So she TR’d… again. Maidae take 3

🙂 Finally. I ran the last raids I wanted to run on Maidae on Saturday, then some on Thaz, and spent the Sunday xp’ing on Cerge. Cerge is now a good bit into 20, even though he’s still 18. So, I was itching to TR Maidae. I had a slight hiccup with the power going out just as I’m about to TR and I had to wait half an hour for the power to come back, but finally I got to TR. Here’s the before and after pictures.

Maidae Shadow: level 26 half-elf monk            Maidae Shadow: level 1 elf rogue

I didn’t have time to run anything on her, I will have to do that another day, I just ran to the ship to show her to Osi, lol. He said he saw a dryad. 😀

Take care and see you around Korthos. 😛


Dancing… on the ship

🙂 After my last blog, I started thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to post a picture of all my toons dancing on the ship? So, I logged on my alt account again, and snapped some more pictures, and here’s my favorites of the bunch. The theme song for this is David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street. 😛

🙂 Have a spectacular day. Cheers.

New guild, new home

So.. I noticed I very often start my blogs with “So”, lol. Anyway. When I got turned down by Matrix, some weeks ago, I was told that U19 might change things (if u’re not getting anything I’m saying right now, check out my blog That same old guild thing). So I figured, I’d ask them one last time if I could join, before completely giving up on that idea. I spoke to the same officer as before, and was told that he had asked the guildies about me 2 days earlier and nothing had changed, they still don’t want me in the guild. Their loss, right? I’m just sad because I really wanted to join, I think I would have been an asset, and I think I could have learned a lot from them.

Well, I guess it’s just not meant to be. The 3 guilds that I know of that run raids on my hours are Matrix, Over Raided and Gimpfest. All 3 a no go for me. I know, I know, I can raid even if not in a raid guild, it’s just so much easier to get a good run when u know most of the ppl in the group, and know that they know what they’re doing.

Anywho, to get to the point. I may have mentioned that Osiride from Gli Egypt has asked me to join his guild on multiple occasions. He’s also a skilled multiple TR guy, and leader of his own, currently lvl 91 guild. Guild is only 6 accounts. Of the guilds I’ve been considering, his guild has for a while been at the top of my list, just because I like Osi and he’s one of the few ppl I talk to almost every day. My friend from Matrix is another, but as you know, Matrix was a bust. So, when I got the news that there has been no change, Matrix doesn’t want me, I sent Osi a tell, that I’d like to join, that he can invite me. 🙂 He was very happy.

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Maidae 3.0 the plan

Cerge is getting closer to 20 and Maidae only needs one more VON for 20th. Then I will TR her. As mentioned in the previous Maidae 3.0 blog, my plan is to TR into a barbarian. I started a forum thread (The classic evasio barb?) and wrote the previous blog pos, trying to figure out what kind of barb to build. Now I have made a decision. I want to make an elf 2 rogue/ 18 barb, with dragonmark of shadow and focus on falchions. I just made her a min2 gs falchion the other day, and she has the falchion from CitW in her bank. Skills will mostly be umd and balance, any additional points in jump, heal or concentration.  People still keep coming up with ideas for different builds, and I thank you for that, but I’ve made a decision, so I’m sticking to it. Here’s my quickly thrown together build plan, I may do the skill points a bit differently in practice.

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That same old guild thing

My guild Divine Council just reached level 20 this Monday. I created the guild shortly after getting kicked from Gimpfest, as a bank guild for my bank toons. Before Gimpfest, my bank toons were always homeless, now they have a home and even a very ugly ship without anything but a captain that drives it, lol. Right away after I created it, I added my bank toons, my bladeforged and my alt account into the guild, then the guild just stood there at level 1 with no renown. 

This summer I got Primal Avatar tree form on Thazara and started farming epic elites. I got to know several very good players, including one from the guild Matrix, that joined me over and over. I believe it was one time when we were running ADQ together that he casually said “You should join Matrix”. I can’t remember if I replied, or what I said if I did, but I was at the time a happy member of Gimpfest. Then I got kicked out of Gimpfest and decided to try and get into Matrix. I sent their leader and one of the officers a message and I made the effort to raid with them as often as I could. I also ended up sort of arguing with one of the members after he told me I was being too bossy, etc. He might not have understood it, he might even have mocked me for it, but I took it very hard that he was telling me I was doing wrong, and even worse, he couldn’t in any way tell me how to fix it. Turns out his words had no merit, I got all worked up over nothing.

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Maidae 3.0

Omg. This is so confusing. See, my plan with Maidae has been a long while to do monk-monk-barbarian-fighter-monk-monk. But I wasn’t going to TR Maidae while Cerge was levelling, so I’ve been running raids and epics on Maidae when I haven’t been running Thazara (or the others). Since U19, I’ve felt like Maidae’s dps has gone down a lot, and she’s not as good of a toon. But I keep getting surprised over and over of how well she manages. I’ve still been running a little bit of byoh ee’s on her, and yes, she can’t tank the bosses, and she does die, but not really any more than anyone else. I’ve also done a few ee VON6 and ee ADQ raid on her, and she self heals with cocoon and melees. She’s not as good as Thaz, on Thaz I feel confident that she can handle most situations, while Maidae? I expect Maidae to suck and die. 🙂 I was very happy today when I got to ‘rescue’ one of my friends who was soloing Through a Mirror Darkly ee. He lagged or dc’d, I don’t know, I saw him die then dc, so maybe he was frozen. He offered free ee chest and completion, that’s why I was in the party. I jumped in, kited the mobs around til I got him raised and then helped melee a bit (even managed to insta kill one with quivering palm). 🙂 Even though it was very little, it still felt very good to not be the one who needed rescuing.

Anywho, to get to the point. I hope to get Cerge to 20 next week, after which I will start running epics and raid flagging on him. When Cerge hits 20 I want to TR Maidae into a barbarian. If there is one class I hate having in my party when I play Thaz, it’s the barbarian. The barbarian may carry major dps, but he also takes damages very easily, and more than often I’ve run with the 2 shot dead barb. 1k hp and still dead in 2 hits. So they require constant healing to be any good. I don’t want to be one of those barbs, so I want my barb to have evasion and umd. What I didn’t think of at first was that barbs run around a lot in raged form, which means you cannot use scrolls or cast cocoon.

I haven’t yet been able to decide on a build, but if anyone wants to take a look, here’s my forum thread about the matter: The classic evasio barb?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day/ week. 🙂

DDO is like candy

Candy and other sugary treats, we eat them for pleasure. They contain no nutrients and they’re not considered good for us in any way, we eat them for the momentarily pleasure they give us. I grew up with “eat what you take”, so I used to even finish desserts I didn’t like, just because that’s how I was taught. At some point I started thinking about this, if I only eat it for pleasure, why would I eat something I don’t like? Hence I stopped eating treats that did not offer my taste buds pleasure.

DDO is a bit like candy. We don’t play it because it offers us nutrients or because it’s good for us, we play because it gives us pleasure. And if we only play for pleasure, we should play the game the way we enjoy it, and group with people we like. The thing with me is that I also want to finish what I started, so at times I’d rather finish a run, than worry about enjoying it. I’m playing to win, even if I at times have to work hard for it, this gives me pleasure.

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MyDDO Links

I am lazy. I’ve been writing a DDO blog more or less actively since March 2012. It started out on myddo, and when it was announced that turbine is moving the forums and ending myddo, I was planning to take a break, but instead exported my blog to WordPress and continued writing here. I must admit, that even though I was unhappy with the change at first, I have enjoyed using WordPress as opposed to the myddo version of WordPress (which was outdated).

Anywho, I just wanted to point out, that in some of my blogs I have added links to other blog posts of mine, and since the links point to myddo, they no longer work. As I’ve been lazy and not really keen on going through 1.5 years of blogs to update the links and pictures, I’m just writing a blog now to let you know how to access the blogs mentioned. The blogs with links to my own myddo posts, are named according to the blog post. If you look at the top of the right side panel on this blog, you will see a search box.  Just copy the blog name into the box, hit enter and you will find the blog in question.

Thank you, and see you around.

P.S. You can use the contact form on the contact page to get in touch with me, if you have questions and/ or comments you’d not like to post publicly.

EE FoT U19 Completed

Finally. One of the raids I have been waiting to get an EE completion on, is FoT. FoT has changed with the updates and patches. FoT U17.1, was a whole different story than FoT U17. Before patch 17.1, there was no boom, and people were farming comms in 10 min or less on EH. Then they released U17.1, and suddenly you needed tactics to complete it. People adjusted, created tactics and started completing it again in ~10 min on EH. Then U19 was released and they added yet another little thing to it, a new objective called “Do not abandon the Stormreaver”. Currently the dialog in the raid is bugged and all you will hear is something like “the stormreaver cannot face.. alone”. Anywho, I have not tested this yest, but as I understood it from this thread: the raid will fail if you are not helping the SR enough, I am assuming that means if he dies.

So, yesterday after static night on Cannith I logged on Orien to join Matrix’s FoT raids. As I’m waiting for the second run to start, I get a tell from Demonnibler saying that they’re planning an ee FoT run in 1-2h. I make sure the raid bypasses are working (basically I ask Godscraft if they’re working and he confirms that yes they are), then tell Demon I’d like to run (on Thazara, as she’s my best toon, and I still wanted the ee completion on her). I get a reply that they’re thinking about it, or something like that, but I get a yes, and join the group. Then I sit there waiting for a good while before we actually decide to go.

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And then Thazara was capped… again

My girl Thazara. She’s been with me since the first week of August 2011. She’s since then been through a greater reincarnation right after taking level 12 (she was level capped a while before actually taking the level, as I wanted to finish running all level 8-9 quest before taking 12) and a lesser, August 19, the day of the release of U19. She has seen 3 level caps so far, level 20 in April 2012, level 25 in November 2012 and now level 28. The first weekend after U19 was out, I lfm’d and ran the storms horns chain (5 quests) on eH and Wheloon Prison eE, as well as doing storms horns explorer and Thazara got level 26. The week and weekend after I did Wheloon prison explorer, Storms horns ee, and some von farm and Thaz got 27.  Come last weekend Thazara was missing 1.3 million xp for cap. I wanted to cap her over the weekend.

Saturday I logged on at around 7pm, not sure what I wanted to run. Saw an FoT up, just filling, and decided to put up my own. A short while later I filled my raid, as the group before had wiped, and many of them wanted to try again. The raid itself was fine, except for the fact that I dc’d just as SR went down, and lost out on loot. I joined a Shroud and then switched back to Thaz. I think I ran eVON, eADQ and joined an eE VON3, after which I lfm’d for my own 2xeH Jungle of Kyber. We also ran 2x VON2 eH. After these runs I went to sell at the guild vendors, only to lag… and realize that all of house K is lag frozen. Everyone in my party but one guy logs off. Me and Daiskai sit there talking for 20 min til the lag clears up, after which I’m too tired to continue playing and decide to log. Thaz is at this point missing 603k for cap.

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