Player or gamer?

Here’s a short food for thought post from a sleepy Micki. To start off, Mabar is ending early this year because of performance issues, which is both good and bad. Good because we don’t have to suffer the lag that affects other quests/ raids as well, but bad as I won’t get a chance to get the signets I wanted now. Anywho, on to the topic of the post.

As you may know, I am competitive, I have high demands on myself, but I am also stubborn and I do not want to do what everyone else is doing. But I want to get forward in the game. I was thinking about this last night and this morning, what kind of players and gamers are there, what kind am I and what kind do I want to be? Now, my definitions in this post are no standard or what everyone uses, but what I decided to use in this post. I use player to refer to a casual or active role player, and gamer to refer to someone who’s more serious, like a min-maxer or power gamer.

I play a lot as you may know, and I also pug a lot. The last year or so, I have though not been pugging too much leveling quests, but mostly raids and end game. I have focused my time on raids, to lead them, know them and to figure out the best tactics to use in a pug raid. I do love running raids, I could and have spent my weekends doing nothing but raids. But leading pug raids is also stressful. You never know what you’re gonna get, and you can’t trust that ppl even read your lfm. Anything can happen and you should expect as much. I love running raids, I don’t love getting angry and frustrated with my raid group because I can’t get them to do what they’re supposed to.  And because of this I have joined raids run by the high end guilds. Over Raided, Matrix and Gimpfest. Sometimes in the past I’ve raided with some other guilds as well. There’s definitely a huge difference in running raids with group that’s used to running together and know the group’s style of running. Basically in those runs I can just tag along, and help a little bit.

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Mabar mabar mabar

Mabar is back! Or, well, it started/ opened on Friday, and I haven’t had a chance to blog about it til now. I donno, I was very excited about the event being back, but after a few days I’m already disappointed. The new and cool stuff this year; +5 tome (one per toon), 2 new cosmetic hats, 3 new augments and festival solar, can only be acquired by trading mabar signets. You can only acquire 1 signet per toon per day from the chamber, and you only get it on a successful run. Ppl already have enough motes from previous years, so there aren’t that many ppl farming, everyone’s waiting for the opening. And when it finally openes, which may take hours depending on how many ppl are farming, the instances are not equally adjusted. In some instances you have too many ppl, while others may not have enough, and both are very likely to fail. This weekend (Friday-Sunday), I played for ~21 h, and entered all but two chamber openings during that time. I am trying to remember how many fails, but successes were a total of  9.  I was able to get a +5 tome for Cerge and Jarvanna, while Thaz only got 1 signet and Maidae has 2. That’s it. For the whole weekend. Thaz failed  3? times, Maidae 2 and Cerge 1.. if I remember correctly. Thaz and Cerge because of lag (I think, as I believe the fail was not in my room), and Maidae because of not enough ppl in the instance.

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U20 rage and other stuff

🙂 I try to keep my readers happy and blog at the least every few days. The thing is, I like adding pictures to the blog, and I have all my screenies on my home comp, so I only write those kinds of blogs at home. Yes, of course I could write the blog separately and then add the pictures later, but no, not really into that. 🙂 This is why I wouldn’t ever be a good novelist (unless it was a collection of short stories). I like to have my thoughts fresh in my head and I like to finish in one sitting. Including pictures. Writing a blog for me takes from half an hour to a few hours, depending on how much I edit the pictures. I also proof read a few times.

Anywho, mabar is up and I plan to write a few blogs about Mabar, my favorite festival. You’d think Cove was, with the amount of time I spent in Cove last year, but no, Cove is farmed out. Cove doesn’t offer anything I want, and it’s more of a frustration if you don’t find a good group. I love Mabar. I plan to spend ever day in Mabar for as long as it’s up. Or til I get tired of it. But back to the topic of this post, as I plan to do a Mabar post later with pictures. Commendations of valor, update 20 and Occupy Stormreach. And the last exploit. Here’s my opinions on it.

I have been following the forums some, but in the end I just get tired of reading about it. I don’t TR that much, and I’ve mostly been earning tokens and fragments from VON and ADQ. Checking Thazara’s bags, she had a good number over 100 raid tokens and over 4k fragments. So, I can get my toons hearts that will last me years (takes me usually about half a year to TR), unless they remove the usage of the old TR hearts which would have me annoyed.  I do agree that removing the usage of the old tokens, while adding BtC commendations that can only be acquired from sagas is a very bad idea. The occupy stormreach protest was imo a fun thing, getting players together for a shared focus is always nice, but do I think it does anything? Not really, technically what the players are doing is causing more traffic on a less used server, which is a good thing from Turbine’s point of view.  If you really wanted to hurt them, you’d just cancel your subscription, stop playing, etc. But then again, who does that help?

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2 man ee Zawabi’s Revenge

🙂 Osi suggested the other day that we try and duo ee ADQ, the raid. Sounded like a fun thing to try, so I was of course interested. We decided to do it today after my swim practice. The plan was for both of us to run in Unyielding Sentinel and Osi would be tanking her while I would be dot’ing and healing from a few steps back. Osi also said he’d have to kite the efreeti, as he wouldn’t be able to take the damage from all of the mobs on him. So we did tank mode til the efreeti showed up, then Osi started kiting them while I continued dot’ing the queen. Then I decided to help kill the efreeti, threw a bb, Lailat came down and I got her aggro, til Osi got it back. Since Osi as an fvs has wings and I don’t I decided that I’d let him kite, while I just focus on dot’ing the queen. He’d help once in a while when one group of efreeti was dead, but they’d soon respawn. We continued like this for a good while (at least so it felt, might have been only a few minutes), Osi tanking her for a short while when the efreeti was dead, then back to kiting. I’m continuing dot’ing, and when Osi runs past me, Lailat turns on me and slices me to pieces. I wasn’t ready for the sudden aggro, so died. Got a res and didn’t bother buffing, but continued dot’ing. When she was down to only a few pixels, she turns on me again, and this time I shield block and tank her while continuing casting spells at her and healing myself. Osi is helping, healing me and I’m guessing dot’ing Lailat (I forgot to ask, and was too busy staying alive to notice). And down she goes!

Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the experience report, but here’s the pic from the last bit with Thaz tanking:

Ty for reading and have a great rest of the week. 🙂

P.S. Good job, Osi!

P.P.S At some point I’ve mistakenly swapped out my gs goggles, so I’ve got -150 less max sp than I should have.

LR and 40th FoT

This weekend I didn’t host too many raids myself, which is nice. Hosting raids can be rather stressful. I logged on Sat and joined a CitW Norm (Cerge), then put up a ToD (Cerge). The ToD filled a lot faster than I’m used to, but we lag wiped in p2 and had to start over, losing 1/3 of the party and then waiting for the new ppl to get in. I had a couple of Matrix ppl in my party and one of them was getting a bit impatient as this run was now making their guild raid late. Anywho, good run on 2nd try, then I joined Matrix’s CitW (Thazara) after which I posted for ADQ (Thazara). We tried to short man ee, with a group that just wouldn’t listen to my no kiting rule, and as I was solo healing refusing to heal anyone kiting, we wiped. Retry on hard and no problem. I switched back to Cerge and did another ADQ where we short manned and wiped on hard, retry and good run (with + 3 ppl). After this it was late and I was tired, decided to join an FoT that was filling (Cerge), and sat there for about 20 min wanting to leave. I didn’t, but I told the party not to do hard. Seemed like too many ppl in the group didn’t know the raid, which turned out to be true, as ppl were acting very noob. But on Norm it was still a pretty easy run.

So, on to Sunday. I wanted to LR Thaz, so I did. Yay! I think this LR was a bit faster than the other ones, and I didn’t spend as much time on the quickbars. I switched out some melee focused stuff on the quickbars and put spells instead. And I picked a few different spells. I used to carry divine favor and divine power, but if I’m not gonna melee I don’t need them.

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Thazara 1.3 do over

I’m gonna apologize in advance for the “double” post. I use the blog as reference when I level my toons, I open the blog post on my tablet while I have the game in full screen mode. I spent all night going through things in my head. I was very tired last night, I’ve been sleeping too little all week. I donno, for some reason I just don’t care, I get stuck in ddo and see that it’s late, but just shrug at it and continue. I do try to go to bed around 1 am, though, but on Wednesday I went to bed at 3.30 and was at work at 9.30 for a meeting. Being tired means I’m testy and impatient. So, the discussion about Thaz’s build yesterday had me very annoyed, and confused as of what to do.

Let’s have a look at Thazara’s development. The gimpy cleric from 2011 (Thazara 1.0) had stats (str-dex-con-int-wis-cha): 14-14-12-8-14-14. My friend told me they were good starting stats for a cleric, to which I laugh at now. My rebuild of Thazara was to make a caster cleric with melee fallback and her stats were (Thazara 1.1):  14-10-12-12-18-8. With U19 I LR’d her with the stats (Thazara 1.2): 14-10-14-8-18-8. Now I’m looking to rebuild her to focus her more as a caster. Epic evoction focus and epic toughness was suggested to me, while Wey said to get mental toughness and more skills instead. I spent about an hour balling the two options in my head – hp vs sp, spell crit and a bit more skills. The hp build u can see in my previous post (Thazara 1.3), and here’s the sp build. I have pretty much decided to go with this one and will be LR’ing her shortly.

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Thazara 1.3

Thazara is the first toon I ever played past level 2 (I made a similar cleric on Sarlona, played her to 2, then abandoned her). She is still first life, as I decided already 2 years ago that I was never going to TR her. I left the possibility open that I might some day TR her, but I still haven’t. Early spring 2012 I did a greater reincarnation and turned her into a caster focused cleric with melee fallback. When U19 was released, I realized I had to LR her just for her scimitar proficiency. As some of you know, I had a bit of a misunderstanding with a long timer player some week ago. I was a bit upset over it, feeling very confused and angry. But we talked, we talked for about 2 hours and in the end he said that he wants to help me. We talked a bit about Thaz, and he suggested I’d use the +20 heart of wood and turn her into a favored soul, because he thought I’d like the fvs better due to my playstyle as an offensive caster. I don’t want to do that, so he gave me some suggestions as how to improve her as she is.

I have decided I want to LR her, get rid of the melee fallback and turn her pure evoker. Healer and evoker. Here’s an LR build plan I threw together:

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Heroic Elite Crucible on gimpy druids

My sister is a premium player and not too many weeks ago she bought the Gianthold pack. We were running some gh before this, but for the last few weeks we’ve been running almost only gh. I had completely forgotten it, but we never did Crucible, while we ran all the walkups and flagging quests. Crucible is possibly my very favorite quest in gh. I always used to run it elite with a party, for bravery bonus, but at some point I decided I wanted to learn the puzzles (tests), and solo’d it on my then monk, with a hireling. I ran casual-normal-hard solo, and later on I’ve solo’d it eH on my cleric. When tree form was still working like it was this summer (long time speed bug), I ran crucible on ee on Thaz and Maidae. My biggest problem when running it ee, was the small spaces you have to lock yourself into, when doing the maze. I always wanted 2 ppl with me when doing ee – one for valve, other to help me with dps. Anywho, I know the quest pretty well, including the maze.

I had this crazy idea that I wanted to try and duo the quest with my sister. My druid is imo pretty gimp, well mostly cause I haven’t put too much time or energy into her. My sis has a similar build, but with less gear. We’re both wolf spell casters, and the only one in our party that is really survivable, is my wolf, who has evasion. My druid has a reflex save of about 4.  Anyway, we entered, tried to do the optional (only the guy that wants real high diplo failed), and off we go. The maze itself is a non issue. I show my sis the valves, and tell her to pull while I get the crests and put them in the sockets. The problem is when we get to the horn. No evasion, crap saves, trap hits me full on and I die… and drop the horn. No prob, my hire that was parked by the pit raises me and I got get the horn.

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Cannith again, zombie update

Last time I posted, I may have said that I was using zombie form mostly cause it looked silly. This time on our static Cannith night, I stayed in form almost constantly (well, cause it looked silly too), because the benefits definitely beats the negatives. Zombie form gives +2 str, +2 con, +100% fortification and you’re considered undead, so u’re immune to certain spells, and you don’t need underwater action. The cons are -20% attack speed (which is counter acted by my speed bracers and monk speed), -2 int, -4 cha and you take double damage from light spells. The light spells thing got me once, I dropped in like one hit, while other than that having 100% fortification and immunities to some spells made questing very easy. She doesn’t hit quite as hard as I’d like, but with a better weapon she’ll hit harder.  At lvl 7 she has 29 str with gear, evasion and saves around 14. She was evading stuff. 🙂

Our trio ran Tangleroot lvl 4’s, finished the Sharn Syndicate, Proof is in the poison, Depts and  Rest for the restless (unless I’m forgetting something) before taking lvl 7. Here’s some pics from the runs. OnMouseOver for pic info.

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A short post; thoughts

I am a ddo addict. Anyone who knows me, knows this to be true. I mean, I don’t play quite as many hours as some, as I do have real life stuff to do. I work full time, I have my degus (I should add some pics some time), I got swim practice 2 times a week, and I try to exercise at least 4 times a week. On top of that there’s other stuff like cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. But I spend most of my free time playing ddo, having to give up some ddo time for household chores. I was also recently diagnosed degenerative disc disease, which basically means I have a degenerated spinal disc. What it means is that my back starts hurting if I sit or stand still for long periods of time… which I of course do when playing ddo, and at work since I work as a software developer.

Well besides the physical reasons why ddo isn’t good for me, then there’s the emotional. I have been cheating on sleep. I do it a lot anyway, but I started doing it more when I started playing more. I have also reduced my social life outside the game to a bare minimum. I don’t want to go out with friends, and when I do I can’t wait to get home and play. I’ve gotten to know a lot of ppl in game that have become my friends. But, I am needy. I want company all the time, someone to talk to etc. I spend so much time alone irl, I don’t want to do it in game. I play to spend time with others, from the safe environment of my own home.

The thing is, I miss people in game. I get to know some, and then when I don’t see them in a long while etc, I miss them. To quote Dawn in Buffy (my favorite tv show) “People always leave”.  I get attached to people, and then they aren’t around enough. Also, people tell me they want to help me level, or they can help me get gear, or even that they’ll TR with me, and then they go do stuff without me. I don’t trust people. I don’t trust them when they say they will help me or run with me, because if I did, I’d constantly be disappointed, and I don’t like being disappointed.

But, I am strong. No matter what I’ll still have me. If everyone leaves, I’ll still have me and I will go on. People come and go.

P.S. Yes, I know. I’ve been a bit down since U19, and not sleeping means I’m pretty much on edge all the time. Hence some of the outbursts.