That same old guild thing

My guild Divine Council just reached level 20 this Monday. I created the guild shortly after getting kicked from Gimpfest, as a bank guild for my bank toons. Before Gimpfest, my bank toons were always homeless, now they have a home and even a very ugly ship without anything but a captain that drives it, lol. Right away after I created it, I added my bank toons, my bladeforged and my alt account into the guild, then the guild just stood there at level 1 with no renown. 

This summer I got Primal Avatar tree form on Thazara and started farming epic elites. I got to know several very good players, including one from the guild Matrix, that joined me over and over. I believe it was one time when we were running ADQ together that he casually said “You should join Matrix”. I can’t remember if I replied, or what I said if I did, but I was at the time a happy member of Gimpfest. Then I got kicked out of Gimpfest and decided to try and get into Matrix. I sent their leader and one of the officers a message and I made the effort to raid with them as often as I could. I also ended up sort of arguing with one of the members after he told me I was being too bossy, etc. He might not have understood it, he might even have mocked me for it, but I took it very hard that he was telling me I was doing wrong, and even worse, he couldn’t in any way tell me how to fix it. Turns out his words had no merit, I got all worked up over nothing.

Back to the guild thing. I started playing DDO in August 2011, with a friend of mine. He asked if I wanted to join the guild he was in, I didn’t even know what a guild was at the time. Some time later the guild went dead, all the buffs expired and there was no one active at all. So we both left. I happened to see Legends of Orien recruiting and joined right away (guild was higher level than the previous one and their offer seemed to fit me – casual and newbie friendly). My friend was more picky and later joined another guild that was level 70+. We pretty much stopped playing together and I was mostly pugging. After a while I started to want more guild raids, I even offered to lead some, even though I was very intimidated. I think I may have run guild raids with them only a couple of times, and questing a few times.

Then I met Cleazy and a few weeks later he talked me into joining his guild instead (see Thinking about switching guild). I told C I was worried I’d be all alone in the guild, since non of them really play my hours, and he said he’d make me officer and I could invite ppl. I invited some ppl, and he wasn’t happy that they weren’t active enough. He’d tell me I could do this and that, but then he’d complain. He also said he’d run with me, but we really didn’t run stuff that often, and we didn’t talk much either. I was in fact spending more time with some other guildies than I was with him, and one of the prereqs for me joining was that he needed to run with me. I can tell you I was often very unhappy, mostly because I wanted to spend time with C, and he wasn’t making any effort. Then when he mentioned wanting to kick some of my friends for not playing enough, I just up and left. He kicked all my friends as a result (well, only my sister would have stayed anyway, so it wasn’t that bad).

C was very upset with me for just leaving without a word, and even for joining Gimpfest straight away. I admit, I didn’t do it in the best way, I didn’t give him any warning or chance to persuade me to not go. But I think that was my whole point, had I talked to him, he’d persuaded me to stay. Man’s got power over me, that he doesn’t even realize. After the storm calmed down, he let me know that he’d not kick me if I came back, and he’d let me invite ppl to run with me, etc. The thing is, he almost had me. 2 weeks ago, had he said things a little bit differently, he would have had me, I would have gone back even risking being unhappy again. But… then he disappeared again. We didn’t talk much and he didn’t even show up last weekend. We don’t really talk at all anymore. So I really don’t want to return to his guild, even though I like most of the ppl there and run with them once in a while.

Ok, to get to the point. My guild just hit 20. After waiting a week without any word from Matrix about if I could join or not, I told one of the officers that I was gonna add my played toons to my bank guild to earn some renown while I wait for an answer. This must have been after August 6th, since this blog: A short update – Random babble says that my played toons are still homeless. A week or more later I was told that I cannot join because not everyone in the guild wanted me to. So, I just stayed in my bank guild, with the goal to earn renown to get my banks a ship. I had 2 accounts of my own, asked my sister and some friends to add their not played toons, so I had a total of 6 active accounts. Accounts stay active if you log on them once a month and modified size: 6 offers the biggest renown bonus (+300%). 7 weeks later my guild has hit 20, me as solo renown earner, while working a full time job and exercising and other real life stuff. I’m pretty proud of my effort, but I’m tired of being by myself. 8 weeks is a long time for me, who hates being alone in game. Irl I spend enough time alone. 

So, I will need to have earned 440 000+ renown before I can move my toons, or the guild will drop a level. As soon as I have the renown (which should be this week), I want to join another guild. At the top of my choices is currently Gli Egypt, even though Greensteel Heart has climbed to a strong second.

Omg, I really need to stop talking now and start playing.

Thanks for reading and ta-ta.

P.S. The title is my version of the Angel episode “That old gang of mine”, prolly mixed with something, I donno. Brain’s a funny thing.


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