Heroic Elite Crucible on gimpy druids

My sister is a premium player and not too many weeks ago she bought the Gianthold pack. We were running some gh before this, but for the last few weeks we’ve been running almost only gh. I had completely forgotten it, but we never did Crucible, while we ran all the walkups and flagging quests. Crucible is possibly my very favorite quest in gh. I always used to run it elite with a party, for bravery bonus, but at some point I decided I wanted to learn the puzzles (tests), and solo’d it on my then monk, with a hireling. I ran casual-normal-hard solo, and later on I’ve solo’d it eH on my cleric. When tree form was still working like it was this summer (long time speed bug), I ran crucible on ee on Thaz and Maidae. My biggest problem when running it ee, was the small spaces you have to lock yourself into, when doing the maze. I always wanted 2 ppl with me when doing ee – one for valve, other to help me with dps. Anywho, I know the quest pretty well, including the maze.

I had this crazy idea that I wanted to try and duo the quest with my sister. My druid is imo pretty gimp, well mostly cause I haven’t put too much time or energy into her. My sis has a similar build, but with less gear. We’re both wolf spell casters, and the only one in our party that is really survivable, is my wolf, who has evasion. My druid has a reflex save of about 4.  Anyway, we entered, tried to do the optional (only the guy that wants real high diplo failed), and off we go. The maze itself is a non issue. I show my sis the valves, and tell her to pull while I get the crests and put them in the sockets. The problem is when we get to the horn. No evasion, crap saves, trap hits me full on and I die… and drop the horn. No prob, my hire that was parked by the pit raises me and I got get the horn.

On to second horn, the horn of agility. I make sure I have a full hp bar, cast jump and drink a haste pot while my sis is on the lever. Off I go. I get hit and fall off the bridge. Retry. This time I make it to the door before I die. Next time I die, but my spirits makes it into the room, and I park hire and wolf there. Why? cause I thought they could get me. Nope (not that I tried to click my soul stone). I think I made it in on 3rd try, but is then killed by the traps, as is my wolf. Hireling is still parked in the room. Next time I make it in, and get the horn, but can’t get my wolf to come. So instead I use the one wolf revival I have to get him back. Shrine and onwards.

For the horn of instinct I tell my sis to go read, just to see how it works. Then we all back off while my wolf opens one door over and over. He dies once, maybe rolled a 1? Other than that we don’t have to wait long before he finds the horn and I pick it up. On to on top of the maze. For some reason I decided to park my hireling by the shrine. And without my ships and otherwise, I’m just real squishy. So a few hits from a caster and I drop. So after getting raised I make sure I’m buffed, and just use call lightning and finger of death on the mobs. We clear the top of the maze and I tell my sis to do blue wheel, then run over to green, while I “read” and do red.  I tell her not to rush, to rather make sure she doesn’t fall, than rush, because we got some time. Wheels succeed on 1st try.

On to the swim. I’m nervous. I don’t think I’ll be able to make the swim, and I’m not gonna let my sis try, as it’s her first time in the quest and we’re in on elite. I park my wolf and my hire, cast regenerate, drink a haste pot, make sure I have underwater action on and jump in. I get past the first spikes, then get hit for half my hp. I stop and drink pots til I’m back to full, then continue. I miss a spot where I was supposed to go upwards a bit and get hit to half hp again, then sit there and heal til I’m back to full. I continue, get double hit and die. I check where I’m at, ok, past these spikes is the opening to the right. I swim close to it and call hire there. Park her there. Then I call my wolf, have him grab my stone, tell him to stay, then teleport to hire. I swim through to the other side and up out of the water and have the hire raise me. Then I don’t go into wolf form, but stay in human, and cast finger and call lightning on the mobs, one at a time, pick up horn and key. It’s not over yet. I still have to get through some spikes before swim’s done, and if I die I drop the horn – my wolf can’t pick it up. I leave my wolf and hire in the grotto, then make my swim back. I get through all the gates, then stupidly assume I’m safe, only to hit some spikes on the side and die. I swim up, call hire and wolf there and have hire raise me. Then jump back into the water to get the key and horn. On we go.

I put the last horn in, and we’re right away attacked by casters. I run around the corner to hide and get my hire to come too, so I can raise the dead ones. Next time I and my hire go down and my sis gets to rescue us. I can’t remember exactly how many times we had to hide behind the corner before it was safe to continue. We fight our way through, shrine and I explain the end fight. Buff up and in we go. The plan is to kill Daggertooth first, as he’s a caster that heals the others. I didn’t give a clear plan, but my sis ends up kiting the others around while I kill Daggertooth. Then we work together on the others and it’s over. The end fight turned out to be the easiest bit of the quest. Yay! 2 man elite crucible (well with 2 wolves, 2 hirelings and summons), on gimpy druids, 84 minutes and 14 deaths. 🙂 Not much to brag about, but hey, we completed! And I did elite swim with a reflex of 4. 😀

I don’t always feel like spending this much time on a quest, but every now and then I like to see what I or my toon can do. 🙂 And success like this is just awesome.

Ty for reading and have a wonderful day.


4 comments on “Heroic Elite Crucible on gimpy druids

  1. Yay, congrats Micki and sister of Micki 😛

    I dont always do crucible during leveling, only if im in a group and someone can navigate the maze, im good at standing next the levers lol

    My druid has no reflex or evasion and i wont be swimming but good job to you for not only doin swim but sticking with it through the whole quest 😀

    • 🙂 thank you, legend.

      Like I mentioned, Crucible is one of my favs. It’s just a lot easier to do if you have evasion. 🙂 And running with my sis is good, cause even though she might not have the best toon, she listens and understands tactics. So, we’ve gotten through many quests that I thought would be too hard for us (Foundation for discord elite for example).

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