Destiny reloaded

I run with a static group on the Cannith server on Fridays. Basically it has been just guild (Destiny), sometimes we’ve lfm’d if we’ve felt the quest was too hard for us to short man. My clonk Keronna hit lvl 25 a few weeks ago, and at the same time we decided it was time to TR. If you’ve read my blog,you know what kind of toon I’m building. 🙂 I mentioned the static group to a couple of people on Orien, and told them they’re welcome to join us, since we were only 3. Destiny’s members are mostly American, or most of them used to be myddo writers. So, the group I run with we call Destiny’s EU group, as there’s seldom any other guildies on when we play. Currently I guess it’s just friends or friends of friends. Destiny is not recruiting, but we’re allowed to invite friends.

So, this Friday we all met up in Korthos, me, Rilosa, Nessana and our two new members; Godscraft and Komrax. We ran through Korthos elites, then moved on to the Harbor. I have not even stepped foot in the harbor since U19, so I had a hard time finding my way around. 🙂 The runs were smooth and fun, even though at least I was very tired after the work week. We got to level 4, and will continue next week. I didn’t snap too many pics, but here’s two from Misery’s Peak:

Thank you for reading/ looking, and have a great weekend. 🙂

P.S. If you check out the characters page, I have updated Keronna’s info and pic.


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