The Nationality of my Readers

Hello again everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Since myddo got removed, and I moved my blog to WordPress, I’ve had access to a nice little feat, called Stats. Have a look at the image below. Just note, that views does not equal visitors, the average view per visitor has been 3-5. Now, as I am highly curious, any chance you, my dear reader, could post a comment about where you’re from? ย Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚


24 comments on “The Nationality of my Readers

  1. OK, since Grim stole my (late to the party) thunder, I guess I can’t say “Mars”. Although, what I really was going to say was that: “Some people would say (for me) ‘Mars’…”, but now I’ll have to think of something else…


    Well, there are some people who would say “from another universe” (*glares at Grim*), but really from the West Coast of (what once upon a time was, at least) the good ol’ US of A. And, no – NOT California (not that there’s anything wrong with Cali…well, yes, there is, actually – hehehe). There are other states on the West coast besides Cali, you know (or maybe you don’t – I have run into people who think Cali is THE only state on the West coast).

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