Omg! Drama!

After everything that’s been going on lately, Thaz had started to lose faith in herself, and faith in her power as a goddess. Everything seemed dark and hopeless, but with her last bit of strength she decided to yet again face her competitor, the goddess Lolth. She stared Lolth straight in the eye, and said “You can not have this land”.

Meanwhile, over in Eberron, another dark force was approaching. Cerge was on a mission to stop the Black Abbot’s Ascension and on his way, he met a black dragon! The dragon did not attack, but asked him some questions, after which he was allowed to pass.

😛 How many of u clicked the link hoping for another drama story from Thaz? I like reading them as much as the next person, but shame on you!
😀 lmao.

P.S. The pictures are not new. I just wanted to fill this post with some stuff, so I could hide the punchline.

P.P.S. This post was meant solely for amusement


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