Got evasion?

From DDO wiki: “Evasion: You can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If you make a successful Reflex saving throw against an effect that normally deals half damage on a successful save, you instead take no damage.”

Evasion, the wonderful little feat that feels so sought after. Some people refuse to run toons without it. When my cleric monk on the Cannith server first got it, and I started seeing “evade” pop up on my screen, I got all giddy. I’m evading stuff, woohoo! My wizard Cerge just got evasion as well, when I took second level of rogue at level 9. And like with my cleric, seeing that little word pop up on my screen “evade”, gave me a sheer sense of joy.

But, how important is evasion really? For evasion to be any use at all, you need a high reflex save. It’s all about the reflex save, without it you will never evade anything. I have played toons with evasion and toons without. I must say it is fun standing on top of a blade trap and just watching my screen “evade evade evade”, and taking no damage (improved evasion makes you take no damage at all on a successful save). But, with a high reflex save, you may take half or no damage as well, depending on the situation. This is why I find the high reflex save to be more important than evasion itself.

My level 25 cleric has a reflex save of ~35-54 depending on ED and buffs. With aura running I can run through traps in epic hard quests taking little to no damage, and the damage I take my aura will heal. When running epic hard Plane of Night, I run through the fire on the bridge watching “reflex save reflex save reflex save”. Her reflex is not high enough to run through traps in epic elite (as they require saves of ~60), but she has not problem in epic hard.

Still, saying all of that, my cleric monk has evasion, and now my rogue wizard as well. For Maidae’s next life I plan to make her an evasion barbarian.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of the week.

13 comments on “Got evasion?

  1. “This is why I find the high reflex save to be more important than evasion itself.” <— This!

    Like your cleric, my wizard (with Insightful Reflexes: Int mod for reflex) pretty much shrugs off traps and my death aura will overheal whatever little damage I took from explosions and stuff.

    I should give evasion a try but I don't have Monk so I gues I'll go with some rogue splash in my druid's or melee's next life. I like my casters pure.

    • 🙂 I think evasion just makes you lazy. See, I’ve seen ppl who are used to just playing evasion toons run into traps and die when they don’t have it. Especially improved evasion that will even on a failed save reduce your damage and potentially keep you from dying. Not having evasion means you may have to wait for that trap to be disabled, or know where it is, so you don’t end up standing in it.

  2. Evasion is good stuff. It is one of the best things to splash for but it is as you noticed the end all be all. But even more important then good saves are Hps. It doesn’t mattler how rocking your saves are if that 5% of the time you roll a 1 you die.

  3. Reflex is the heart of Dodge, Incorporeality and Concealment. You are like Neo in the Matrix with this and good reflex saves. You don’t dodge bullets–they dodge you. My ninja in her first life had 45+ reflex BEFORE buffs, and my tanker can see 50ish. Yep, it’s that important. Got a whole chapter in my Monk guide on why. 🙂

  4. Evasion is very cool, its good if you have place and reflex save for it. Its hard to tell how important it is, if your build can reach buffed reflex save around 50-60 you may consider evasion if splash woud not gimp your build or ruin your game style.

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