Update 19 – growing pains

So, update 19 was live this Monday, and with it we all experienced some growing pains, some more, others less. Some were very excited by the changes, others, like me, felt like it was nothing but a necessary pain just to be able to play the game we love so much. So, how has the expansion been for me so far?

On Monday, while I was waiting for the game to load, I spent some time looking at the release notes. Ok, I knew that the tree form had been fixed, but what I didn’t know was that several of the old enhancements had been changed to feats, so to get them you would need to lesser reincarnate your toons. When I finally got into the game, it was clear to me, that my cleric needed an LR to get her the religious feats, i.e. her scimitar proficiency.  As I know my build somewhat well, and I didn’t want to change her too much, I saved my UI, and used the free LR from before, not the +20 heart, and logged off to start the reincarnation process. After levelling her back to 25 and loading the UI, I spent another maybe 2h doing the enhancements, picking spells, and putting everything back in the 17 quickbars I have in use. After which I was exhausted and went to bed.

Tuesday, while at work, I learn that the monk elemental stances have been changed to feats that you get while levelling, so when I log back into the game on Tuesday I have decided to LR my monk as well, to get her the elemental stances. On this toon I also use the free LR, not the +20 heart and build her the same as before. Of course, as I forgot to save her UI, I spend time adjusting it and her quickbars, to a total of another 3h, after which I’m exhausted and go to bed.

Maidae before and after her LR:

Wednesday during work I decide that I want to use the free feat swap and change my monk to dark instead of light, as I find the light path pretty useless now, so when I log on to the game that’s the first thing I do, after which I reset her enhancements and redo them. I spend maybe an hour on this, after which I do my wizard’s and druid’s enhancements and switch to Cannith server and do my clonk’s enhancements too. After this I feel I’m sort of done and switch to Thaz to try her out in Storms horn. I know tree “twitch” has been fixed, but I decide to try it out anyway. Well, turns out that you hit as hard, just so much more seldom that it’s pretty pointless. I try one of the new quests on eh, and spend about 5min dp’ing and meleing a red name. Ok, this isn’t working. PA (Primal Avatar) is a no go. I talk to my friend and he suggests EA (Exalted Angel), but I tell him I don’t like it. That the better stuff in EA requires stacks of Endless Ardor, which I just can’t seem to get enough of (basically to build stacks u need to constantly be casting light spells). I tell him I want to try Shiradi, and he tells me what I need to get the most out of it. I reset and redo my points in Shiradi and then run a round Storms horn a bit casting bb, energy drain and destruction and see my destruction crit for over 1k. This could maybe be something. I’m tired so I log off.

On Thursday I can’t wait to log to try out the new Maidae, but as I turn on my computer at 8 pm Finnish time, I read a tweet from DDOUnlimited: “Downtime Notice: Thursday August 22nd – 2:00-5:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) Details here: ow.ly/oaGhU #DDO“. That means I have less than an hour before the sever is going down for 3h. I doubt that I will log back on at midnight, unless Matrix is planning to raid. So, I log just to tell people about the downtime and test out Maidae a bit in wilderness before I have to log.

So far, some bugs I’ve learned about:

– Enhancements: when doing your enhancements and adding points in a tree, when you press save, the enhancements do not always save. To check if they have been saved, close and open the enhancements again
– 20th raid reward list is broken, it does not give you 20th rewards, just normal loot. If you select a reward you’re basically fucked, as turbine/ddo will not give you your 20th reward
– Abbot raid is broken and therefore closed
– Some quests do not give the correct rewards

As with any mayor changes, there will be bugs, and I’m sure the ddo staff is working on it the best that they can. I call this growing pains that we all have to endure if we wish to stay with the game. Some are liking the changes, some are not. Hopefully ddo will get new players this way and not loose too many of the old. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s my only picture from Storms Horn so far:

Thank you for reading and happy hunting.


5 comments on “Update 19 – growing pains

  1. Before the expansion dropped they were saying on the forums “Well, since they’re not adding a raid this time, at least they don’t have THAT to screw up…” FOOLED YOU! They didn’t add a raid, so they went and broke ALL the raids!

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