Running stuff under level

I have been playing DDO for 22 months now, and I have since I started playing, mostly done quests elite on level. I.e. within bravery bonus or 1 level over, but with in range to not get xp penalty.  The other week I pre-purchased Shadowfell Conspiracy and made myself a level 15 bladeforged (default build), then I jumped into a normal Lords of Dust (level 16 quest) without anything but what he got on creation. No additional pots or scrolls and no hireling.  This means I was one level under quest level. Spikylicious did very well.

Last week I decided that I wanted to run my sister to Eveningstar. Her highest level toon is a level 13 druid. To get to Eveningstar you have to run the Web of Chaos quest chain and Beyond the rift, all level 16 quests. I ran Spiky, grim joined on her newly created bladeforged and my sister ran her druid. We blazed through the quests on normal, and in the 4 quests we had a total of 2 deaths, both me. lol. Both in Spinner of Shadows. Death 1: I managed to fall into lava and was unable to jump back up. Death 2: I was killing glass spiders, got Spinner aggro and decided to just ignore her. Resulted in a pretty quick death.  😛 But the bladeforged paladin is pretty sweet. Was easily leading kill count.

The team in Lords of Dust last week.


Kicking hezrou butt in Servants of the overlord


Spinner of Shadows finished


Watching Lolth and Spinner in Beyond the Rift


Then this week I wanted to run my level 13 druid to Eveningstar. I teamed up with my sister and grim again, and we ran Beyond the rift on Normal (level 16), then the 2 new f2p quests in Eveningstar on hard (level 15 quests, so 16 on hard), and ended the night with Lords of Dust hard (level 16 quest, so 17 on hard). In the 2nd Eveningstar quest we were joined by Kudesnik on his level 14? sorc. He then ran Lords of Dust with us.

I’m pretty pleased with my druid. I mostly run in winter wolf form, I use Bating Bite, Take down, Icy breath and firewall, then have a range of scimitars. I was keeping a close 2nd place on kill count after grim’s level 15 sorcerer.

Fighting the boss in Beyond the rift, who bugged out and just stood there.


Fighting the owlbear in hard Disciples of Shar


Lords of Dust hard completed


🙂 I guess, the reason for me running quests on elite first time, has always been to either get max amount of favor or to keep my elite streak going. Only on these toons that I don’t care about streak on, did I now dare to try to run stuff that is over level for me, and it not only went well, but a lot better than I had expected.

My druid was never planned. I usually like to plan my toons. But when I realised I will be playing her more, I fed her all +3 tomes, gave her the full abishai set, cove leathers and some scimitars. Currently she doesn’t even feel like the gimp I always call her.

Ty for reading and have a great rest of the week.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to try things outside of your comfort zone. That is how we learn and grow 🙂


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