Things change

I have been running end game content for a while now. Since April 2012, to be exact, since Thazara capped her xp during Crystal Cove 2012. My cleric started out as a total gimp. I wanted a melee caster, and I put ability points in charisma after I noticed she couldn’t turn anything. I got help on the forums and did a greater reincarnate at level 12, to make her a caster with melee fallback. This was the preferred build of one guy who helped me get back up on my feet after stumbling. I don’t regret making her this way at all, she’s been exactly the way I want her. Mostly she’s divine punishment, blade barrier, comet fall and heals – mostly bursts and aura. I like kiting blade barrier while using bursts for heals, or dp’ing a boss while meleing and healing.

But, things change. The game changes. My cleric who was built as a support toon who does a bit of damage on the side, is falling short. The first time I ever ran epics, my role was to heal. Nothing else, just heal. And I was fine with it. The mobs hit hard, and just keeping everyone alive was a challenge in itself. Then my toon got better, I levelled more ED’s, and other people got better too. Suddenly healbotting in epic elites was no longer required. In fact, currently not even I accept healbots anymore. Yes, for epic raid bosses we want a bit of heals. And especially if it’s epic elite, then at least someone needs to take healer role. But, most of the time dps comes before heals. It does make sence, though. Take out the mobs fast enough, and you won’t need much heals.

Before epic gianthold I was pretty happy with my cleric, her gear and her abilities. She did well, she had high heals and her dp and bursts hit hard. I saw her heal for 4k and I saw dp and bursts hit for over 1k. I killed an umbral worg in epic hard high road with a burst crit. But now, I keep feeling like she falls short. I don’t really see too many clerics in end game content, no where near as many as favored souls, and the clerics I see, are usually melee. Come to think of it, I can not remember running with a single caster cleric, the casters are usually favored souls. I have met several melee specced clerics with a lot of heal power. Is there any room for the caster cleric in end game content?

When I started running raids, at first I was only healing. When I got used to healing, I switched to dp + heals, and after that to melee + dp + heals. This is what Thaz was built for. She dp’s bosses, and stands next to the melees for free heals with aura and bursts. But now, again, I feel she’s falling short. She does not have enough hp or sp, her spells don’t hit hard enough or she cannot penetrate opponents spell resistance. Her melee is as secondary as it can be, her new favorite melee weapon the balizarde, hits for ~170 every second or third hit.

So, my first solution was to level the primal avatar ED to get Thazara the tree form. Currently, in tree form, using balizarde she hits for ~500-1500+ with every hit. I also need to finish the two other EDs she has left (shiradi and fury), and have a look at if I need to reset the points spent. My favorite ED is still Unyielding Sentinel, just because it turns her into a tank. I love it. But I need dps too. I’ve never been interested in soloing content, but I have ever since I started playing been in the role that has to carry parties through quests. Now that carrying has changed to tanking and dps. I tank bosses on Thazara. I’ve tanked the marut in eh Jungle of Kyber, the marilith in eH ADQ and her latest accomplishment was tanking the stormreaver in eH Fall of the truth. But, tanking just means shield blocking, dp’ing and staying alive. Which Thaz does very well in US ED. But the next step is to be able to prep and kill the bosses too.

It would seem to me that a first life caster cleric with melee fallback, does not do too well in end game content. Not the type of build Thaz is anyway. My evoker clonk on the Cannith server does a lot better. It will be interesting to see how she does once I get her some gear. Currently she does a lot better as a caster than Thazara does. But Thazara is not fully caster either. This is what happens when you try to do it all. You fall short.

So my question is, where do I go from here?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week.

P.S. Since I have been collecting favor on Thazara since I started playing her, as mentioned in a previous post she is currently as 4672, she will never TR. I also do not want to change her build to fully melee or fully caster.


13 comments on “Things change

  1. To acknowledge and accept change as an opportunity to improve is a very important value that not everyone have.

    I have said this many times already, I love flexibility and versatibility and your exploits with this current Thaz build are admirable.

    What now? Unfortunadely I don’t know, I have almost no experience with clerics (most of what I know comes from you, lol). The enhacement pass is near and it has been stated that the feedback given by many players about clerics losing their smiting and offensive capabilites has been listened to (and possibly being addressed). Did you already downloaded Lammania? A new review is to come in late June.

    I’m sure you will find your answers. “El que mucho abarca, poco aprieta” we say… so probably all you need are bigger hands xD?

    • πŸ™‚ thank you.

      No, I have not downloaded Lammania. I probably should. I imagine I won’t be changing Thaz much until the new enhancement system, after which I will have to look at things again. I hope they don’t ruin her too much.

      Isn’t it strange, with the current system, when heals are less required than before, they’re trying to turn the cleric into a healbot?

  2. I would offer up something like how Tobril has his “healer” alt Holybott set up as. 18/1/1 Fvs/figher/Barb a clr verson would do very well if have a few less hps. In EE he can play full time healer or he can go a class B dps depending on destiny and focus.

    • If I wanted to make a melee cleric, I would not mind one level of fighter. But Thaz is caster, not melee. Adding melee classes would not benefit her much at all. If I were to splash, I would consider wizard.

      • Adding 2 melee classes doesn’t shift you into melee any more then 2 casting classes force you into being a caster.

        Fighter is a feat, Tower shield prof, toughness enchantment and more.

        Barb is movement speed, more HP, a single short rage burst and sprint boost.

        Best of all none of these things force you to give up heavy armor/shield so allows you to have the best PRR you can have.

      • Thank you, but you’re failing to see my current build. Thazara does not wear heavy or even medium armour. She uses sidersilk robes and the cove buckler. She’s light and quick and she tumbles. And she’s an elf. She uses scimitars or rapiers.

        Also, 2 splash levels lose u on level 9 spells. I know for an fvs it means u don’t get both implosion and mass heal. My cannith clonk is 18 cleric/ 2 monk, and she’s got implosion and mass heal, but she doesn’t have energy drain, but must make do with symbol of death.

  3. I’m sorry I can’t offer any advice, never having played EE (only one failed CitW that traumaztized me) or a cleric. It looks like your character is fulfilling her role quite well from what you describe. I say be happy and have fun.

    • πŸ™‚ thanks. We’ll as always, there are ppl who do better. I just have to remind myself that my build and playstyle is unique, and my toon will never be like the others.

  4. You can see if there is something in your current char which you can still improve, but I’m assuming you did that already and there is nothing you can do to improve her. So she’s best possible within set parameters. (what I mean here by them is stuff like, race, past lives, role, playstyle and so on)

    If she’s best possible within the parameters you designed her around, then what can you do? you can go play and enjoy her πŸ™‚

    Or if you see that you don’t enjoy her then maybe there is the problem with your initial choices. But in that case stuff like adding different classes, past lives, changing races, likely will be necessary, a total rebuild. You don’t want to do that, so look at the paragraph above this one πŸ™‚

    Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, that’s how I see it πŸ˜›

    • πŸ™‚ I need to upgrade my gear, look at her enhancements and EDs. I was considering doing a lesser reincarnation, but after looking at it on the planner, the benefit would be very little. Splashing would be an option, but I don’t think I want to do that. She wouldn’t be Thaz if I did.

      I have other toons, and I will play around with different builds in due time, but Thaz is special. I don’t want to change her much.

      • That’s exactly what I thought. You’re right, collect the missing pieces of equipment and just play the char.

      • πŸ™‚ I’m gonna get her the flawless blue dragonscale robe, but then I need to figure out how and where to slot what she has on the spidersilk robes atm.

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