sometimes finger and firewall. I believe I got her +6 stat items, Wizadry VI and she’s wearing the Cove leathers lvl 12. She’s got crappy saves and her dps is so and so.

So, we decided to run this quest as a duo, elite at lvl. 2 hirelings, 2 wolves and 2 summons. This group usually does pretty well, well except that I run out of sp very quickly because of constantly using wolf spells. We enter the quest, and I realize, I have no idea what this quest is all about and what we’re supposed to do, except that there will be beholders. We go over to the table where the drinks are served and have us some drinks, then I talk to the beholders, they activate and I’m instantly disintegrated (I am wearing mabar cloak lvl 16). The shrine is near by so we run there, raise and I walk over and pull the beholders one at a time. This works nicely for the others, but not the boss. The boss stays where he is. I walk within range to use most of my spells and he disintegrates me again. Meh. My sis remembers that Sunbeam has longer range than beholder spells, so we both start casting it at the boss, with me occasionally running closer to cast something else, and down he goes.

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Heals, eVON

Thazara is as you know my oldest toon, and the toon I know the best. In fact, I consider her to be me. She’s a hard worker, and very dedicated to her role in a party. Long ago I decided I was never going to TR her, but to collect all the favor I can and see how far she can go. I’ve written many blogs about Thaz, so I’m not going to repeat myself here, but continue with my story.

Thazara is a first life elf cleric. She has a bit over 2900 sp, and positive spell power over 300 when I equip her devotion item. I don’t raid heal much on her anymore, as she doesn’t really need much from the raids, and I don’t really enjoy healbotting. In fact, people who know me, know I prefer byoh groups where I can focus mostly on offensive casting. I have no problems throwing a heal here and there, I just don’t too much like being responsible for keeping people alive… anymore.

When I was leveling Thaz I was pugging, almost exclusively. I learned what was expected of me, and I made it into an art. I wanted to be a pro healer. I also stressed a lot about it, and I still can’t stand it when people die on my watch. If I’m focused on healing I usually work my ass off for it. And I take it as a personal failure if I could have saved someone and didn’t. Same is true for the opposite, though, it feels awesome when I succeed. I care about my rep, and I know I can heal, so I stress a lot when things are not going as I’d like, even if it’s not my fault.

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Sunday; a lot of questing

As I was writing my weekend post, starting with Saturday raid night, I noticed it was getting pretty long, and decided to split it into two. Another post for Sunday. I went to bed at 4 am, and was wide awake at 10 am. Probably because of the 4 cups of coffee I had on Saturday evening/ night. So, I moseyed myself up after a while, made more coffee and logged on Cerge. The plan was to run VON quests for xp. I posted for VON 1 (Tharashk Arena) 2xeH, 1xeN, and had just started running the first run when Cleazy posted for VON raid. His guildie joined my group only to tell me to come join Cleazy’s raid, lol. I told him Cerge was on timer and I wanted to xp. Before the quest was over I had a full party that stayed on for the 2nd run. I decided to skip the normal run since the quest wasn’t giving me much xp, and switched to VON 2 (the Prisoner). I had a full party for the first run, lost some, lfm’d got new ppl, etc. After the 2 eH runs, I wanted to do a norm run, and left were only me and a lvl 20 cleric. I started solo, and before the end of the quest had a full group again.

After a normal run of VON 2 I switched to VON 3 (Jungle of Kyber). VON 3 was giving me awesome xp, so I ended up doing it 2xeH, then 3xeN, and was getting over 40k xp with -80% xp penalty. Some ppl switched to alts, some left and were replaced, but I never had any problems getting joiners. And after all of that I still decided to do VON 4 (Haywire foundry). The cleric stayed with me until the first run of VON 4 and then had to go. I started the last run of VON 4 as 2 man, and was having a lot of problems soloing one side on my crappy caster, worked a lot better when I got a monk to come help. And again, before the run was over I had a full party. In total I did VON1 x 2 (eH, eH), VON2 x3 (eH, eH, eN), VON3 x5 (eH, eH, eN, eN, eN) and VON4 x2 (eH, eH). Cerge got shiradi to a bit into lvl 4, and he got lvl 27, which I took. He’s only missing ~1.1 mil for lvl 28. If I get the CoV and Karma before I start itching for TR, I’ll do ER + TR.

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Saturday is raid night (usually)

Every year my work place arranges a “little xmas” party (technically little xmas is Advent Sunday), usually in November, and every year I attend and drink a bit too much. This year it was this Friday, and as usually I went, and had a bit to drink, after which I was hung over for most of Saturday. (Omg, I just admitted to that… seeing as how I don’t drink, lol!). I had planned to spend Saturday playing ddo, but instead spent most of it watch tv series. I logged onto ddo at 7pm.

As Saturday is usually raid night for me, I decided to start the night running raids on Cerge. I picked VON eH/eH to start with, and it was a pretty smooth run, except for the fact that when typing bases I wrote ice twice instead of air and ice. Meh, I corrected myself, and everything was fine, but I was a bit embarrassed, lol. Then I saw an lfm for eN FoT and figured I’d give it a go, even though I didn’t recognize the leader. eN is still pretty easy, even if you don’t have anyone leading. The leader wasn’t really taking charge, which I always prefer, so I was suggesting roles for ppl, and said I’d tank SR, even though I wasn’t sure my dps would be enough. Leader wasn’t really saying much at all, except that he could kite the undead. Run was about as crazy as you can expect from a random pug where leader wasn’t leading. Ppl killed stuff randomly, later took Sr aggro and kited him all around the room, killed Sr then TO and we had to reprep. I started yelling at ppl, and writing in party chat pretty angrily. Things like “do not kill unless given kill order”, “do not run all around the room with SR after you”, and with SR and TO, “prep them both to 1-2%, then stop”. At least ppl did what they were told, when someone was telling them what to do, and we finished without me having to get too angry. eN is still quite easy, like said. Leader offered me his comm as thanks for helping with the run, but I had already excited when I noticed the tell. He told me that he didn’t know there were so many first timers in the run, I told him that it’s sort of his job as raid leader to tell ppl what to do. Anywho, everything worked out so it was fine.

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U20 is here (warning spoilers)

It’s been a busy and stressful week for me, on Monday I did a little bit of xp farm on Maidae and ran 2 raids with Matrix, and on Tuesday U20 was out. After getting home from work I updated and logged on Maidae to check her, before I had to leave for swim practice. Getting home again, I logged on Thaz, and barely got into the game before I got a party invite from Osi, and him telling me he was gonna do the new quests ee. I dropped what ever minor plans I had, to tag along. We started with Brothers of the Forge. A new lvl 28 quest in House Cannith, which makes it the highest level quest currently in game.

Aramania and Vilapy was also invited to run, and we 4 manned the quest. Everyone else in the group was multiple TR’s (Osi and Vilapy completionists), and me, on my 1st life shiradi cleric. Safe to say, in a lvl 30 quest, I was doing the least amount of damage of the party, but I’m pleased to say, 1. I didn’t die, 2. I managed to get 7 kills, and 3. I managed to get the killing blow on a red named scorpion. \o/

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Wondering if I’m cut out for this

As many of you know, I love end game and I have a lot of plans for my toons. Thazara is really my only toons that’s specifically specced for end game, the others have been built for level 20, and I’ve had to adjust a bit to not completely suck at the epic levels (in my opinion). Usually when I build a toon, they do ok, or really good sometimes until they hit 20, but start to struggle at epic levels. Thazara is my baby. I made her as an elf cleric, and I’ve LR’d her 3 times now. The plan with her was to collect all favor possible and never TR.

Now, as I love end game, I love running with good ppl and learning from them. But, I don’t really like this that I’ve been told “Either you heal, or dps, or cc or you don’t contribute”. I love my Thaz, she’s multipurpose. With the last LR I made her more caster focused, and I can even kill stuff in some ee’s. But, I know her dps will never match that of a dps toon, not unless I TR or LR into something else. This I do not want to do. I really like being one of the very few shiradi clerics out there. I can still heal fine, and I will even healbot in some situations, but I don’t enjoy it. Why do I not enjoy it? Well, plainly put, because so many ppl are idiots. I’m sorry, I have been healing a lot of pugs, and it’s just very stressful for me, as I want to do good. Maybe it was different if I was doing only guild runs with ppl who actually knew what they were doing?

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