Keronna 2.0

My 28p build caster clonk with sorc dilly hit lvl 25 a couple of weeks ago, and she’s now ready to TR (we’re gonna TR next week). Since I picked up Sireth in my first run of CitW on Cannith server, I decided I wanted to try building a palemaster monk, staff focused henshin mystic. 6 monk/ 12 wizard and 2 rogue for rogue staff enhancements. Here’s the build plan I came up with. I do not have arti unlocked on Cannith, so that is not an option, and my original plan was 2 fighter instead of rogue. I do not plan on doing traps, the rogue levels are only for enhancements. For undead shroud, I’ll most likely mostly use vampire, but will start off with zombie, and probably take wraith once I get it for occasional end game use. This build is not meant to be an OP end game build, but something different to have fun with. I have played 2 monk lives on Orien, one dex focused hand wraps melee, other str based. I’ve been thinking of making a quarterstaff monk before, and I’m curious to try out a pm monk. Wizard levels for self healing and buffs only. I will not be doing any cc or offensive casting.

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Update 19; bugs, lag and wilderness

I finally got a chance to try out the new quests and wildernesses this weekend, with running the Storms Horns on Sat-Sun and Wheloon Prison Sunday. On Saturday I started off by looking for the messages in The Storms Horns, I put up an lfm and got some people to help me out. The scaling in the wilderness is very noticeable, with only as many mobs as I could handle when running solo, while I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount  (and I guess their hp, but I didn’t notice that as much) when running with a full group. I think I spent about 2.5h in wilderness, and after finding the 45th message, I left group and lfm’d for the chain on eh. Don’t want to run it on ee first time through.  I started the first quests as a duo with a friend, we were joined half way through by another guy and before the end we were a full group. The quests themselves were fine.. until we started lagging. In the 2nd or 3rd quest we started lagging so badly that we had to wait it out to be able to continue. We fought through it, but once we got to the last quest in the chain the lag hits us again, and after fighting for more than half an hour, wiping twice we gave up.

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Update 19 – growing pains

So, update 19 was live this Monday, and with it we all experienced some growing pains, some more, others less. Some were very excited by the changes, others, like me, felt like it was nothing but a necessary pain just to be able to play the game we love so much. So, how has the expansion been for me so far?

On Monday, while I was waiting for the game to load, I spent some time looking at the release notes. Ok, I knew that the tree form had been fixed, but what I didn’t know was that several of the old enhancements had been changed to feats, so to get them you would need to lesser reincarnate your toons. When I finally got into the game, it was clear to me, that my cleric needed an LR to get her the religious feats, i.e. her scimitar proficiency.  As I know my build somewhat well, and I didn’t want to change her too much, I saved my UI, and used the free LR from before, not the +20 heart, and logged off to start the reincarnation process. After levelling her back to 25 and loading the UI, I spent another maybe 2h doing the enhancements, picking spells, and putting everything back in the 17 quickbars I have in use. After which I was exhausted and went to bed.

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DDO addiction

Here’s another short post, before I take a look at the update. As you may know, I have a bit of a ddo addiction, and I installed a game tracker to show me exactly how much I play. I do not usually leave myself logged on when I’m not by the computer (except for bathroom breaks etc). Check out the pictures below.

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Expansion approaching, thoughts and plans

The expansion is approaching. As I purchased it during the prepurchase, I have had access to closed beta and open beta. I did spend some time looking at things during closed beta, but none during open, so I really do not know what the final product will look like. Apparently we will all get a +20 heart of wood to redo all our characters, and the tree form has been “fixed”.

I am not a powergamer. I do not focus on making the most uber op toons I can. What I do, is build toons that are multipurpose and to me fun. My toons are usually pretty bad solo, but do well in a group. Usually my toons self heal and can raise people, while also offering secondary dps, or cc. Although, I also like to kite and zerg, while I suck at killing things, so unless I have someone who keeps up with me, I may run into trouble, lol.

My Thaz has for a long time been mostly a healbot, with a little bit of dps on the side. I get horribly bored healbotting, so I’ve always been meleing and casting offensive spells while I heal, usually not doing any mayor damage, more like keeping myself busy while I aura heal the melees. That was until I got primal avatar tree form. Then suddenly I had mayor dps, and was often main dps in groups I was running with. The problem was that while in tree form you cannot heal, so I started posting for byoh groups, as I wanted to dps, not heal. I also levelled primal avatar on my pure monk to up her dps as well.

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Naming toons

I know I wrote a similar blog before, but as it was some time ago, it probably doesn’t matter if I bring up the subject again. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about the names of my toons, and how most of them lack a surname. When I first checked out the game, I was determined to play a female elf cleric. And I wanted a proper elf name. So I used Random Female Elf Names – Elvin Name Generator to search for a name. My first toon ever was a 28p build, elf cleric named Ajhalanda, on the server Sarlona. I played her to level 2, and then my friend told me he plays on Orien. He first suggested I create a dwarf paladin, who’s name I no longer remember, but I was determined to play an elf cleric. I used the generator again, and found the name Thazara, which means Tha – vigil/ vigilance, zara – lightning. I picked the name because I thought it was pretty, and didn’t really pay any attention to it’s meaning. I didn’t bother with a surname.

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The thing about mmo’s… a self-analyzation

I spend a lot of time thinking about things. I over think things, and I like to analyze situations, and people’s behavior. The mind is a strange and fascinating thing. We are all different and react differently to other people’s behavior. When you then throw together people from all over the world online, playing the same game, you will have conflict. It is unavoidable. In ddo I do a lot of pugging, playing with strangers, and people who are no longer strangers as we keep running into each other over and over again. Some have even become friends. The age of the people I play with vary between 15 and 40+, and they are from all over the world and different cultures.

I consider manners and a bit of tolerance to be important. Show good manners, but tolerate a bit of less good manners from others, and you’ll get a long with the majority of people. When I first started playing, I considered some behavior to be rude, now I accept it as I’ve gotten used to it. I try to lead by example and behave in the way I want my co gamers to behave. For example, always say thank you after a run, leave group before logging off if you have to go, and such. Note, I said try. No one is flawless and I am sure I on occasion fail to follow my own rules. Everyone has bad days.

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The Nationality of my Readers

Hello again everyone. 🙂  Since myddo got removed, and I moved my blog to WordPress, I’ve had access to a nice little feat, called Stats. Have a look at the image below. Just note, that views does not equal visitors, the average view per visitor has been 3-5. Now, as I am highly curious, any chance you, my dear reader, could post a comment about where you’re from?  Thank you. 🙂

A short update – Random babble

Monday July 29th I got dropped out of Gimpfest. Tuesday 30th I removed my banks, as I knew they’d get kicked as soon as X learned they were mine, so I figured I’d just leave. I was thinking about what to do for a day or two, then decided there’s really only one guild for me, Matrix. Matrix is a level 100 raiding guild on Orien, they run raids every day except Sunday’s, and some of the raids are epic elites. Many of the members are very good long time players that run epic elite easily. If I want to grow as an end game player, I feel this is the place to be.  Well, I also know many of the members, and have run with them before. So, I asked to join, and asked my friend to ask if I could join. I also sent the leader and one of the officers in game mail, and have been joining their raids as much as I can.

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