LR and 40th FoT

This weekend I didn’t host too many raids myself, which is nice. Hosting raids can be rather stressful. I logged on Sat and joined a CitW Norm (Cerge), then put up a ToD (Cerge). The ToD filled a lot faster than I’m used to, but we lag wiped in p2 and had to start over, losing 1/3 of the party and then waiting for the new ppl to get in. I had a couple of Matrix ppl in my party and one of them was getting a bit impatient as this run was now making their guild raid late. Anywho, good run on 2nd try, then I joined Matrix’s CitW (Thazara) after which I posted for ADQ (Thazara). We tried to short man ee, with a group that just wouldn’t listen to my no kiting rule, and as I was solo healing refusing to heal anyone kiting, we wiped. Retry on hard and no problem. I switched back to Cerge and did another ADQ where we short manned and wiped on hard, retry and good run (with + 3 ppl). After this it was late and I was tired, decided to join an FoT that was filling (Cerge), and sat there for about 20 min wanting to leave. I didn’t, but I told the party not to do hard. Seemed like too many ppl in the group didn’t know the raid, which turned out to be true, as ppl were acting very noob. But on Norm it was still a pretty easy run.

So, on to Sunday. I wanted to LR Thaz, so I did. Yay! I think this LR was a bit faster than the other ones, and I didn’t spend as much time on the quickbars. I switched out some melee focused stuff on the quickbars and put spells instead. And I picked a few different spells. I used to carry divine favor and divine power, but if I’m not gonna melee I don’t need them.

After LR I switched to Cerge and worked on his ED’s a bit, running VON quests for a few hours. Cleazy was hosting an FoT waiting for a healer for a good while, so I decided to bypass Thaz and join him after finishing the 4th run of VON3. They were only doing normal, which was fine, as group again wasn’t that good. We had a few deaths, but nothing major, and finished in good time. This was Thaz’s 40th run, and I picked the Halcyon Boots from the reward list. I also learned this weekend that u can now get ml28 augments from the store, so I bought +138 devotion and slotted my one balizarde with that and +138 force on the other. On the boots I put +250 sp and +8 cha, which means the ring I was using is useless (the boots also gives u +80 universal spell power). Oh and I also bought greater evocation and slotted it on my ring of shadows. I feel happy.

I switched back to Cerge, did a couple of BoB runs with a group, then joined a Shroud. Shroud is shroud, but a newbie summoned a fire ellie in p3 and lost us the bonus chests. Person lost connection (or rage quit) and was kicked. We lagged in p4 and me and a few others got sliced by the blades. I was then resurrected as a zombie and couldn’t shrine. Meh.

Anywho, was a busy weekend, and I’m happy with Thaz atm. 🙂


P.S. OnMouseOver for pic info.


13 comments on “LR and 40th FoT

  1. Grats, ive still only ever done two 20th so a 40th is nice

    I was gonna ask now without the melee fallback if you was dropping that cove shield but you answered it with a 2nd Balizarde 😀

      • Problem is that I currently have +9 wisdom in neck slot. I could use the sp to buff and then swap to evo neck, but wisdom also adds to spell dc, so not that good of an idea. If I could get +10 wisdom and +5 evo on neck, that would be awesome.

      • Other places for wis are goggles and Helm i think, +10 should be easy to get but ofc you have other gear there

      • 🙂 yup. I currently have a ring slot free. I use bluescale robes and helm, gs cloak and goggles, Belt of the soul sun (for concentration and +2 wisdom), ee menacles, new boots, ee ring of shadows… ee kardin’s eye (after buffing). I’d need to make new gs if I want to switch anything.

        On helm I slotted vitality and db, on robes heavy fort and false life, on menacles true imperial globe (acquired before the exploit, I got it myself from ee Tor), on the boots I slotted +250sp and cha+8, and on ee ring of shadows greater evo. I’d need +10 wisdom and +3 except (or +5 tome) to get to next level (mod).

  2. If you look at Thazara’s stats, after equipping her new boots, her dex is 28 and cha 26. Her sp is 2841 from 2813 before. Forgot to check spell power.
    The +1 cha should give me +1 turn for aura/ bursts, and the -1 dex doesn’t affect me at all. 🙂

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