Cannith again, zombie update

Last time I posted, I may have said that I was using zombie form mostly cause it looked silly. This time on our static Cannith night, I stayed in form almost constantly (well, cause it looked silly too), because the benefits definitely beats the negatives. Zombie form gives +2 str, +2 con, +100% fortification and you’re considered undead, so u’re immune to certain spells, and you don’t need underwater action. The cons are -20% attack speed (which is counter acted by my speed bracers and monk speed), -2 int, -4 cha and you take double damage from light spells. The light spells thing got me once, I dropped in like one hit, while other than that having 100% fortification and immunities to some spells made questing very easy. She doesn’t hit quite as hard as I’d like, but with a better weapon she’ll hit harder.  At lvl 7 she has 29 str with gear, evasion and saves around 14. She was evading stuff. 🙂

Our trio ran Tangleroot lvl 4’s, finished the Sharn Syndicate, Proof is in the poison, Depts and  Rest for the restless (unless I’m forgetting something) before taking lvl 7. Here’s some pics from the runs. OnMouseOver for pic info.

🙂 I’m definitely enjoying this build atm. We’ll see how she does later on.

Ty for reading/ looking and have a great rest of the week.


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