DDO addiction

Here’s another short post, before I take a look at the update. As you may know, I have a bit of a ddo addiction, and I installed a game tracker to show me exactly how much I play. I do not usually leave myself logged on when I’m not by the computer (except for bathroom breaks etc). Check out the pictures below.

I was on vacation from work July 1 – July 28, and had then a bit more time to play, but as you can see, I have continued to play quite a bit during August. I apparently play about 30-40h/ week, even though I work 40 or more h/ week and try to exercise regularly. During the summer I even lost a bit of weight, because I don’t really eat when I’m playing. 🙂

Okidoke. Tc and see you in game or on twitter.


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8 comments on “DDO addiction

    • 🙂 I definitely do not recommend doing like I do. See, when I play, I dont eat. When Im not playing Im busy doing other stuff or working, I dont really sit down and relax much, and I sleep too little. So, Im often tired and uninspired to do stuff. I did go for an 1h bike ride every other day during July, and I do some for om exercise at least every other day now too.

      • I found it very difficult to play yesterday. I couldn’t even finish 2 character respecs… Just looking at dumb new enhancements really put me off…So many stupid active clickables that work of clickables that work off finishers/counters/etc. I mean JAYSUS H FLIPPING CHRIST!! Turdbine Devs, just how many fracking fingers do you think I have? huh?! I tried to rebuild 2 toons, it took me over 3 hours to respec 2 characters then I gave up.
        See those crafted items? count how many items have gone up in min.level!
        Not to mention the Tree nerf ( cry*), Furyshot has also been nerfed…ewwww.
        And I didn’t run any of the new quests yet. Ughhh
        I think imma go and cool off a bit. Really pissed off at the moment.

      • The “Follower of the…” enhancements have been changed to free feat that clerics, paladins and fvs take at lvl 1. So, I LR’d Thaz just to get it. I spent 3h on one toon yesterday, then I was tired and went to bed. 4 more toons to go. And no, I didn’t get to run any quests either.

      • I’m pretty sure you are sitting at work right now, just like I am xD. We have a 3 hour difference. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who enjoys piking at work xD

      • Yes, you are good at multitasking. Not a lot of people are 🙂
        It is said that one cigarette shortens your life by 5 min and a full workday by 8 hours. xD I got 3 more life hours to lose before I’m free!!

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