Thazara & Cleazy

BlueSilence on twitter asked to see a picture of Thazara and Cleazy, without the action of battle. I said I’d try to take one. This would have worked out better if I didn’t refuse to dismiss the dragon. Cleazy is also a not so easy person to snap a picture of, he really doesn’t stand still much, lol. Oh, and of course, Cleazy is a she.

Thazara and Cleazy posing for the camera on the guild ship

More posing


And here’s close ups of the human and the elf.

🙂 Ty for visiting and come back soon.

P.S. To anyone wondering, Thazara is a lvl 25 first life elf cleric. Cleazy is a lvl 25 human fvs, 3rd life I believe?


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