Cannith night – zombies!

Due to one party member’s change of schedule, we moved Cannith night from Friday to Monday. As you who’ve been reading my blog know, me (Keronna), Nessana and Rilosa just TR’d and our static group got two new members. The new members haven’t been that active, and Rilosa was away, so we haven’t been making so much progress. Today me, Ness and Rilosa got together and ran The Seal of Shan-To-Kor, Irestone Inlet, Freshen the air and the first four The Sharn Syndicate chain, before I wanted to log onto Orien to see if Matrix was raiding. I never really run STK, so I felt a bit lost in there. We decided to take lvl 6 after the first chain, and I took my 3rd level of wizard and got zombie form. For the rest of the quests I was using form and lesser death aura. Mostly cause I’ve never played a palemaster before and it just felt funny. At the current level I would say it’s about the same if I use form or not. I do a little bit more damage and take less damage in form, while out of form I hit faster. But in form I’ll have to depend on death aura for heals (although, if I get some harm pots I’ll be grand). It was a lot of fun trying out form for the first time, though. And a zombie monk is pretty awesome. Here are some pictures from the runs.

Rilosa and Keronna (zombie) meleing while Ness is using ranged weapon.


All three in a clump, lol. Meleing in Bookbinder rescue.

Our group got lvl 7 with the evening’s runs, but we’re holding level to finnish running some quest first.

Ok, that’s all for now. Just wanted to show off my crazy zombie monk, lol.


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