Just a short one; ee Tor

Since epic gianthold came out, I have been spending at least some time there every week. I tend to hop on ee lfm’s, especially if it’s someone I know. Usually it’s been Prison of the Planes. A few days ago I gave up trying to lead FoT. It’s not that I don’t know it, or try my best to make sure everyone knows what to do, people still manage to mess up, we fail the timing and end up having to prep the Reaver over and over…. Those damn perma dots, and people without pale lavender, etc. It’s a huge mess and I’m tired. So, while complaining to a friend about it, he suggested one of the channels he’s in. Not that it’d help me with FoT, but they run other stuff, like ee Tor.

So, yesterday I had planned to run some lowbie stuff with grim, but then I was asked if I want to run ee Tor with the ppl from the new channel and some others. They call themselves “The Tor kittens”. 😛 I’ve never run ee Tor, been meaning to, so found it very hard to say no. I felt totally lost in this group. I mean, I knew 4/5 of them, and they were all pretty nice, but I felt like I was expected to do more dps. I badly need to finish my EDs and get tree. Group leader asked “Thaz can u get tree?” and I had to tell him, I don’t have it yet.

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Favor crazy

As some of you that’ve run with me know, one of my goals with Thazara has been to collect all the favor I can in game, and because of it I will never TR her. Tonight I ran the U18 quests on elite and am back to having run all the quests in game, almost all on elite (only missing FoT, MA and LoB). So… I took screen shots of her whole favor/ quest list, and if anyone would like to see, here it is (see gallery below):

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Cannith game night: epics and raids

After only 3-4 h sleep the night before, and working a long day, I was kind of tired and a bit testy during our game night. I took offence to ppl saying that our group is low on hp (well u do better on a 1st toon on a server with no gear or pls, and Ker is even only a 28p build). I thought Ker was doing just fine, I’ve seen worse. At level 20 she was ~380hp unbuffed, and that is with only con+6 and +20 false life. I can easily get that higher once I get some gear. But we only run a few hours once a week, so we’re not exactly gear farming.

Anywho, plan for the night was to run first Eveningstar chain, and we decided to lfm for help so we could run on eH. I think we would have been just fine the 3 of us with hirelings too. Our toons are very much underdogs, but I was pretty pleased when my level 20 clonk with almost no gear managed to insta kills a few mobs with destruction and implosion in a level 22 quest. 🙂 Now, that impresses me a lot more than loads of hp.

Anywho, here’s the pictures from the night.

Keronna was sad after Ness killed a deer.


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Testing the bladeforged

After getting home from a bar on Thursday, I wanted to try out the bladeforged race, as I just preordered the new expansion pack, Shadowfell Conspiracy. I Opened the creation screen, picked “path of the bladeforged”, checked out the look choices and created my new character “Spikylicious Spike End” (Spikeylicious didn’t fit, was too long).

Loading screen after Iconic Hero creation

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Maidae: raiding

I was going to write a rant post about Fall of the Truth, and stupid people. But, in the end everything turned out well, so I suspect this post will be mostly positive.

My first TR, my monk Maidae was flagged for Fall of the Truth at level 23 and I wanted to run it on hard to keep my streak. I haven’t run FoT that many times, and almost not at all before U17.1, but I have wiped in it at least twice as many times as I’ve completed it. I know what you need to complete it, I just find it hard to get competent people for it, since I always  pug. I don’t want to play nice, I want people who know what to do, and make it happen. So my lfm’s say things like “know it” and “be useful”. On Thursday me and grim tried it twice, both times wipe and I was very angry with people. Why did we wipe? Because some idiot spread boom. Because tanks died. Actually, now that I think of it, I actually had 4 wipes on eH in a row on this raid. One time last Sunday, 2 times on Thursday, and then I wanted to try again on Friday. This monk who joined me, I had to ask “how do you dare to join me?” because he had been in several of the wipes. 🙂 and I saw other people there who just kept coming back.

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This weekend I ended up playing a lot longer in one session, than I had first planned. The plan was to run with my sister and Kudesnik at midnight my time, and I logged at 8pm, which gave me 4h to run raids etc before switching to my druid. I wanted to run CitW so put up an lfm for it. Things didn’t go so well, 3 h later the only thing I had done was that damn CitW. I jumped on a not so elite Shroud, just to get something easy done before switching, even though there were some first timers. I have not run Shroud as many times as some long time players, but with 40+ runs on Thaz (most on hard or elite), ~30 runs on Cerge and 7? runs on Maidae, Shroud doesn’t give me stress almost at all. I don’t care if ppl mess up, because in most cases it can be completed anyway. Fail percentage is ~0 (I have wiped in Shroud, but it has been due to lag or trying elite with a not elite party). Anywho.

Switching to my level 12 druid, the plan was to run a heroic elite VON 5-6. I have run VON 30+ times (again, not as many as some, but have still run it on 4 toons now), but I’ve never done the voice and the ring, so I was expecting someone else to do it. The first try we lagged out completely (instance freeze) and had to restart. But second try, was fine, except, I had to learn the hard way how to do the ring and the voice. I didn’t talk twice to the north and the east head and had to go back and do it.  This leads up to the topic of the blog post. First, a friend and a guildie logged as we were ip with the first try, and when I asked if he’d like to come, he replies “you’ve been in there a long time already” and “it usually takes about 30 minutes”. I know he knows VON really well, while I don’t know it, so thanks for not helping. After me getting irritated he says “I already did it, and I want to save the xp for epic levels”. Well, thanks. So, instead of telling me you just don’t want to do it, you start off by putting me down for taking too long? And to top it off, someone in the party says “this is probably the longest VON group I’ve been in”.  My response to that was (no, I don’t hold back, and I can be pretty harsh) “well, if it’s taking too long, do something to fix it”. This person did nothing.

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On the topic of bragging

There’s bragging and there’s bragging. I spend most of my game time running end game content and raids, because I’ve come to like it there. A friend of mine said he doesn’t like the end game, because of the elitism. I like it because of the skills and the community. Yes, it’s sort of one. When running raids or epics, I run into  the same people, and the same people join my lfms. I appreciate skills. I like people who can play their toons and play them well. I also appreciate people who are willing to help others, and show positive confidence.

Now, at the same time there are those who have played the game a while, have multiple TR’s under their belts and think they’re pro gamers. Not only do they think it, they let people know as well. They say things like “oh, my main’s on his 7th life”, or “I usually farm this” (in an undermining tone). It’s a bit hard for me to explain, people who are bragging about their accomplishments in a diminishing way, while failing to show any proof during the time you spend with them. I know a few of these people. They let you know how good they are, but when put to the test, they fall short.

The other kind of bragging, that I find well and acceptable, is when people show off stuff they’ve acquired through playing/ farming. That’s ok. That might make me hate you momentarily, but you’ve worked for it, so you’ve earned it.

I do have some friends who may brag a bit too much sometimes, but if I’ve seen them in action, and know they are skilled, then that’s ok. As long as they don’t brag to put others down. Now, that’s one type of bragging that I can’t stand. When you brag, to make others feel inadequate.

So, basically, what I’m saying is that, if you’re gonna brag about your skills/accomplishments, you better be able to show it in game, or just keep your mouth shut, ok? Also, be helpful, support others, don’t exclude them just because they haven’t reached your level of skills yet. Of course, the game is supposed to be fun, and if you don’t enjoy running with some people, you shouldn’t have to. But be polite about it.

Thank you.

Keronna update; getting closer to epic

So, I have a currently level 18 caster clonk with sorcerer dilettante on the Cannith server. I made the toon, after some hesitation, to join Shindurza’s guild Destiny there, to which he’s invited mostly people from myddo. I ran Korthos and some Harbor quests solo, was then joined by Domfig on his fvs and later Nessana the rogue. Some time later Keava and Rilosa joined us, but with some life changes etc, left are now me, Nessana and Rilosa. Clonk, rogue and druid. The three musketeers if have you. 🙂 Currently we’re only running one night a week, which is Friday.

Well, last week we took level 18, and this week the plan was go to Eveningstar. We ran Lords of Dust last week, so this week we were to do Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of Shadows and Beyond the Rift. Ness put up an lfm and we were joined by a pally and a wizard, who turned out to be guildies (not our guildies). Half way through the first one a barb joined us as well. Servants was very smooth, I think we got through it without any deaths and only skipped one optional. Spinner did also go well, until I ran out of mana, which is when ppl started dying. But I raised them and then focused only on scroll healing the barb, which worked out well.

And we’ve made it! Spinner of shadows defeated.


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Maidae update; flagged for CitW

Today me and Grim were gonna finish flagging for CitW, by running the Demon Web quests. I put up an lfm, we got 3 ppl and off we went. I of course, do not navigate, so let Grim lead 🙂 I just kill stuff and either brag about my dps or complain that I’m not doing enough. 😛 Well the Demon Web quests on eH were smooth sailing with 2 monks, rogue, cleric and… I think last guy was a barb? I of course completely forgot to snap any pictures duing the runs. They were good and Maidae and Sprynge are now flagged for CitW. Yay!

After those runs, I felt too wired to quit, would have wanted to run a raid, but since no one joined my Shroud lfm after it being up for a couple of mins, we decided to run eH DA instead. From this quest I did remember to snap pics. We entered 4 man + 2 hirelings.

Maidae checking her streak on the quest report.


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