A short update – Random babble

Monday July 29th I got dropped out of Gimpfest. Tuesday 30th I removed my banks, as I knew they’d get kicked as soon as X learned they were mine, so I figured I’d just leave. I was thinking about what to do for a day or two, then decided there’s really only one guild for me, Matrix. Matrix is a level 100 raiding guild on Orien, they run raids every day except Sunday’s, and some of the raids are epic elites. Many of the members are very good long time players that run epic elite easily. If I want to grow as an end game player, I feel this is the place to be.  Well, I also know many of the members, and have run with them before. So, I asked to join, and asked my friend to ask if I could join. I also sent the leader and one of the officers in game mail, and have been joining their raids as much as I can.

🙂 I created a guild for my bank toons and my bladeforged, to give them a home, while my 4 played toons are still homeless. I wanted to name my bank guild “Divinity” like my guild on Lammania, but the name was taken, so I named my bank guild “Divine Council”.  I have not run any of the toons in the guild and have not earned any renown for it, so the guild is still level 1. Since I have not received any word from Matrix about my chances of joining, or how long I will have to wait for an answer, I think I should just add my played toons to my bank guild to earn some renown while I wait.

After asking to join, I have run 2 eVON’s, Abbot, ADQ, CitW and 2 FoT’s with Matrix. VON6 and ADQ2 were run on epic elite. In my 1st FoT with them I tanked StormReaver on Maidae (other I healed), eVON I healed once and meleed on Maidae other.  I don’t think I made any mayor mistakes, the things that I did do was get a bit excited/ scared and kill SR in FoT and fire Djinn in eVON a bit too soon, but both worked out, since the rest of the group reacted quick enough.

Some friends of mine have been asking me to join their guilds, like Unknown Heroes, Gli Egypt, Greensteel Heart and Phoenix Knights, but I am holding off for Matrix. People have also been very supportive since my getting kicked from Gimpfest, and I am very thankful. 🙂 It’s nice to know that people care.

That’s my babble for now. Ty for reading and have a wonderful day.

P.S. I’ve introduced Maidae to some ee questing, but she pretty much sucks. Dps is fine since I tree, but I don’t heal myself fast enough, so I die more on her than on Thaz. I get very embarrassed when I post for ee, and then just die. Like yesterday in ee pop.


5 comments on “A short update – Random babble

    • 🙂 it is. and currently she has 50 reflex unbuffed in water stance.

      but Im used to playing Thaz, with aura, bursts and quickened heals, so treeing on Maidae and I die easier. As u may know, I do byoh runs.

  1. Ohhh, byoh makes all the difference. I try to do those in Unyielding Sentinel and pace myself to give my Light the Darks time to recharge. Also, fitting a good Devotion Augment into my kit helps the LtDs immensely, as does my 100% healing amp. My DPS is really quite poor on Regtur, but I’ve been the reason we HAD a healer to Rez the rest of us more times than I can count due to insane durability and a well-timed LtD.

    • 😛 should I also say, that I’m very impatient, so I very often start solo or as a duo… I run in Primal Avatar with twisted brace for impact, lithe and the one from magister that boosts reflex.

      I’ve more than once 3 manned the maze in ee crucible, and 2-3 manned the rooms in pop, sometimes final fight as well. success was not thanks to me (even though I helped a little) but thanks to awesome ppl joining to help.

  2. I prefer a more patient and measured approach whenever possible. I get lost too easily to go zerging ahead.

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