Thazara – epic cleric

Thazara is my special girl. She’s been with me from the start. Check out my sticky post called Thazara’s story for some backstory. It is a bit out dated, though, a lot has happened since then, and u’ll have to search my blog for some updates. 🙂 Thaz and me have grown together, she’s me, you know? The thing is, ppl see cleric, and they think healer. Yes I’m a healer. I carry buffs and heal spells. But, I’m also secondary dps, and I hate healbotting (in fact, except for some raids I find healbots a waste of a party slot).

Thazara is a caster cleric with a little bit of melee as backup. I’ve been running around in Shiradi ED and loving it. But.. she could be better. She’s doing ok, and hey she can still heal, but for end game the melee is sort of pontless. The last few weeks or so I’m almost completely stopped meleing, since it’s so rudimentary compared to her casting ability. I did the LR with U19 and got her her scimitar proficiency. I’ve been using the epic swashbuckler and balizarde with devotion on as her shield and buckler. Thaz is pretty survivable and that’s one thing I like about her. She survives. Being a gimp at around lvl 10 I was often in the situation where ppl looked to me to get us through quests somewhat in one piece, so that’s what I wanted, a toon that survives when everything goes to hell (which in pugs happen every so often).

But now Thaz is xp capped and ED capped. I run raids and ee’s. And she’s not maxed. She’s an evoker, but she isn’t the best evoker she could be. I do not want to use the +20 heart of wood and change her into something else, she’s my special girl and I want to keep her as one… but I’m now considering LR’ing her her again to change her from melee fallback to pure caster. I would, though lose some of her saves by doing that, and I’d most likely give up using a shield. I have to think about things.

Oh, and if you tell me to TR, or change class, etc, I don’t want to. I play 5 toons, Thazara I want to keep as an end game first life cleric. I want to see how far she can go. Also, it took me almost 2 years to reach the amount of favor she currently has (4863), so I do not want to lose that.

Ty for reading and have a wonderful day.

P.S. Current build: stats (if I remember correctly): str 19 (14 +5) tome, dex: 15 (10 +5 tome), con 19 (14 +5 tome), int 12 (8 +4 tome), cha 12 (8 +4 tome). Heroic feats: toughness, empower heal, empower, maximize, heighten, quicken, spell focus evocation. Epic feats: Shield deflection, Greater spell focus: evocation, holy strike, blinding speed, forced escape.

P.P.S You can look at her gear setup here.

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