Regearing Thazara

I decided that I needed to upgrade Thazara’s gear. I wanted the blue dragonscale armour, which would lose me all the stuff on the +8 cha spidersilk robes, and I had to figure out how to reslot it. After working on it a bit, here’s my current set up:

If I get the healer gauntlets from FoT, I can slot something else than devotion on the balizarde, but other than that I am pretty happy with the current gear set up. I would not recommend for anyone to build and gear a toon like Thazara. She is neither a healbot not battle bot. She’s not the best dps or the best at anything really. It’s all about how you play. She’s the factotum. I wanted her to be one. She is mostly caster and healer, but she’s always been meleing to save mana, and her shield makes foes dazed. I wanted to be able to do the needed role in a group, heal if I have to, do dps when I can, and tank. I actually enjoy tanking, especially Stormreaver or the shadows in ToD.  Tree form has given me more dps, and I can now do ee dps on her, or prep the Stormreaver by myself. But as she is a caster build, she does not do as much damage in tree form as a melee toon would. But as she is my baby, I refuse to rebuild her. I can make other toons, or other builds on other toons, but I like Thaz as she is, and I will only change gear and enhancements, I will not LR or TR.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

P.S. I do get asked, why do I continue using the buckler, why do I use robes, etc. Well, the buckler and robes work for me. Thaz is light on her feet, the buckler is always on, even if I equip a scroll, and except for ee mobs whacking at me with swords and shields, I usually do ok. When it comes to ee, I like running with ee casters who can either cc the mobs, or just slow them down by kiting them through acid fog. By myself, I have troubles surviving, as the mobs hit me too hard.

P.P.S As the game seems down as I’m writing this, I was unable to snap a new pic of Thaz, but she looks about the same as she did using her level 14 blue dragonscale robe

10 comments on “Regearing Thazara

  1. Nice stuff you got there, maybe you consider one of planars for citw set as you have rapier in hand, planar erudition is pretty cool for caster builds and those are easy to get by farming estar chain 3 🙂

  2. melee tree + caster in one gear set with minimal gear swapping

    +3 Wisdom Planar erudition + EE Skyvault shield slotted 114 devotion, 114 radiance, 14 prr. Slot 200 sp augment in blue helm for trinket swapping. Drop ring of house szind and get +7 wis ring of house avithoul. EE jorgundal’s collar. Epic spare hand for (3% double strike) slot in +7 con +7 Cha in belt. swap bracer for 20% hamp. move globe to collar and slot +7 resist in collar.

    Or make con op SP bracer and use EE dreamvisor.

    Pick up human versatility 4 enhancement and haste boost tier 3 twist from dreadnaught for tree form.

  3. “But as she is a caster build, she does not do as much damage in tree form as a melee toon would.” I am pretty sure without the radiant aura melee trees don’t last as long, this is why cleric trees are Awe-mazing. I also love treeing next to cleric trees, as that makes healing a non issue 😛

    • 🙂 I was thinking a melee specced cleric would hit harder. If I was one of those crazy ppl who TR in less than a week, I’d make a tree cleric monk, fully melee specced. But as it is now, before I get a chance to try out a build like that, tree will be nerfed for sure.

      • You should totally stick with Osi for one of his TR lives :D, he’s got like 4-5 lives to go before completionist, lol

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