Leading raids

I run a lot of raids. Most of them I lead, but if there is a raid on the lfm I want to run I may join. I was trying to find a blog about when I started running Shroud, but the first post mentioning Shroud was from May 2012, where I mention having 3 normal completions. Thazara did not start running Shroud til after she capped, and at the same time she started running epics. I cannot remember how many completions I had of shroud before I led it the first time, but I remember talking to Andy about shroud, asking when we were gonna run it together and him replying “when you lead it”. I did not want to lead raids, because I did not know them, and I did not trust in my leadership skills. I put very hard demands on myself and I am a perfectionist, so crossing that line was a bit like throwing myself off a cliff, hoping for a soft landing. My first time leading Shroud went very well. Shroud is a raid that pretty much leads itself.

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40th CitW

One of the raids I wanted to run this Saturday, was CitW. My lfm said “eH. know it, bring main/ best ED”. I got 2 fvs, druid, and some others. I was doing tree form on Thaz, my latest favourite. This time I was more patient than last time I ran it, and waited for most to be in before we started. We started lagging in the leg fight, and I suggested we restart, but was told that the whole server has been lagging that day, so restarting would not solve it. We fought on.

Running away and up from the leg fight we started lagging again, and several ppl died, including me. I was thinking that it was hopeless. But the ones who survived got us back up and on we went. After that we lagged a bit, or at least I did, but nothing mayor and we fought through it. I was mostly helping with dps in tree form, while the other healers healed more.

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Got evasion?

From DDO wiki: “Evasion: You can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If you make a successful Reflex saving throw against an effect that normally deals half damage on a successful save, you instead take no damage.”

Evasion, the wonderful little feat that feels so sought after. Some people refuse to run toons without it. When my cleric monk on the Cannith server first got it, and I started seeing “evade” pop up on my screen, I got all giddy. I’m evading stuff, woohoo! My wizard Cerge just got evasion as well, when I took second level of rogue at level 9. And like with my cleric, seeing that little word pop up on my screen “evade”, gave me a sheer sense of joy.

But, how important is evasion really? For evasion to be any use at all, you need a high reflex save. It’s all about the reflex save, without it you will never evade anything. I have played toons with evasion and toons without. I must say it is fun standing on top of a blade trap and just watching my screen “evade evade evade”, and taking no damage (improved evasion makes you take no damage at all on a successful save). But, with a high reflex save, you may take half or no damage as well, depending on the situation. This is why I find the high reflex save to be more important than evasion itself.

My level 25 cleric has a reflex save of ~35-54 depending on ED and buffs. With aura running I can run through traps in epic hard quests taking little to no damage, and the damage I take my aura will heal. When running epic hard Plane of Night, I run through the fire on the bridge watching “reflex save reflex save reflex save”. Her reflex is not high enough to run through traps in epic elite (as they require saves of ~60), but she has not problem in epic hard.

Still, saying all of that, my cleric monk has evasion, and now my rogue wizard as well. For Maidae’s next life I plan to make her an evasion barbarian.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of the week.

Things change

I have been running end game content for a while now. Since April 2012, to be exact, since Thazara capped her xp during Crystal Cove 2012. My cleric started out as a total gimp. I wanted a melee caster, and I put ability points in charisma after I noticed she couldn’t turn anything. I got help on the forums and did a greater reincarnate at level 12, to make her a caster with melee fallback. This was the preferred build of one guy who helped me get back up on my feet after stumbling. I don’t regret making her this way at all, she’s been exactly the way I want her. Mostly she’s divine punishment, blade barrier, comet fall and heals – mostly bursts and aura. I like kiting blade barrier while using bursts for heals, or dp’ing a boss while meleing and healing.

But, things change. The game changes. My cleric who was built as a support toon who does a bit of damage on the side, is falling short. The first time I ever ran epics, my role was to heal. Nothing else, just heal. And I was fine with it. The mobs hit hard, and just keeping everyone alive was a challenge in itself. Then my toon got better, I levelled more ED’s, and other people got better too. Suddenly healbotting in epic elites was no longer required. In fact, currently not even I accept healbots anymore. Yes, for epic raid bosses we want a bit of heals. And especially if it’s epic elite, then at least someone needs to take healer role. But, most of the time dps comes before heals. It does make sence, though. Take out the mobs fast enough, and you won’t need much heals.

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Running stuff under level

I have been playing DDO for 22 months now, and I have since I started playing, mostly done quests elite on level. I.e. within bravery bonus or 1 level over, but with in range to not get xp penalty.  The other week I pre-purchased Shadowfell Conspiracy and made myself a level 15 bladeforged (default build), then I jumped into a normal Lords of Dust (level 16 quest) without anything but what he got on creation. No additional pots or scrolls and no hireling.  This means I was one level under quest level. Spikylicious did very well.

Last week I decided that I wanted to run my sister to Eveningstar. Her highest level toon is a level 13 druid. To get to Eveningstar you have to run the Web of Chaos quest chain and Beyond the rift, all level 16 quests. I ran Spiky, grim joined on her newly created bladeforged and my sister ran her druid. We blazed through the quests on normal, and in the 4 quests we had a total of 2 deaths, both me. lol. Both in Spinner of Shadows. Death 1: I managed to fall into lava and was unable to jump back up. Death 2: I was killing glass spiders, got Spinner aggro and decided to just ignore her. Resulted in a pretty quick death.  😛 But the bladeforged paladin is pretty sweet. Was easily leading kill count.

The team in Lords of Dust last week.

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Thazara & Cleazy

BlueSilence on twitter asked to see a picture of Thazara and Cleazy, without the action of battle. I said I’d try to take one. This would have worked out better if I didn’t refuse to dismiss the dragon. Cleazy is also a not so easy person to snap a picture of, he really doesn’t stand still much, lol. Oh, and of course, Cleazy is a she.

Thazara and Cleazy posing for the camera on the guild ship

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